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Mac Miller - Get Up

by TreeJTV • 15,269,114 views

Rex Arrow Films, Rostrum Records & TreeJTV Present.. Mac Miller Get Up (Produced by Teddy Roxpin) Best Day Ever Shot & Edited by Ian Wolfson Rex Arrow Films 2011 Executive Produced by Benjy...

There is no NEW Mac Miller. He's still the same person and makes songs. He progressed as a rapper because I don't think he wants to make this type of music after what's happened to him. I love all of Macs music because I am a true fan. I watch all of his interviews and know every line of his first highschool freestyle. You may call me a fan boy but I'm just a true fan
+Simon Mindme dude delusional thomas is sick. i honestly forgot about that. that was what first changed my mind about mac miller. ive never had my opinion about a rapper changed so much as it has with mac miller
In my opinion, Mac Miller has more lyrical talent than Eminem. He deserves way more worldwide recognition,because it seems it's only in the US he's popular? I'm not sure,correct me if I'm wrong!
+lokodumal10 Spain here, and I've listened to him since... 2011. A lot of people know 'bout him here.
mac's style was crazy back then!
The guy that made this beat also makes my beats. This could be one of those "I knew him before he blew up" type things....hmmm
Made a remix to Mac Miller's "Best Day Ever". Come over to my channel to check it out. 19 year old Asian rapper from Brooklyn. I guarantee I won't disappoint! Thumbs up 👍
Earlier he raps about sex,drugs ect Now he's matured and he raps about religion,life ect...
+II KushiLungs II Did you not listen to faces?
+Chase Macrae His lifestyle as a musician is to spread happiness as well as many other artists do. Its an unnatural thing to always be happy but he somehow has to incorporate it into his music because thats his job. He obtains it through drugs and alchohol ect. its pretty hard to not put some of these elements in his music because hes always doing them and they are always on his mind.
mac miller is better than eminem no doubt
Comparing him to eminem because they're both white is just retarded. Please jump off the cliff
I danced with a girl to this song. Good memory.
Scrolling down seeing all these little fan boys saying hes shit or someones better, just shut the fuck up... rappers have their own styles, flows etc... everyone is entitled to their own opinions, but come on, you clicked the fucking video just to hate, fuck off.
Best Mac song, miss his old days because he's changed so much and is loosing his base...
There is in fact a New mac and an old Mac.  All you need to do is listen to his old music and new music back to back and you'll hear it.  His old music was upbeat and up lifting also very good.  His new music is very depressing almost as if he is upset with himself or something, his new music is also very good.  I honestly think that coke got the best of him. The way he raps you can tell something more than becoming "mainstream" has happened to him and he isn't even mainstream anymore his mainstream was blue slide park.
Is there an extended version of the end sample?
+MrJtc916 no i think you're the attention whore asking for people to like your comment.. lmao. how is he seeking attention? he's just saying he wants his favorite artist to tour with songs he likes? stop being a dick
+Steven Stanton lol he was just mocking him.. Afterall, Andres did the same thing. 
mac miller's better than all of those rappers that rap about bitches, drugs, and money.
the first mac miller song that I had listened to, addicted ever since. 
Gtfo this banger is nice..
Mac is talented. Sure. Eminem is talented. Two different styles. In my opinion, Eminem executes his talent in a much broader sense both lyrically and tonally. Mac seems to have this "one pitch" of a voice - and he does well with it. Eminem has a plethora of vocal expressions which captivate a much wider audience in this genre. But, that's just my opinion. Props to both.   
these kids saying that mac is better than eminem, that makes a lot of sense, if you were dropped as a child and got so tone def that you cant hear eminems voice lol. Eminem's songs are just amazing and lyrically he is a genius. Some songs eminem has made are trash yes, but look at how many hits he has created and how much respect he has in the music industry. The Game said he wouldnt even fuck with him lol 
I tell people Mac Miller is underrated his word play Wht gets me
Macs raps are dope and his songs beats are chill. But I don't like his voice. No hate to the rapper though
mac new shit is mad good but the only reason he got big was his flows were just so chill and relaxing. theres nothing better than smoking and listening to mac and just fade away yo
Mac Miller has some of the best and unique beats
i remember when i first heard this song, he was a nobody now look at him. hes like drake, the only thing mac never changed his way of raping.
Yeah, he rapes just like he did before
He's out in Canada too
Can someone get this instrumental?
Hes at the beach... with a jacket, jeans, and shoes. lol.
you ever been to the beach on a cold windy day ? that was definitely shot during a cold spell.  and about the jacket, jeans , and shoes, well like i said , the beach is not warm and tropical all year round, at least where this vid was shot. the beach in the fall / winter and early spring is quite cool . like you would want a wetsuit if you were in the water surfing and stuf etc.   
I don't know why Everybody compares eminem to Mac. They have the most different styles. Mac is happy, eminem is angry. Mac is 20 fucking years younger. Why would you compare a kid in his early 20s to some man in his 40s.
You can tell in BDE he was faking being happy, he tried his hardest to be happy like wow what do i Truly have to be sad about
mgk is white wtf lol y does it matter what color they are
man i xo fuckd up. i luv dis hel ya most dope
how is it that this video does not have 100 000 000 views yet?
Get em yo you are my favorite crackhead ever
dudes got flow but he raps about nothiing hahaha maybe if he talked about something that matters he would be good 
I Love Mac Miller♥ Love You Music:')
I know Mac Miller most likely won't see this comment, but Mac Miller is the reason that I carry on with my everyday life. His songs describe so much of what seems like everyday life. So Mac Keep up the Good work man because in my opinion Eminem doesn't even faze you man! Also, congrats on the new show on MTV man :)
Is that Atlantic City?
Is this on iTunes ?
Unfortunately not, at least last time I checked...
