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Libyan wears Gaddafi's hat

by Libyan Youth Movement • 178,600 views

A freedom fighter enters Gaddafi's bedroom and takes his hat

@dudecomestocum well were you there? Thats what happend it was all over the News (which im sure your going to come with some BS arguement about how the news lies) Also many Libyans spoke out about what he did and if he was such a great leader why would people want him out in the first place?
He speaks very good English for being a repressed Libyan...
@dudecomestocum u cant tell ;) and u just say that because u have nothing else to say and u know that... cuz whatever u say i can say 500 things to prove u wrong ... and if u want gaddafi invite him to ur country let him rule u for 42 years u will see how nice this feels to see ur family dead cuz of a sick man ;) and then i can call u an excited teen as well good luck
@dudecomestocum Do u reallly think Libyan pple prefer well being "which i didnt see " than dignity and proud life ? ... when u say cheap food .. look at the foods quality compare with other countries ! lol free health and education? have u ever seen how hospitals and schools r here?it would be funny if we had to pay for that, and every1 goes to Tunis why? if we have rich enough country to provide medical supplies .pple alittle bit of logic sometimes is good think about it !
Now you rat's have burnt and smashed up Libya, are you going to fuck back to Birmingham now
At first I was like "Lets give him a fair trial" But then I was "Okay shoot him in the head!"
@a55kika18 And I suppose were just going to look past the genocide arn't we........?
@dudecomestocum, there ain't no free lunch, somebodies always got to pay. It's either the dissidents or the Qaddafi maid, or the people on the Pan Am flight, or the US soldiers in the German disco.
There's one thing you got to respect the muslims for. When they don't like something , they all take their AK-47's , gang up with the rest , and fight ! That's something you don't see happening in the west with civilians. we're all too pussy and affraid of our gouverment , so we peacefully protest...
@angello6130 Why don't you bless those "Monkeys" and "Rats" with your worthy presence in Libya instead? It sure does take more balls to sit behind a PC and talk shit, then to set your country free from a regime...
@AHernandez605 There is an Al Qaeda flag fluttering at the capital now, put up by the rebelious, the same people the US helped. Goldman Sach got Gaddafi's billion dollars of invesment. and now there's a gold rush in Lybia. It isn't going like you imagined in your mind.
Ohh my god I'm in Gaddafi's room! Now I got his hat, and this thing. LOL @ everyone trying to take the flag and put it on!
This dude is an actor!! "oh my god" "oh my goodness"...really?????
Lol not a lot of supports because most of them we killed, the other we are about to kill, and the rest fled the country.
@dudecomestocum lololol so like i assume from what u said .... if i was living here for real u would belive me >> but it cant be true what im saying cuz u r so convinced that we want Kaddafi , so u have nothing to say other than saying im lying about where i live lol ... im flattered lol , u had nothing else to add and btw i live in Tripoli whether its hard to belive or not and my page is britney sprears fan page pretending to be her ;) u know who britney spears right?
Have fun working in factories while your country looks like shit forever,
@Tangointheface The news spits out a bunch of propaganda and lies and it seems your simple minded ass falls for it everytime. As an American who has done REAL RESEARCH and found out THE REAL FACTS regarding Libya I wish we had a leader like Gaddafi. Everyone had free electricity, free great medical care, interest free loans, govt. paid 50% for purchase of a car, govt gave newly married couples $50,000 to buy a house, the lists goes on and on in how well the Libyan people have/had it.
@dudecomestocum lol funny did u know that Gaddafi owned all the media in my country for the past 7 months accept this last month he was injecting poison asking pple to kill eachother u can watch that on youtube lol all for his sake cuz no1 wants him . and stop talking about things u know from 1 sourse ,, i ve seen his media ive seen other media and guess what i live here and know whats going on better than u can ever know and like i said m3ammar can join u , he is looking for a place anyway
@BritneySpearsAll The rebels shall all utterly fail because the majority of Libyan people had freedom and know what it is. They know what comes now is slavery
@mclassified no they dont, it was gaddaffi who didnt want to leave the power when everybody asked for it
@mohdhmg Do you think your country bombed Pan Am 103? Ask professor Robert Black what he thinks about that. I don't believe those dodgy Maltese witnesses (who received $2m & a new life in America from the CIA) any more than this guy in the hat. I am not a conspiracy theorist but you are foolish to take these events in the Middle East at face value. I hope for your sake that Libya doesn't turn into a complete mess. If I were you I'd wait 5 years before you comment further on this.
it's not $1000, but $14,884. French corporations claim 30% of libyan oil.
