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Bees Bigger Threat Than Terrorists!

by SourceFed • 180,922 views

Order your SourceFed Posters here: ‪‬ In the UK more people die from drowning in the bath than from bee stings...OR TERRORIST ATTACKS! Our Source:

God Steve has lost weight good five him
I always hear people say "don't flail around with bees" and I do say it myself, but I mean THERE BEES, What do you want from me...
People are terrified of bees! this is why they are returning to their home planet dammit btw that bee sound scared the shit out of me..
Anyone else flinch when they saw the bee?
lol almost threw my damn headphones because of you mfs!!
very afraid........there coming..
Punch a bee in the face
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I was attacked by a yellow jacket nest when I was seven trust me it was like a horror movie lucky I lived I hate bees
I was gonna say pizza, but he's got that manly beard.
Obviously the answer isn't to relax the anti-terrorist laws, the answer is to enact anti-bee laws. We might even have to invade bee land and eliminate their ruler.
I'm with Steve too! I have a huge bee/wasp/hornet/anythingthatflieswithastinger phobia! GAH!
Okay let's get rid of the laws. That won't be a fuck you bitch we ain't scared of you any more to the terrorists. Terrorist: They think we ain't tough shit anymore? Let's blow them up.
Bee's pollinate our crops so they save more lives then they caused to die.
Lolololol they spelled Wales wrong lolololol.
I don't think I've ever agreed with a SourceFed video as much as this one. Thank you for finally pointing out the massive and intentional scaremongering about terrorism.
Better safe than sorry right??
My dads a beekeeper right on Lee! ... maybe we should eeerr you know hang out sometime?
Steve, without bees we'd have no honey. Or, you know, fruits. Veggies. Flowers. Food for the little hamburgers-to-be. Bees rock!
UGH!! The buzzing!!.. It's giving me the heebie jeebies!
Just hearing the sounds of bees brought flash backs of when I got stung
idk why but i feel like lee is sorta awkward when she is in a video with steve
I think we should pass more laws so the Giant Japanese Hornet can never come to the US.
When that did the bee sound I got scared lol
That horrifying moment when the buzzing sound starts in one headphone and then wind hits that same ear and you think a bee landed on you. Holy shit baskets.
One of the scariest moments of my life: that time at summer camp when a girl found a giant underground hornet nest by falling into it. After she was pulled out there were literally thousands of hornets pouring out of there and all 200 of us ran to get out of there. No one was allowed outside until the following day when the exterminators arrived and killed them off. There wasn't a single person who hadn't been stung and that girl had dozens of stings on her legs. And that is why I hate hornets.
hornets and bees do not contribute to the enviroment what so ever, so I say we KILL THEM ALL! I DON'T CARE WHAT YOU SAY EPA, I WILL KILL THEM WASPESESES AND HORNETS, NO MATTER WHAT YOU SAY!!!
wasps are evil. bees make honey.
I got stung by a Bee at Creationfest 2012 in Pennsylvania on my hip at my camp site that thing swelled up and freaking hurt so bad..
Wasps...That's what we need to be scared of....
People pretty much only die from bee stings if they're allergic, so really bees aren't dangerous. Unless your allergic.
Hornets eat flies and flies fly around on shit rampages. They are protected in Germany to preserve their role in the ecosystem. Germany is doing a lot better than other countries in europe as they support the eu with a little help from socialist france so i think they have some idea of how the world works.
Blair's 5am Reserve. HOTTEST S**T EVER IN MY MOUTH!!!!!
Giant grasshoppers I one saw one like a foot long I measured
Whales!!!!! Hah, nice one! (ps it's "Wales")
And the only thing people saw in this video? Not bees, Whales.
My dad's also a beekeeper. I love bees.
here's an idea. TSA, stop patting down 5 year olds for no fucking reason
Fuck that bees are evil one time i was walking around when a bee landed on my face and almost stung my eye...
i run like a small girl if i see a bee
bee's are very simple remain still and back away slowly. ppl who die from stings are allergic
its not that bad.. incompairson to going to hell twice
Shit! When I hear that bee sound while I'm on my earphones I slap my ear!! it hurts!
Bees are scared of me. Duhhhhhhh....
don't listen to this video wearing headphones. I freaked out. freakin bees.
I use to be afraid of bees but now am bee man
Yeah, there's shit tonnes of terrorist attacks in Whales. Have you heard about Moby Dick?
Even though I read your warning I still left them on I regret everything
"Wrong" is * an incorrect adverb. Not "in incorrect adverb", jackass.
I'm with Steve on this subject, I'm horrified of bees! Don't even get me started on spiders.
ghost pepper...... that shit is rough.
My roommate and I are terrified of bees. We force his girlfriend to kill them for us.
There has been all this safety with the laws, so keep them.
I hate bees! Damn you sourcefed ;)
I got stung by a bee once... while rolling down a hill...
Bees scare me a little, but that's why I like them.
Bee stings kill as many people as terrorists?
oooh, silly steve, we all know there's no such thing as terrorism... We won the war on that one back when dubya said "Mission accomplished"
bees are the cutest thing ever i love it when it spring and they just sit around i want to poke them with a stick and bask in their cuteness :3
hey steve, killer african bees might have to be imported to the us to replace some of the honey bees dying from ccd (colony collapse disorder) if you havent already, you should look up african killer bees
I let multiple bees n' hornets fly in MY EARS WHEN I WAS LIKE 5
As in the great words of Nicklas Cage, " BEEES!!"
They really need to move the flag option away from the comment option on the iphone, I keep accidentally flagging videos
I was stung by a bee in my friends' pool. I saw it coming and I held my breath underwater. Little did I know that it would be waiting for me at the surface......
Are you sure they spelled it wrong? For all we know, terrorism exists within whales. Why they capitalized the word will never be known. I know what you're thinking right now... NOTHING! *Cool guy voice* Cuz I just blew your mind.
I hate wasps But when they land in my lawn I put a water bottle over where they land while they are crawling down towards the dirt and they fly up into the bottle and i catch them ^-^ When i fail and they take off I run like a little bitch.
Steve- Part A when speaking of bad things you forgot weeping angels part B do you like peaches? Apples? Bananas? And kind of fruit? Then thank bees. Theyre bad asses
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