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Gratuities Are Appreciated

by Rooster Teeth • 925,721 views

Burnie and Geoff discuss a new employee revenue incentive program at the office.

Lol Touching "tips" at the end.
woah check out the tips Joel gets
all because of the gold stock market
I like that he made them all start wearing hair nets XD
So thats what Gus does. nothing
At this point, it seems like his main jobs are organizing RTX and hosting the Podcasts.
+patrickguyum Actually Barbara does most of the RTX organizing. Gus used to do more for the podcast but everyone else got the hang of it so Gus just sits down and they put an iPad in one hand and a beer in the other.
Funny that they did this back then, now you can actually ask for tip on YouTube.
How dare you taint the comment section
Burnie and I are wearing the same headphones xP
Love how they're all wearing hear nets
Man I've been searching and Shazaming this song for far too long! What's the name of the song in the beginning and towards the end of the video?
darude- sandstorm
its a stock song from iMovie
Wait, was that Gavin with the huge tip bucket? I never noticed him there before
Well, judging from the nose, I'd say it was him.
+Wickes2404 Because of the whole "sandwich shop" thing.
Finally! A short I haven't seen yet!
I get paid in beer and Doritos.
I thought Burnie Gus Joel and Geoff where all like split bosses of rooster teeth  
Burnie, Gus, Geoff, Joel, Jason and Matt were the founders, Matt is now the CEO, Geoff is the Head of the Achievement Hunter division, Burnie is the Owner and Yvonne is the VP of Operations. 
"Oh I don't know  how about maybe.. the #5 with no tomatoes.." Best part
Joel puts a sack of cash in the tip jar lol
So are Gavin, Micheal, Jack, Joel, Burnie, Gus, and most of the other Roosterteeth employees.
A5 2: 07 shout out to joel money bag
I understand most of this but not why they are wearing hair nets?
I'm glad he said sorry. See, he might've been called a dumbass in the event that he didn't say sorry. That's why you say sorry kids.
Mostly because they haven't made a short in a long time.
why do they all have hairnets
Everyone who knows that most of the new shorts are shitty?
How is it determined this individual is a foreigner? Many Americans make fun of America frequently, do they not?
@Osiris2994 Yeah. And Geoff is the boss for the Achievement Hunter branch-off.
@supershadow6408 They were talking about taking ideas from the sandwich shop (the tip jar was an idea taken from there), they used the idea of hair nets from the shop as well. :)
I don't get iwpaijkdp[awkod[owakd[wakd[pkw[pwka[pdk *dead*
no its because they're implementing sandwich shop ideas in the workplace.
this was my first rt short i ever saw
i love how nathan's tip jar is completely fill but everyone elses is empty
they are taking another idea from the sandwich shop.
took me a minute to figure out the hair nets
this just occured to me that most youtubers have some sort of college degree or if not, has had a military service or something awesome has happened in their life before the internet
Implementing ideas from the sandwich shop, like the tip jar.
The fuck is up with the hairnets?
Joel in the background with his moneybags
what was the point of the hair nets??
hahaha "sub club" i love the way he says that
w8 why is everyone suddenly in hair nets?
i just realized that i don't give a fuck. Thought i would let you know.
For real? I thought he was a straight laced supervisor
whats that song someone help me out please
If you close your eyes, you can see Church, Grif, and Simmons. ^^
Omfg did anyone else see Joel with the money bag in the background?
Never noticed but Joel had a huge sack of cash, literally.
And during RvB if i close my eyes all I see is their real selves when i imagine what they look like under the helmet, maybe not church but grif and simmons for sure.
That's its sooo doing this a the offices!!! Lol
The background music is Be Free - Roberto Rizzo. Its also used by Humza in Diary of a Badman.
why did they have hair nets on them
That is the most likes I've ever seen. I think I exploded when I was that. Gosh dang Roosterteeth's amazing!
Damn, Gav got a whole bag of money from Joel.
2:05 Joel in the backround giving Gavin a bag of money :)
Did...did they just touch tips?
Does anyone know the name of the background music at the beginning?
The intro music is from Ty The Tasmanian Tiger
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