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NBA 2K13 All Star Weekend Announcement

by Chris Smoove • 743,778 views

2K announced yesterday that the all star weekend events from previous 2K games will make a return in NBA 2K13. The good news is that the 3 point shootout and the dunk contest will take place in the...

NBA Blacktop was on NBA 2K13 for the Wii. No need to buy it.
How do you get on the dunk 3pt shootout in 2k13
To get the all star pack you can pre order, or (get the dynasty edition of 2k13 that is $100)
They will! Check Ronnie2K's twitter for announcements!
Pre ordered the dynasty edition.
prob going to be DLC which means it is cheaper to pre-order it. If you don't pre-order it you will pay 60 for the game plus 10 or so more bucks for the All Star weekend.
so basically turning the game sliders up!
change the JERSEYS PLease!!! add more Shoes, allow socks color change !!!!
My disc tray is broken....I need to get it fixed before this game!!!ADSFJBHg
I know right their just taking our money like why pre order it why not just put the shit on the game without having to pre-order I mean if its supposed to be on the game put it on their instead of doin that pre order bullcrap.
they should have the Olympics on 2k13.. like association, but your traveling and playing different countries ... like if you think they should to
there going to release it later for dlc its just people that preorder it get it as soon as they pick it up
Mr splash man he makes splash man
Do u have to download the dunk contest in the arena or is it the NBA black top. I'm confused at what u said dude. honestly the dunk contest in the arena is AAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSOOMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!
say bro when you start gameplay videos how bout knicks vs celtics, clippers vs heat, lakers vs thunder and houston vs brooklyn
dude no offense your a boss but i always start in all-star games please put this in your 2k12 video
what if you pre ordered at TOYS R US lol!!! do i still get all star weekend???? PLEASE RESPOND!!
i think it wud be godly if the announcers appreciated ur player breaking records like if they said it like i broke 100 points and they didnt rlly appreciate it lol
they said you get the all-star weekend in my player and association if you preorder just in case you didnt know
Can you ask 2k to make it possible to become 1'st pick? (Some thumbs up would help so he could see this.. Just asking)
im sure you can buy the all star weekend as a dlc pack or something
i pre-orderd, but i didn't get a code. wtf ? someone help me ?
I dont like the pre-ordering part :(
the crowd intensity in games use to be in 2k which use to be fun cause the home team whenit was a close game they helped them and it was harder for the away team just like in real life and more realistic dunks like blake griffins over perkins i would love that dunk :)
This dude is freaking hilarious. He gives some real information but I love his autotuning hahaha
Where do you go to find information for 2K?
the dunk contest is a download only obtainable by pre-ordering right now. You will not have any form of dunk contest unless you pre-order.
I bought the game today and I got all star weekend!
fake ,this is 2k12 ,because on scoreboard is nba 2k12 :)))
Since Jay-z is the producer im really hoping that he can have the watch the throne album on there if not most of em at least "No church in the wild" and "Who gon stop me" bt then again anythings an improvment from 2k12 music track.
its 2k11 he says it at 1:17 2k13 will be in an arena
in need help i ordered nba 2k13 ps3 a week ago on amazon canada and it said you'd get an e mail with the all star code in it in 2 days after your purchase it's been a week and no e mail what should I do? is this normal? When will I get my all star weekand code? please help
can't preorder,I'm from the philippines, this is BS man.
they should have dream team one against the current dream team
on off season we need the olympic on here n they need to put elite sock on players in make playoff real
AYOOOO is it dlc or is it a code you enter in codes menu lik wen u unlock the jordans ?
Preordered and payed off today just for this ps3!!!!!!!!!!
Is all star weekend gonna be in my player or you got to pre-order it or the pre-order is jusy to have to play anytime
soooo i gota wait till its availble for download on the dashboard or psn store... thats some bs, how about they redo the dunk contest and ill buy the dlc
I just preordered the standard edition and will it still give me the DLC?
Yo I got NBA 2k12 and it has the 3pt and Slam dunk. But I have a Wii
I think it would be awesome if there was like an Olympic mode or a international mode or something where you can play against Argentina and Spain and stuff. And if that was also implemented in my player that would be frisking AMAZING
nba2k13 should HAVE TEAM USA 2012
In my player mode you should be able to play for international teams like spain,china,argentina that would be cool
Everybody I just found out today when I called Gamestop that you will not have the All star weekend in your my player unless you pre-order the game so if you dont pre-order it you will not have the all star weekend in my player it cost 5.00 even to pre-order no tax
if I pay for it it betta be in my player mode
I think u can buy it like legend showcase
I have a xbox 360 all star weekend code that bas
NBA 2K13 has the 1992 Dream Team and Team USA 2012. They announced it.
They need to tweak the commentary so it seems more like a real game. Like when someone takes a shot, in real life they stop at the end of their sentence and say something like "as Lebron pulls up for a jumper", and then continue with whatever they are saying. That would get the commentary close to perfection in my opinion
Will the All Star game still be able to be played for those people who were unable to get the release day dlc?
2k13 looks soooooooooooo much better
that would be amazing myplayer dunk contest, 3pt competition, and skills challenge too and rookie vs sophomores
NBA 2K13 is so realistic that when u pass the ball to Kobe, the pass button shouldn't work ;)
What they need to do is have the dunk contest how NBA live had it in Live 2005. Where you have buttons for your gather, doing flips, cocking your dunk back and it would go in slow motion and it depended on your timing on the cocking your dunk back if you made it or not. I hope 2K gets sued for using this "G" Hero shit.. Thats wack as hell .. i mean damn you cant really control your player in the dunk contest? you gotta place him where the spot lights up? Damn, someone needs to get fired!
True, but I was hoping I could change him from " One of those pieces of shits in america " to " a good citizen. " by opening his dull mind up a tad bit. Aha.
How did so many people get it early
can't we just buy the after the game is out?
I WANT KEVIN HART IN THE GAME! the celebrity game should be in 2k13 also
you dont say? smartass,you can still play as him in 2k12
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