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Shit Fat Girls Who Think They're Hot Say

by blndsundoll4mj • 12,423,436 views

ommmmg. I JUST got on this trend of videos and they are TO DIE for... and yes, I have said many of these things in MY life (the whole its funny cause its true hits sooo close to home here) I can...

people seem to have a hard time seeing the difference between curvy and fat.
When you see a fat dog you say "look, a fat dog", when you see a fat cat you say "look, a fat cat" Why would fat women have a special privilege to be called "curvy" when they are in fact fat? Stop with this "it's all good" crap. A fat woman is a f@cking fat woman, get over it or lose weight 
+Fanis Patitsas well seeing as how animals arent the same shape as humans, that they cant control how theyre body is, how they dont have the self awareness humans do to judge others and themselves, it seems pretty obvious as to why you say it to an animal and not a human being. curvy isnt fat. you can be curvy and not weigh very much. weight and body form differ, acting like an asshole wont get you anything
When your bellybutton looks like a second mouth, its time to hit the gym.
+Tracey Kitchen You  must be looking into a mirror chubbs! 
+TheBrismoore​ my fat is better than your fat! 😝 😝
I'm guessing this is suppose to be funny and point out some of the dumb things some over weight girls say? People who are over weight are unhappy. You don't need to diet. Just eat a little less. Cut down on sugar drinks. Also, diet sodas and other diet drinks end up making people feel more hungry. So skip those too.
Bull sht , I like her just the way she is, and I'm a Italian guy from New Jersey, And looking at your picture we have Tons of women that look like you in Jersey and I get turned off sometimes. But i'm not saying your not pretty, but the landscape is saturated with Snookie wannabes at all the Gyms. I would date this Blonde  in a second !!!
Not all fat folk are unhappy. I know quite a few who are downright jovial, and when asked (in no gentler terms) if they have any plans to lose weight, they're quick to shoot the stink eye. Like the words "lose" and "weight" together are curse words.
Fat people are a lot like emos. Except instead of cutting themselves they shove food in their face until they can't feel anymore.  
+SwS&PtV lover I didn't say they all do. It is common though. Are you people incapable of thinking in anything other than absolutes?
Not all 'fat' girls are Ugly ya know so guys stop saying 'All Fat Chicks are Ugly As Fuck!!'
+TheMiscellaneous2 Yes, and as you obviously can see this girl right there is a body-builder. BMI is not entirely accurate, but it is a good guideline. Yes, it does not take muscle mass into account but for any person that is not a professional body-builder it gives an idea of what your weight should be and if you are off 5-10kg, that means that you have a problem. Hell, when I started going to the gym I was deemed overweight for 4kg and a 17.5% body fat.
blandsundoll4mj why are you making fun of skinny girls when you know that a skinny pretty girl is what a guy wants, And if a guy does date a fat girl he is black or a poor white guy working at BK... Fat girls will never be pretty so they should get over it and if a fat girl want `s a middle class white guy or rich guy then she needs to loose the weight.
I feel as a women you should know what we have to go through , society tell us we should look like what we see on the magazine . when you say your model we all know you're just a porn star . Also I feel like your a gold digger , a girl doesn't always want money . Sometimes they want a man who loves them and will respect them. You wont be 23 dark tan and pretty forever . Tanning makes you age faster, you also have a higher chance of getting skin  cancer .
+Sandy Smith​ well you intepreted it completley wrong you stupid broad.
Disgusting overweight blonde
The thing is, you ARE actually hot!
Yup, but not with that attitude. A girl can be really even more hot if she had a cool, easy going attitude.
She ain't fat,she's hot as fuck!  Stop listening to your social conditioning guys. You've all been brainwashed to think skinny is attractive when it isn't. I'll take a pretty girl with wobbly bits over a skinny girl any day.
+Lilly Flower Good for you. I was referring to body fat percentage, though, not muscle.
+Lilly Flower ur "overweight" (medically) with muscles? damn, then u must be the female version of dwayne johnson. Cuz weighting that much would require a pretty big size of muscles.  btw: he is also "overweight medically". average(normal) muscle built shouldn't make you "overweight".
Honestly, I don't know what the fuck is wrong with society now. Is this what people are really worried about now? How much someone weighs? Sorry it's not appealing to you, but you don't have to be a fucking douche canoe about it. Not everyone is going to fit your high standards, so grow up and stop shaming people for what their size is. 
+Coraline D no shit. That's why it's important to eat healthy and exercise. You should reread my comment. Then you should probably think about it so you don't strawman me.
The reason "big girls" think there hot is because that drunk ass dude that takes her home that 1 night make her think its ok to be fat and i can still get a fine man, well let me tell u that u can get a fine man but ur gonna be heart broken when u wake up and he done woke up and snuck out of room and never heard from again.. I would never tell them there fat or be disrespectful nor will i lie and says dont worry he just aint right for u, OBESITY IS NOTHING BUT HEARTACHE FOR WOMEN AND MEN SO PLEASE STOP CUDDLING THESE BEASTYS LIKE THERE "THICK BAD BITCHES" CAUSE RLY THERE SLOPPY NASTY BITCHES... imma get smashed for this post but hell if it aint the truth
eww fat bitch with saggy tits..
