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Kill - Ein Astronaut

by Ein Astronaut • 7,718 views

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Awesome as always. Love your videos :)
Getting better with every song. You should do some more with Hannah!
I've been listening to your songs lately, and I have to say, it's some of the best music I've ever heard honestly.
You continue to inspire me. Great work!
Can you give me the bass tab?? I really like it. ps:I love your songs
i love the Lord of the Rings button xD
The amount of work you put into your music is admirable and inspiring
love the distorted beat, nice stuff again, like always!
ich hab das gleiche xylophon! :)
I feel like i've already seen this.. had you put it up before?
Schön,dass du wieder ein neues Video hochgeladen hast.Tolles Lied! :)
I really like the way how you find sounds and how you use it to play your songs! Great!
I wish I could have as much cool recording stuff as you...
Love the smooth grooves but it could do better without the singing.
Waiting for my payday to be able to buy your ablum! :D
YAY!!!! I was hoping for another Ein video soon. :)
the textures in the song are just amazing
normaly I listen to rap and hip hop but after you have been faded this ist fucking chilling and my headache flows away in the galaxy with ein astonaut :D
ein astronaut uses ableton live lol :DDDDDDDDDDDD
you are like the Folk/indie Madlib haha...keep it up man, a huge fan. Dont really like radiohead and all that lately so i listen to you as a replacement :)
Thanks very much, Pavel! I love Twintape's new direction!
reminds me of Liam Finn's Second Chance
Astronaut, i get offended by you not having maor views!
I don't want to kill Ein Astronaut, I like him allot.
is it me or it sounds a little bit distorted??
Incredible Eike! You're really a YouTube character as well. A far away mysterious genius. Also, I love the explosion button
You have a very Radiohead sound, least this song anyways. Some might think I'm calling you unoriginal, but no, I'm just saying that you're very good at using interesting and unexpected rhythm and making it utterly perfect. Absurdly beautiful. Sharing you with everyone now.
und das gleiche sonic youth tshirt! :)
I should totally collaborate with Midimum ! he is awsome and he makes music in a similar style ! and you should take a look at Antime a Label/blog with music in your style. i love this song and lots of other songs from you !
an astronaut. what is the meaning of this?
I've been adding some overdrive to the bass - probably that's what you're talking about.
Is that project with you and Cody Weber on indefinite hiatus? Or is it just over? It'd be cool to see you two do more work together.
Simply brilliant all around. Thank you for this.
Jesus!!! YOU ARE A GENIOUS! I've been watching, listen to your videos a long time ago. But this music it's really really chiling. And the way that you record your music, with all this instruments. It's incredible. Congratulations. Such a shame the world doesn''t really know you. Cheers from Brazil.
awesome job on so many things here
wow man, this is all kinds of great!!
You are actually the coolest musician on youtube. Peace from canada.
Ich wohne 40km südlich von HH. Irgendwie lustig, dass ich deine Musik erst über einen Umweg über Keokuk kennen gelernt habe.
Aww thanks so much, Rob! I think this is one of the nicest comments I ever got.
I think you could have ended the song at 3:19. I don't know why you had to extend the song by another 2 minutes that didn't really add anything important to it. Just my opinion, however. Other than that, this is another excellent song. Well done!
Awesome! Love your music and the cinematography!
Can I use your song in my video? I love your music but would rather ask first. ;)
Oh sorry did I answer your question? Of course you can!
Again I'm reminded how much I'm happy to have found you.
The music and video are both so beautiful.
just one of those dudes floating in an endless, unexplored space? maybe...
Space Invaders, Thanks so much for all your comments! Really helps so much keeping me going!
wow...truly THE discovery of the year for me..been through 3 videos so alot of catchin up to do... :) ! would love to collaborate with you! salut! from montreal!
i would kill to have one iota of the talent you possess. Great song, Eike!
I love the style, there's a lot of radiohead influence there...nice
complex yet keeping it elegant. you certainly have talent
You're so great at what you do. You're the pre-future Tohm Yorke 2.0. Never stop doing this. Never ever. You'll go so far.
the best astronaut since ijon tichy!!!
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