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by OfficialTwilightFilm • 3,279,313 views

Become a fan on Facebook - Follow on Twitter - The astonishing conclusion to the series, THE TWILIGHT SAGA: BREAKING DAWN -- PART 2,...

Ya! I can't wait to see part 2 I read the book and it's EPIC!
Twilight is shit. Im in no team
If you are over 13 and ur into this YOU SHOULD DIE
Can't wait for part 2 to come out =D Nov 16 my birthday month =D
Aww you gotta be kidding me. More of this dead stuff?
Ahhh omg I'm so site excited fr this movie ...
lol its funny how ppl who hate Twilight look up there video and put down hater comments XD just admit you looked it up because you care.
It's so sad how Bella and the baby die at the end of the movie. I didn't think that was possible since they are both vampires.
Porcelain vampires that need blood...that sparkle in the sun light .. -.- yes Bella a vegetarian that want to drink blood of animal....its truely rediculous.
I am so excited does anyone know when is coming out?
What are you talking about? They don't die and Renesmee, the baby is only half vampire o:
It looks good :) and Edward is looking hot as he'll
Bellas doter grows every single
14 seconds was all it took to tell reveal the whole conclusion? I would have hoped for a minute.
Gay, you say? Funny, the last time I checked "gay" meant "homosexual", not "a clip from a movie which shows a mother's fear to lose her child".
which one is powerful? red eye or yellow/gold ?
cant w8 to watch this movie it looks so awsum
Like omg. Omg. OMG!!!! OMG!!! :D
The person who comments above me takes 12 dicks a night up their butt.
If you read this you take dick up the butt everyday.
Yes, that is clear to me. I mean: I hope that Caius - because he had a bigger role in the book - the role in the film gets. Because in movies usually always something is changed /:
Yeah read the book to know what happens :p haha jk I read it but want to see the movie ^.^
Yes, language and there's going to continue to be bad language because you should mind your own fucking business in the first place. If I think people suck at something, oh well, that's MY opinion. and it's not up to a narrow-minded cunt like you to change that. And by the way, Kristen Stewart isn't everyone's reason for watching movies; I like The Runaways band so of course I'm gonna want to see the movie. Now go troll someone else.
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Nearly cryin cuz it's the last part -.- then it's over like harry potter..
Omg! Cant wait. I'm dieing to see it.. The book was AWESOME. Im in no team i don't know what team to pick , so help me please.... what team?..Edward or jacob? Tell me why i should pick that team.. Thanks :)
ha0ha0ha0 THE TWILIGHT (LADY)GAGA : FREAKING DAWN ...ha0ha0....
Ugghhh! That just makes me Maddd!!
not on netflix yet, hopefully some day but i'm sure they have the episodes online if you look for it, some sites got to. but its great & its based off the book series novels called The Sookie Stackhouse.
What was that little this junk went oddeeee fast
@ForPeaceEver lol ok, thank you for clarifying that.
The books were terrible. And the movies wouldn't be so bad if they had better actors. But hey, that's my opinion.
the the house and the scene with the snow they are looking so fake couldn't they try harder to make it look more real. Especialy when Jacob sits outside the house in trailer is looking so unreal!
Funny how people who don't like twilight actually click on videos about twilight and take the time to type up a comment about how much they don't like twilight. Those are a group of people I like to call Attention Whores :)
I think the video was awsome it could have been longer but it was awsome!!!!! P.s I'm a total twilight fan! Lol
I wonder if this movie will be on the top ten highest grossing movies of all time list...?? Hmmmm?!?! Hmmmm?!?! Prolly. Wait, nah. Definitely not.
yes! i'm very excited to see the finale, but at the same time i feel sad, is bittersweet
yea its for sale seen it at walmart
Wtf happened to the rest of the teaser lol. I need more bitches
Check my vids the cinnamon challange cam vs cinnamon
Well I see your a fan of sub par shitty romance movies, and actors with no personality, and creepy pedophiles, and bestiality.
yes it can only be that stephenie meyer wanted to ad a battle i don't think the director would do that on is own , but then it's going to very epic :) it´s true. bella and kristen too!, is perfect...
i thought everyone agreed to stop making movies with no emotion? oh wait that was just me agreeing to never watch one!
If this wasn't a "real vampire movie" as u call it it wouldn't be making more an i mean alot more than dracula!!!!. Or blade trinity!!!
does bella have golden eyes by the end? she looks like she does
epic? in the books they all just stop and agree? all of the books were good except for breaking dawn and i read them all before the movie! now the way hollywood did them? fucked them up.
if they decide to do it,gonna have to make sure they'll have the whole cast, i don't wanna see something like the replacement of Victoria :S
Nooo another shitty movie I a good vampire movie is blade
Well it really doesnt matter on the eyes; its usually the really old vamps that are more powerful and the new borns; if ur an average aged vamp then it really only depends on who u r.. Not coz of the eye colour
5 more months till part 2 i think. But umm im sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo excited :-) :-):-):-):-):-):-)!!!!!!!!!!!! I cant wait any longer!
anyone know where i can watch any of the movies online?
Stop hating people if you don't like don't watch it, no matter what you say we the fans are going to and we going to love it.
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