He's like the new borat for lybia XD
@dudecomestocum phones werent working ... he made it so perfect for pple not to communicate he was brain washing pple all day long .. asking them to go against each other spread fire , kill ur fellow country men if they dont love me ... alot of pple from my family died and were prisoned .. what about 1996 he killed 1200 pple he tortured the rebels we were choking in tripoli cuz of his pple killing us for the money they couldnt resist >>> u should be here to understand .
@a55kika18 You mean the overthrowing of a dictatorship by its own people and the instillation of one of the first and secular democracy's the Arab/Muslim world has ever seen?
@FalafalFever Nope. That's 40 years of true economic liberty and prosperity without debt, which libyans actually did not want to change. This is not slavery. Slavery is when your country owes trillions of debt that your children will continue to pay.
@buddybleau wow. Why do think that muslims have to kill somethings?
Its happening right now - Google and read "are america and china preparing for war?"
@Onetazien fuck both israel and america , we want freedom and they are killing uor brothers
@dudecomestocum Would you call yourself free, when most of your hard-earned income goes to taxes, which service the debt? How long is gonna last? Forever?
ahaha oh man this is a mad tv sketch waiting to happen oops ok snl sketch waiting to happen
@craigslistflow THanks for the correction
Exceptional courage, Exceptional heroism in the face of invincible, flying, shameless enemy. A feat never before seen after the vietnam war described by by these invincible, flying, shameless enemy as SURPRISING. I salute you father Moammar, your brave men and your brave sons. A very rare special breed of muslim men. I will never forget your courage. Your bravery will be told and pass on to my generation to come. I join all patriotic libyans in their mourning as they plan the road to victory
I think the hat looks better on the young rebel man than the frizz head dictator.
@BritneySpearsAll you live in Libya? Your profile says you're from USA. Well every information source says that rebels are from Al-Qaeda, even famous mainstream media.
@emirtrotter lol its funny how some pple think .. is it the lack of knowledge or education ? do u miss logical thinking ? i recommend u reading more books than thinking by ur own thinking u know everything about the world and media... maybe u will start to link up facts that r soooo obvious ...
Well, now USA gonna take their oil...........
@inventorwanted You know how many people have disapeared under his rule? He is the same as Saddam but hold the mustard gas.
@Tangointheface Only reason why the U.S hates Gaddafi is the Threat his poses, They want his oil, gold and his water supply, he has not soldout to any of Rothschild's banks and wanted to create a new currencey REAL CURRENCY using gold not some puny piece of paper called the dollar. These rebels are CIA trained, AL-CIA-DA and yet you feel they are fighting for good? Please.... get out of your fantasy land.
It is disingenous to say that this war is about oil as some conspiracy theorists do, with oil the only difference is that it will be the NTC selling the oil in future instead of Gaddafi. And the NTC needs to sell plenty of it to help rebuild the country. This civil war is about the right of the Libyan people to rid themselves of 42 years of tyranny under Muammar Gaddafi and nothing else, and it's great to see them winning the long battle against this despot.
I ve seen it and also the speech on 21st July 2011. His people loved him, they truly did. These guys in this video are the true rebels.
@ty4mem you're either ignorant or paid promoter. How can one not see the true motives of this conflict? there was no absolute reason for public to be dissatisfied with their leader who did so much for his country.
@mohdhmg NATO powers had more than a 'hand' in this. You can celebrate the fact that countries like mine are smashing your country's infrastructure with $600,000 Tomahawk cruise missiles or $50,000 Hellfire missiles if you like. This conflict will cost my country at least £2bn, You are naive if you don't think we want something in return. Why do you think NATO hasn't intervened in Burma? I'm afraid that NATO member states don't give a shit about you. They only care about your oil.
They troll all my videos literally! Like they write a comment and then they write another comment a month later and continue on their sad sad routine! Just ignore them.
if he was honest >> why wouldnt his media look like this >>> today some libyan pple who were agaist gaddafi walked out into streets were shot by our forces for the safty but we will try to make stuff bettter >>> istead nope there was nothing at all just few rats and kills pple secretly denying everything .. u need to be here to see the truth ...we were scared for 6 months cuz his pple were spying on every phone , we brought mortazaga to kill us and rape i know killed pple i know raped girls !
