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New! MW3 "VORTEX" Gameplay Face Off! - Modern Warfare 3 New DLC LIVE!

by Ali-A • 364,807 views

NEW - MW3 "VORTEX" Face Off gameplay - New MW3 DLC! :) Watch "ARCTIC RECON" Spec Ops gameplay: Watch "U-TURN" Face Off gameplay:...

Is this computer or Xbox
In my opinion, this is one of the best infected maps since there are so many bushes to hide in. Am I right? HELL YES I AM
Your not the same guy I use to follow when you 1st started. You was a nice sound your cocky goodbye ALI A I have unsubscribe
1st time i played split screen w my friend i went 30-2 got an moab on ps3 ( and i got it because i play mw3 on pc so is better
1st time i played mw3 spli
I brought this dlc & like I can't even play it can someone help me how to I play the maps I brought
I wish this map was a survival map! Like if you agree.
You have one Assassin class! Use that if your surrounded with UAVS! ;D
I wonder how good ali a is without sound whoring. 90% of his kills are from using sound
I can be as stupid as I like thank you very much! Do you think AliA likes me?
typical mw3 spawn fail: you spawn in the tornado ^^
and ohh ya the spawns are absolutly terrible in these new faceoff maps, and i mean that they are bad. its like if your team is doing good the game levels the playing field by letting the opposite teamspawn behind you. oh ya on top of that once you get these horrible maps you will wait forever to play them because noone votes for them they are THAT BAD!
I like your zombies videos a lot. But you're a COD fagg when it comes to Multiplayer. Gold ACR...nuff said.
tats the same gun i use in MW3!!!! :D
Actually PS3 is awesome because you dont have to pay to play online. LOLOLOL
Not only does Xbox suck ass, it blows. Let's see the pro's and cons shall we? xbox pro's -DLC first Xbox cons -Older hardware -Pay for multiplayer -Fucks up alot Ps3 Pro's -Free MP -Better hardware -Longer Up-time Percentage Ps3 con's -What con's?
i have both and xbox just has more tryhard t95/m14 campers
i downloaded collection 3, but i still don't have those face-off maps. are they only included in collection 4?
And cows crashing down on other players from the sky... if only...
No, Dorthy found out we were killing Aunt Em's chickens so she unleashed a tornado on us.
well ps3 has way too much maintenance but i see where your coming from
Thumbs downs!!! mwahahahahahahaha AHUEHUEHUEHUEHUEHUEHUEHUEHUEHUE
Great idea but Infinity Ward hasn't much creativity, unfortunately. Same story with all the other maps and the perks etc
just realized. but dosent bootleg kinda look like chinatown dlc map from cod4??!
That's what I thought when I first played this map.
dude why do u get mad when u go 33 and 10 im pretty happy when i go 24 and 17 your such a great player!! keep it up!!!
you are the best i with i can be your xbox live mat
sweet acr bro,what a noob weapon,but to top it off c4??? ha!
Shut up your so freaking annoying go kick a ball or something
were u playing on xbox 360 or ps3
That's what we needed in MW3. More Faceoff maps. Pardon me... *BAAAAAARRRRRF*
Hey ali a give me your xbox and some money.
I have XB360. But I recently got a PS3 and I like the PS3 a lot better than the 360
and you can still fight and kill people underground but you dont respawn above ground you respawn underground
This has to be one of the most beautiful maps infinity ward has ever developed, visually.
I play all the COD games on PC. They havent been good since World at War
vortex is my best mw3 map based on the wizard of oz and a shepard from mw2 easter egg
Let me guess, you are a 12 year old and your parents buy all your shit. I prefer xbox but god damn you are a faggot.
Lol Ali-A yur cool and all but stick to zombies :p
Can some1 plz share this map with me i will share black ops mappack for whoever gives me vortex plz or i can give avatars watever but i want this map
that map is awsome ali a youre my most favirote youtuber
So helicopter air support is flying around when a tornado is ripping shit up a mile away...also since web to tornadoes just stay in the same place?
We get Battlefield 3 maps faster and we got Killzone 3 (Alot better than Halo)
Why would you be fighting each other if there was a gigantic tornado in the backround
PS3 was 700$ when it JUST released, it dropped very quicly to 400, and now it is for sale for 250$, just like the xbox 360
wat is that click in the background
what did he write? that bitch deleted his comment
Nah, you just got into a good game, but you suck on every other game.
Harry Potter on Felix Felicis, playing video games equals you. XD
On the title u pput vortex wich is correct but u put vertex on the screen incorrect
Face off =Infinity ward out of ideas
Well One Thing Is Because They Pay Activision For Them First Every Year And Maybe Another Reason Being That Microsoft Makes People Pay For Live. Which Is Changing Next Year! So That Leaves Only One Problem With Xbox, Damn RROD. Unless You LOVE Blueray Discs. :)
lol i dont care which game system i play COD on i crush any1 with 10+ KDs :D
they really did good with this map great special effects and graphics
You can't beat me! I have got 12 M..O.A.B.s in 2 months I got 4 M.O.A.B.s in a day all on TDM on actual ONLINE Multiplayer not Private Match, I've gotten 13 Osprey Gunners and I've gotten 20 Juggernauts! And my K/D ratio is at 5.3
is it called vortex or vertex? u say its vortex then on the intro it says vertex
dude i traded my xbox fora ps3............very happy!!
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