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TAG!! 10 Little Secrets!!! -BeautyAddict101

by BeautyAddict101 • 13,512 views

Check out my other channel! Check out our website!! Allie's Channel! Follow me on...

You are seriously my inspiration and make my day! Thanks for all you do :)
Hahaha your so funny!! I absolutley love your and allies videos!!
OMG they really grew back?!Thank God!I thought they dont!:D Youre crazy!:P
Yay first comment Nd love the video
i have Someday too & i lovvve it!
did you die your hair? i love it!
Yes, diet and exercise video please, also check out Blogilaties :D
DEFINATLY do a fitness routine video! Your skin always looks so healthy and never over/under weight :D
You and your sister look like twins , both of you girls are beautiful.
The asprin really works? I should try that! Today i found 4 more acne marks that i really NEED to remove!
u and ur sister are just alike! Both fun and beautiful!
how is your hair so healthy!? do you ever use heat on it? like it is naturally straight?
Please do your diet and workout routine please :) I'd love a few tips :) <3
i love you and ur sister.! <3
The pants are comfy *touches computer screen*
How old are you? You're beautiful! :)
what is your favorite skin cleanser, im looking for a new one :)
i love the design on her shirt/or dress? which is it?? anyway loves u!
I would love to see your diet & workout routine video, you seem very fit! :)
this was a really good video, I enjoyed it :) and yes do the workout video !!
I  you so much!!!! I am you and allies BIGGEST FANS!!!!! so glad you make videos!!!
i would lov eyou to do a workout diet video
I love how you start off your videos so energetic
I love your videos because your so energetic!!!!!
You should slow down when you talk. But you seem really sweet. (: hahah
I stayed up until 2 am hoping u made a video!! YAY
would you use the baby shampoo everyday? or just every once in awhile?
i love your voice, dunno why ... but great video :)
Hey :) Another great video i love you Xx
first comment yes please like for top comment
I love your videos! It would mean so much to me if you checked out mine! Thanks!(:
how old are u?? ur soo pretty!!!
You look absolutely stunning :) <3 !!!
What is the color you have on your nails? i love it!
can i have your diet i want to get slimmer for high school
first comment!! what is that skin care thing called...sila....what? reply plz ty >.<
work out video please please please
Gorgeous makeup!! Is there a tutorial yet??
Plz do a work out routine!!! :)
How old will u be???? And what day is it???? And ur sooo pretty!!!!! And my bday is in october 29 yea im halloween!! Love u
I would LOVE to see a diet and workout video please!:)
I love your eye shadow and I love the lighting and yep Justin Bieber is a god haha and the eyelash story is funny haha
omgg first comment this was awsomee i love u sooo much <3
Do a Jenifer Lopez make up tutorial
yes! the justin bieber perfume is the best i use it everyday :)
You have such a squeaky voice! It totally works with your bubbly personality! lol
You have a great neck...I know that's kinda weird and creepy but its true xP
first comment! but probs by the time i post it therre will be a bigilion more.
Please do a diet and work out routine please!!!!
please make a workout routine video ! :DD
my birday is towards the end of june too!!
how old are you? you should really do a work out video!
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