@BritneySpearsAll I have already told you that this is not freedom. You (who most likely have no relation to Libya) just ignorantly telling that these rats bring freedom. But how come these rats are killing black innocent people. Few days before these rats had fighted with Tawarga town with 10 000 inhabitants and kicked out all of them under the threat of being detained and sent to prison. So is this what these citizens wanted? No. Is this freedom? No! The country is being raped and slashed.
@Sh012222 Lmao he said "am happy for those peple" Not Jewish people!!
@AHernandez605, Muammar Gadhafi’s decided to pursue gold standard and reject dollars for oil payments is why NATO wants him out, you think NATO cares about the well being of the Libyan people?. NATO does not care, they are bombing hospitals, schools, and homes. NATO has killed 3000 Libyans so far. don't tell me That NATO and US care about the Libyans freedom. you are writing so much like you know everything, you sound just like CNN and FOX.
@BritneySpearsAll Who said that you have to be Libyan to be intested in Libyan matters? Don't you think that what is happening in Libya now has an impact on the whole world?
@AHernandez605 and who said that West is gonna give you that? You should be thankful if the West don't turn Libya to another Iraq
@peyoteasesino666 vos hablas de mamarla? cuando le viven chupando la pija a eeuu en cuanto a economia o lo que venga, muerto de hambre!, 1ro no te metas en lo que no sabes( QUE MIERDA SABES DE VIDELA O LO QUE PASABA ACA EN OS 70´s )PAYASO INDIO HIJO DE REMIL PUTAS , OTRA COSA NO SABES UNA MIERDA DE GHADAFFI Y SALIS A DECIR PELOTUDECES , OJALA A VOS TE HUBIERAN METIDO UN TIRO PUTO COBARDE, TENE CUIDADO CON LOS NARCOS LA CONCHA DE TU VIEJA , Y SEGUILA MAMANDO LA PIJA GRINGA BOLUDO
@dudecomestocum yes im half libyan proud for the first time of my life to be libyan .. its not hard to spread a rumour by ur self like say oh im gonna go to the bathroom and u stay in ur room , ur sis says shes in the bathroom i hate my sister so i say seeee shes lyinggg lier i told u she lies .. this is what gaddafi does about catching saif going to other countries O:)
@AHernandez605 America is your master, get over it. You are already beggin NATO to stay for a longer time otherwise these so called rats gonna be extreminated by LIBYAN public.
i think all the people calling the rebels rats are funny since most of them will probably never do anything in their lives which will compare to the monumental acts of bravery the libyans have shown fighting a crazy, crazy prick like gadaffi.
@Tangointheface You're brainwashed as fuck, letting your television do the thinking for you.... Pathetic.
@UfatmeSkinny but is there like evidence. if there is then tath would be fine. but if there isnt any evidence then they can just stay at home. wats with all this?? if you kill gadafi will those people com bak? no. well if there was like good government then there will no need for all that violence would there?
@AHernandez605 you're simply lying. go check and that's not only sourse. you know NATO admitted killing civilians, what the hell are talking about?
wtf are they even chasing gaddafi? can anyone explain????? plz!!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!??!?!? wy do they want him dead! wait just a minute brb after reading wiki ped
@dudecomestocum Did you not watch the same video i just watched thats THE PUBLIC taking over. THE PUBLIC throwing Gaddafi out are u blind?
@dudecomestocum and thinking about where all those rebels came from it was this way >>> almost every1 felt the lack of freedom and could not talk , so lets say few hundreds gathered on facebook and started talking too much till in banghazy 200 pple went to streets wanting better freedom , some got killed aloot of pple got mad ! wouldnt u get mad? so 400 walked out the other day shouting louder.. more where killed and so on .. he brought it for him self with his own hands.he could hve made chang
@mohdhmg Having worked for the Soros Foundation in Georgia 2003 I have seen first hand how NGOs such as Otpor, CANVAS & the Soros Foundation work together with foreign embassies, the UN, Red Cross etc. Civil uprisings have become a science with the works of Gene Sharp the textbooks. Trust me this has been in the planning for years & certain NATO powers most certainly had plans/targets in mind way before the "spontaneous" "revolutions" in Tunisia, Egypt & Libya.
why western peoplle only interview rats ? why not pro gaddafi civilians ?
