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Leave The Lights On by 50 Cent (Audio) | 50 Cent Music

by 50 Cent • 459,364 views

SUBSCRIBE: New music video by 50 Cent performing Leave The Lights On. Free download here: First song off of "5 (Murders By Numbers)"....

That's why you ain't a song writer! He rich you ain't, but keep hatin 50 Just got richer!
Red Baron Shared on Google+ · 4 months ago
Come and be a freak for me... :) Its that new classic shit :)))
šupa 50 cent je naj
markus james Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
new sh*t LEAVE THE LIGHTS ON off 5 murder by numbers coming this FRIDAY on for free download
agreed real untit and fif fans stayed the whole time and supported him
hes fuckin back and better than ever !!!
ross is 40 and he only rapping about selling drugs, and cars and shit, and he aint about that life, typical 15 years old mentality, if chris brown is projected to sell less than 150k imagine little officer ross numbers, hahaha who already drop 5 or 6 flopping singles, oh man I luv my bitches wack ass fuck, u the boss wit nicki flop, touch n you wit the biggest RnB singer out now flopping, hold me back that shit was garbage
Street King immortal coming in november, CANT WAIT
LOL I actually have no explanation for that BUT you can download 50's new album on ThisIs50 right now and get the whole 10 song package instead of 1 :D
Lol so My crown aint gangsta rap? "pop the trunk (lost tape mixtape) aint gangsta rap? smh you aint listning to his real shit. listen to rest of the album you only listen to the weak shiy
LOOL I swear to god that's why I'm wondering i mean they're the same song O.o
Yeeaahh! Awesome Track! I like the way you move Fitty!!!
50 needs a complete gangster album straight outta sousthside
and in the recommended videos? Katy Perry "Waking Up In Vegas" yeah thats close to this hah
so dope, just like back in the old days
This song should have a porn flick as a video lmao!
Yes you are right, it is well a mixtape because it free but at the it beginning was the official album then 50 Cent changed it into mixtape free. It did that because it reached an agreement with its Interscope label, Street King Immortal became his next official album.
y tu puta y ves que diga algo? casino, puta mierda de nombre, dan ganas de ir junto tuya y cagarte en tu puta cara rata mafiosa. Comeme la pija
if you don't feel this song you need some pussy
Happy Birthday 50! straight outta LDN!
he drops the album, FIVE was moved to july 3 to july 6 fool and it was a free album, second 50 finished ross, he and his crew can be the hottest thing out, but if u take a look a comments, grown ass people dont fuck wit ross, only little kids that dont know he's past, and only listen who other people listen, he can be hot, but people never would take ross seriously, third kanye OUTSOLD 50CENT ONLY IN THE US, WORLDWIDE NUMBERS 50 OUTSOLD HIM
how can you even compare lil wayne to 50 cent? 50 is too good for that shit
94 people pressed dislike because they thought it was saying 'dis i like'
Mista Flossin for hiphop tshirts and hats. 100
This song should be on Street King Immortal
This is prolly one of the best 50 radi friendly songs I've ever heard from him. This is betta than "In Da Club"
that would be either on ''Detox'' or on ''Street King Immortal'' that comes in November.
This song is the best song so far from the 5
Let's get rite leave the lights on
Holy shit, this be catchy as a motherfucker, damn.
and then I was like '' I'll whip ya head boy''
william officer roberts better know as a guy who stole names CO!!!
love this song, make the videoooo '1!!!111!!1!!!"1#231421!"1!!! rAGE
Curtis, ...the numbers finally came out! Been hearin' them for a while, it's sounds good though...P.S. the lights as of the day are heat lamps ...until next time G......U tha 1......
Yup! It's his love for the music that's unstoppable. Just can't wait for murder by numbers at midnight!!! :D
50 cent's on another new movie :D
mista flossin for hiphop tshirts. google
fucking downloaded all your songs
Im not hatin but the beat sounds a little like the song Get Up
21 one question and in the club aint gangsta music thats more RNB style you want gangsta? 50 Cent - Can I Speak To You feat. Schoolboy Q
Serouisly he should remove: "FMS" and those intros..
There's a hot young rapper name E-loc on(Nardcity365). Plus his videos is nice too.
When the song started I was like 'fucking hell this is terrible...' 10 seconds later i had an orgasm...
damn right, this and many other songs off of his mixtapes would be classic album material
for reals every song he come out wit ppl always saying he back wtf they back not 50
get rich or die trying i could still grab the cd n listen to every track on it from start to finish n then do it again right after ill probably never find an album i liked as much as that one, banks is the next closest tho, ggg g-unit
I got a condom around my neck? fuck that! 50! Twisted Insane wants beef with you!! after you said that!!
My bad it says On* LOL i was pretty sure it was on...but still leave or turn? XD
Oh yeah i love this album (5 (Murder by Numbers). I looked forward to his next album (Street King Immortal).
True if they don't believe you then they need to check Frobes list because 50 is always on it. haha
this is a real mann of 50 like me just what you said when did he left?
this is a mixtape, if it was an album I would cry cause the lost tape was 45% BETTER!
You gotta respect the hustle bro. 2 new mixtapes and a free album coming out tomorrow, this dudes on his grind :D
Woo!!! This beat is crazy motherfucker!!
50 Cent off the hook...I am fan from my first whiff of the wanksta track that's enuff for mfer to call myself PENNY..No bs-following Gunit
21 questions , in da club, pimp aint gangsta music.
50 Happy Birthday !! Thanks For The Album, It's Hot, And this is The Hottest one, freeeeeeAK Beat
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