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Zombie Love Song - (Your Favorite Martian music video)

by Yourfavoritemartian • 27,215,690 views

DOWNLOAD THE MP3: Lyrics and vocals by Ray Johnson Produced by Atomic Beats ***LYRICS*** You don't know me, baby, but...

still beter love story and twilight :)
Any love story is better than twilight
If they ever make another video it will break the internet
This is seriously the best video on the internet. On YouTube. I love "Your Favorite Martian." Why must it be retired? If I must say so, I believe it is amazing. This channel should never be suspended. Why do people hate on great things? I know men who like My Little Pony and we have mere tolerance for them, yet if it comes to something great, we have no love for it. Why? (NO, I DO NOT LIKE MLP, I WAS JS)
They used too work for maker studios, 2 years ago, the posted an annoucement talking about a new album, but maker studios was greedy, and it was going to be THEIR production, not ray's so raysaid that he wouldn't work on something that wasen't from him, and everything broke, later in 2014, maker studios was bought by disney, and if they try make smething new, they'll have trouble.
Dear former YFM Members, I just wanna ask why did you stop making these awesome song. You have more subscribers now, and way more views. So can you consider coming back?
+Camilo Gonzales Why don't the YFM members just return under a new name?
Your favorite Martian
Hi remember listing the song around grade 4, now I'm in grade 7.... The memories ❤️
Better love story than Twilight.
We should all organize the sending of letters, emails to Maker studios and YFM to try and get them to do it again I know they have moved but still
I tweet them every day that message
Maybe next time you could try doing the video a little better by citing your sources and including furthur reading material so we all might better ourselves as a society, I appreciate you taking the time to read this.
"This project has been retired"
3:28 COME ON, his hands didn't fall off? LAME!
I'd hold your hand but I'm missing an arm... Can zomboys get <3 too?
I never knew Ray Williams Johnson was so talented.  This is the first time I am seeing his animations and I'm really impressed. Great work!
Remember the last time i listened to this song.. I was 4th grade :/
Their music was actually good and fun to listen to, I would play them nonstop 3-4 years ago, I wish they continued but whatever haha, it's nice to hear them again tho it's been awhile since I last heard these
If someone told me "Let me take you to Wendy's, baby, you deserve it" I would've found my soul mate... god, I love Wendy's
omg I found this video saw it in 2011 2015 now!
I remember listening to this and sending this to my crush in elementary school and im now in highschool...oh the memories iv'e had with YFM
Still a better love story than Twilight.
whenever I think they'll never make a song again it just hits in the feelzz  man...
Aww good old times. <3 RIP RAY ON UTUBE! DX
This is the only love song that I like.
Oh god... i havent heard this since 4 gr... im in high school now.. the feels..
Was listening to this Back in 2012 3 years later still having a nerd rage over the fact that Disney is slowly taking over everything I hold dear
Haha hilarious I wouldnt be that stupid if it said zombie I would quit I wouldn't be on chat site anyway its dangerous
Numnumnumnumnum lol the last part tho
:( I wish they didn't quit.
@kevin31601 Hey, would you possibly be willing use your beatboxing in something bigger than just simple videos?
i like all of YFM songs well when i say all i mean some i think there really catchy i love most songs but this one is number one
The best valentine song... again (now 2015)
Man, I am listening to my favorite martian..
The "NOM NOM NOM NOM" at the end!!!! XD
Amos Bairn Shared on Google+ · 4 months ago
Geek Song of the Day: Zombie Love Song By: Your Favorite Martian #gsgotd If you want to be notified about future Geek Song of the Day posts or if you have any suggestions please let me know. The Geek Thing of the Day format is stolen with permission from +Charlie Hoover. Please go follow him for Geek Question of the Day and Geekscape of the Day.
I wanted my prom theme to be "Lepers in Love". I don't remember if I formally suggested it or not, but I can tell you that they didn't end up having that theme.
That was amazing better than justin beiber
After 3 years I still turn up to this song lol
I kinda liked that they ended up together... cute!
Is it weird that I fapped to this?
I think this song means we need to work hard for the brain like in real life we need to work hard to be loved...
No, I'm pretty sure the song is about zombies.
I think it BS you guys quit!?!?!?!
Uploaded 4 years ago today
when my mother asked what i was listening to, before i could answer  she said A CHEAP PORNO?
Nicole Muller Shared on Google+ · 1 week ago
This just reminds me of me and +Furious Demolisher
Ugh! I hate when these idiots disable the replies, why some people comment and put a link of a video that we are already watching? It's pointless.....
I was ... let's say 7 8 or 6 when this came out I'm ten now 😄
Awwws, so lovely :')
Still a better love story than twilight
William ray johnson made these?
I doesn't take brains to realize these guys are really talented.
Watching the walking dead right now lol
They're his shadow clones.
My kost favoritesong for you guys
Haven t heard dis song since ages!!
I still remember when i was an electronic store sales. I like to use their song for demo audio sounds, and u guess what, lots of customers likes it!! Pls come back!
I just noticed this... Why does everyone in the YFM band has their eyes covered except for Ray?
We should start something Everyone who's still watching this #YFMComeback
yes finally a vid with zombies!!!
Rwj should bring yfm back
I was in 7th grade when I heard this and now i'm in 10th grade. holy shit... time def flies
This is really sweet.  But of course, I AM the one with my Minecraft skin as my icon.
zombie... more like stalker
Just saying.. Best love story out there xx
Nathan Shofner Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
This is Nathan call Or text me my number is 4237155249
eat her hart what ?? ?
I miss this .-. :/
Joella Geier Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
Zombie Love Song - (Your Favorite Martian music v…:
Ahh love... IS CRAZY AS FUCK!!!!
Jennifer Fielder Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
Check out this video on YouTube:
Why did they quit? :'(
Warm bodies. Gt watch it
Nur Afsana Shared on Google+ · 3 weeks ago
This reminds me of the movie Warm Bodies
I find it funny how they stole the chord progression from The Cranberries "Zombie" for the chorus.
this makes me think so much of "a little piece of heaven"!
OH MY GOD yes!!!!! I was thinking exactly the same!!!
XD "Nom nom nom nom nom nom"
Tamara Mitchell Shared on Google+ · 5 months ago
Amazin like my selfiez
I don't quite understand why this channel gets so many dislikes.  Oh well..~  *The bunny hops away*
David Yubero Shared on Google+ · 3 weeks ago
Echa un vistazo a esta lista de reproducción en YouTube:
I remember i watched this years ago...I still love it xD
my science teacher played this in my class BEST DAY EVER
this is the first song i saw for  YFM i loved you channel
Elizabeth Evans Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
Zombie Love Song - (Your Favorite Martian music v…:
Personally, I think Axel'd love this song.
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