@Tangointheface Democratic country? LMFAO Ill say it again BRAINWASHED
I hope one day the King of Kings will personally cut off his head !
@dudecomestocum lol how funny water , our water was cut before because m3ammar had power upon it beside the well water .. until now tripoli is free water fixed we have fuel we have electricity we have safty we have INTERNET!! we have NORMAL PHONE CONNECTIONS AND SMS ... all of these were missing for 6 months where gaddafi had tripoli and benghazy had everything from the first week after they got rid of him too think about it .. and about videos i wont make any effort for u to post some ;)
hate the wastern media one sided as usual god help us ..................evil is here satan is alive in the west .................pray and repent you sinners
@dudecomestocum and why r u so interested in the Libyan matter? u r not libyan obviously .. and u r fighting so hard with me to prove ur point like it means anything or like it counts anywhere to any1 ... u can just say ah ok whatever and go ...thats if u where sure u r right ..
@dudecomestocum atleast what i say is based on living inside the war place ...and what started the rebbelion is libyan pple on facebook ... i was there seen that too , all of them spoke the specific way that no1 unless they r libyan can mimmit and understand .. i know pple out where like fish in cans ... no word could be spoken REGIME thats why we bursted finnaly ... no1 could ever have power upon millions of mad pple ..if they were just few like u thought he would have controlled us by now,
@dragoran they already had freedom: debt-free housing, healthcare, education, utilities, cheap food. And i don't think that they evey gonna get it back, cause oil is about to be privatized - so no more of free lunch. So i guess that these young men had confused democracy with well-being
@BigjockGne I'm glad we agree... Soon everything will be out in the open and justice will prevail and all those that worked with Gaddafi will also be exposed for who they really all
@BritneySpearsAll You're ignorant about real deal, but that's ok, because you're being brainwashed by mainstream media in your country.
good luck to the new nation / new people of libya / it is HALAL , RIGHT to kill that BEAST / SCUM / ALIEN / PREDATOR / AL TAGHOUT , AL GHOUL /// he as well stole MONEY + GOLD of the nation and RUN // with his followers of al ZANADEEQ / the roles of GOD and war is EYE BY EYE . GOD BLESS THE NEW LIBYA .
A huge number of these revolutionary Libyans were trained on the US soil by the US army, and they were living in the US for sometimes. As you have noticed they speak English good enough. They were used in toppling the regime of Gaddafi. What happened in Libya is part of Hillary Clinton’s mission in the Arab world as a secretary of state, no different than Henry Kissinger’s mission in Abdul Naser’s and Sadat’s eras; focusing precisely on the Arabs and the Israelis. Complicated “Read about it”.
Military victory... Gangsta style!!! XD
@dudecomestocum and lol yeah he built bab al 3aziziya with 465$ monthly =)) not talking about aloooot of other expences .. google tht ;) hehe how come billions of dollars r spread aroud the world ? if it was true they were for us .. why they r under his name under his wifes name under his sons names and daughter ? what cyvilized country do that ?
libyan rebel has found: team captain
@thetubebrain1 ¿te gustan los dictadores pinche esclavo de mierda? ah se me olvidaba que tuviste a videla, seguro tu o tus padres se la mamaban
@BritneySpearsAll Saif al Islam made an appearance at a Tripoli hotel, a day after CNN, Fox News said that Libyan rebels have captured him. Kaddafi made a speech to a TV, a day after it was told by media that he has passed the borders of Nigeria with a chunk of gold. Would you trust mainstream media after that? Again it is stupid to assign huge amounts of money to a single person. Usually it is done by mutliple entities. And why are you saying "us", are you libyan?
@dudecomestocum have u ever heard of video edditing ? its 21st century lol ...and he doesnt wanna run to another country cuz if u ever knew about psychology u would know that this man is mentally sick for being a leader always on top .. like i said before not every cares about money like u lol obviously not even him in that case ... lol it made me laugh when u saidd fight for his pple , let me correct : fight for his chair pretending to be fighting for pple who dont want him =))
@BritneySpearsAll From your statement it comes that Kaddafi was despotic. But would despot spent 25 billions of public funds (no borrowing from IMF or WB, whatsoever) to build a water supply system, which brings it to every city of Libya and charges people no money for that? Would despot spent oil money for providing free-housing for every citizen of its own country. No. Can you name me another such "despot" who "tortures" his own people like Kaddafi does? No. Libya was self-funded
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