He's okay, but holy fuck he shoe-horns more than half of his rhymes and it's incredibly obvious.
I miss Mac's youth.
Stop comparing eminem and Mac. Yes they r both white. ...doesn't mean shit. Stop comparing them just because they have the same skin color
Slightly obsessed with this guy right now... 
Everyone has a diff childhood,environment,placement,and upbringing !,Devotion to keep it"real"as they "the artist" know's it,in a music style created by another culture is a craft,such as brother ali,classified,mgk and of course m&m have shown!.  You may not like the style or hue, but it's real !..My rhyms are about drywall,4cyl imports,altzheimers and cats bitches!!
I liked mac when blue slide park came out but I forgot about him for a while because nothing new came out, now I got more time again I started listening to him and I still like the songs he put out back then
Just me or does Mac Miller always look high since when he raps he squints lol
Yo its not wut he raps about its how these days I miss this mac cause back then he rapped with a great flo and fast paced now hes more chill and rapping about better stuff but it sounds like shit cuz he not rappn hes just saying lines that ryme really slow with a really slow beat
in my op he's like the best there will ever be and he's my idle and I look up to him I hope to one day be like him and to rap with him or cypher along side
lol nice pants can thay go eney lower lol jk
Mac can become the best with more recognition he signed to a major label for more recognition and better marketing so his music can get out there more
i despise his sound. his lyrics are pretty basic too. i don't understand what all his hype is about, but then again i don't really understand the hype around most popular rappers today.
Im gonna $ample this intro? ....
still one of my favorites.
No one ready for Eminem never forget that
Eminem sucks dick now, go mac👍
One of the best songs ever made
It's about to be a big shit poppin by the time this shit is droppin Stoppin not an option I'm addicted this a problem This way of life, sex, drugs, rock and roll on the road Feeling blessed performing for sold out shows Who ever's talkin shit what chu know bout those What chu know bout spittin bars and the whole crowd goes It's unbelievable these people say I made it throwin down a lil henny Can't believe that I don't chase it Life goes on, days get brighter I'm feelin like I came in with my haze no lighter So I'm lookin for the missing piece Goin down in history for rippin beats Smooth game sweeter than a krispie kreme You tune into my station hope you listenin Turn it up and follow all my journey as I live my dream All natural whole foods that lay you back Have you straight chillin in a dope mood And some shit is happy like a show tune This a brand new world I can show you Some people still have no clue But they can look at all this cheese that I produce [Chorus: x2] In the world that go round you up and you down You in and you out You smile and you frown Just get up, GET UP Get up, GET UP Get up, GET UP Get up, GET UP Hey Ayo I'm fast lane switchin Rap game spittin Chillin with some sour Got a bad dame twistin These people think I'm goofy say Mac's day trippin Cause life a comedy like my last name griffin (WHAT) Living for the moment Blowin potent overloaded And my swagger call me old spice Yeah the kid is so nice Smokin in the wind chillin Duckin from the police (po-lyce) So bright you know light So I'm shinin like a strobe light Leave the show with money and I always count my dough twice Most dope general and that shit is fo life My mama taught me well so I even treat these hoes right I'm polite Workin in my office but no dwight Coat white skinded no light dimness Me who I am playing sight for these bitches And I ain't even tryna fight with these bitches And I don't got time to spend the night with these bitches [Chorus]
Mac Miller is my favorite rapper
Broke up with my bitch sad nd shit listened to this now im fucking happy and shit mac miller u make my days better
Why does it seem that Mac Miller's voice never really hit full puberty, he sounds like a middle schooler. Or unless he does it on purpose.
check my music out, i'd appreciate it, thanks!
Mac Miller is probably the most conventional rapper out there, no wonder he amasses such a large following. Nice bars with funky but rap relevant beats.
Love Both & New Mac Miller, He Is evolving, I miss his old style, but his new style is the future, by Far my favorite artist ever 👍
If you guys like Mac Millers old music I guarantee you will like mine. It would be appreciated if you check some of them out on my instagram @imnotarapper18 Much Love.  #NewCrewMusic 
old mac is the best, his new shit is whack
mac miller songs always pump me up
lmao mac was crazy as fuck and now he's crazy in a more organized way?
mac got a JUG hat on ayy s/o chicago
What's the bit at the end, is it a start in another one of his songs or is it just there?
I wonder if he ever looks at this and sees how much better he got.
Old mac miller > new mac miller
that is my all time favourite song
 feel sorry for today's generation. When I was a teen we got an LP and spent a week or a month trying to figure out how Rush's Neil Peart did that beat or Boston did that riff, or how Brad Delp could sing that high, but today we have no talent ass clowns like this. Anyone can speak mono-toned rhymes into a mic. Anyone. I honestly watched this video to see what talent and draw people like this have and I honestly could not find one. My father used to dislike the Beatles and Kiss but he finally admitted they had talent, they just played their instruments in a different way than he was used to. I could be wrong but I think stars should possess talent that you aspire to. I wrote down the lyrics and did the same this guy is doing in less than one minute.  Shame. Today's generation's heroes leave nothing to aspire to. Except just anyone at anytime can do what they are doing.
+Insane Gaming Yeah he is. October isn't for sure but that is probable. Mac said it's definitely coming before the year ends. He said he has 8 completed albums that he hasn't released. Which is why I like him, he is always working.
He said in an interview that he's made over 600 songs (that he's not going to release). I think he's the hardest working guy in Hip-hop 
Atleast eminem doesn't sag&bag like wtf
Eminem would smoke this keed
Ii's great for sleep. I listen that when i go to sleep.
ronsretro1983 Shared on Google+ · 3 months ago
Where can i get this song? :)
my birthday when uploaded:)
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