I have big boobs and they don't sag lol
One vote for hot!  I am from the South and you look perfect to me.
Stop acting like its a bad thing to be fat.  Its not, and most of the time it doesnt make you unattractive or unhealthy.  Fat people (especialy fat girls) are beautiful people :)
It is a bad thing to be fat. It causes countless diseases as stated above me. It can cause basically erosion of your knee caps due to the weight your legs need to carry, breathing problems and if you ever decided to have a child while overweight it CAN affect (effect lol forgot which is 'proper') the health of your baby. Not saying this to be a youtube dick head, but it really is the harsh reality. :( I've been fat before and never did I feel "Beautiful" or that it was the way I was sopose to look. I had a thyroid problem at the time and was overwieght and it was horrible, I've lost a lot of weight since then and feel better than I ever have. :)
If she fixed her hair and had her natural skin tone instead of a tan that worked against her blonde hair she would be pretty despite her waistline size
I remember dating a beautiful girl who got fat, was still beautiful but fat. I dumped her not because i am shallow but because she obviously did not respect me enough for me to stay with her. The way I see it if your partner gets fat she/he is pretty much saying "you are stuck with me, no one else would want you so you have no choice you have to stay with me. Your just an ugly fool but I love you for who you are just like you love me for who i am!" Guys like fit girls. Don't have to be beautiful, just need a banging body. Guys do not like fat and skinny girls. If you are skinny, eat more. If you are fat, exercise more. Not eat more, exercise more. Being fat is extremely unhealthy in the long run. The chances of your vital organs failing increases dramatically when you get older. Why put your partner through the stress and heartbreak? Show them some respect and more importantly show yourself some respect and look after your body.
+Anthony R define "fat". Everybody has different bodies. 
Not everyone is the same
I would fuck her to death.
Ikr, especially considering that she fucked my chomo cousin like 3 days after this. 😆
It's funny because it's true.  I always been attracted to ''curvy'' girls. Sincerely. But they are so freaking overly pretentious and they uber-overestimate themselves I never dated one. Crazy is, I ended dating perfect slim ones. The best revenge is: past a certain age, all these fatties always end as the village cum dumpster; or date druggies, alcoholics or abusive men (basically everything that goes by) and finish their lives alone, hideous as fuck and often single mothers. I feel no compassion for them.
that's basicly how all pretentious bitches end :D Karma for the win!
I thinks it's funny How we put so much emphasis on weight. Like wtf weight is determined by force of gravity from the Earth what even sorry I have better things to worry about like my career and my significant other etc whom btw I met because of our personalities not because I'm some kind of swimsuit model
i feel like she would be really hot if she lost some weight
of course she would.
oh god this white trash female. she is just a waste of skin by the road along with all other humans. myself included as well.
she's definitely not fat! It's wrong to say she's just curvy but fat is too much...maybe something like chubby?? I think her body is completely fine
This girls hot!' Don't know what ya'll talking about .. A lot of guys wish they girl was that curvy.. I'd wife that chick up come to Canada !!! Lol 25 and the man of ur dreams.. We can make a sex tape !!! What fat girls say when Having sex !! Lol
what is trisha going to do for attention when those giant boobs collapse and start dragging the ground?
For one they aren't big and secondly the sag like hell already. Like a pair of empty bags, grosssssss!
"i need to wear a wedding ring so guys can stop hitting on me" LOL YESSS girl .. i am single and although most of of the time i hate it, unfortunately most of the time these guys that are hitting on me i have NO interest in
I'm confused by the title of the video. Is it supposed to imply from a third person point of view that this girl is not attractive? Not from my point of view!!! She's friggin hot!!! I'd be willing to bet that sex with this girl is better than 99 out 100 120lb women!! I would make love to this girl all day!!
+Afmedic85 HAHA what a laugh Me stalking ?, speaking about stalkers  you're the one who is on every fucking video making insulting commenting about fat people. If you speak like a  fat shaming bitch I'll treat you like one. You better love it now :)
+Soma Balestra The only way you can see my comments is if you look at my profile. Also I'm not a fat shamer, that term is just ridiculous. Anyhow I really don't care how some fatass like you treats me. It won't last for long, blocking is a great tool. Have a nice day!
Dear everyone taking this video seriously: Chill tf out. Get a grip. If you don't like her, go watch something else. This video was a joke. It was funny, tbh. Go away.
1:20 i stopped because i died of laughter xD
+blndsundoll4mj damn even with a swim suit those boobs hang low to your knees not sexy at all trish major turn off
Where u been at bro where's my chronic dawg lol +HONESTO UNO
She's not fat she's curvy
This girl is just a straight up twat, regardless if she was fat or thin she'd still be annoying as fuk. it's a shame really, as I think she's quite pretty and like her body too, but her personality she's putting through on this video is downright UGLY. a girl that is truly confident in her own body doesn't give a fuck what other people look like, because they know that a person will like her for who she is, not who she hates or pretends to be. also; annoying fucking accent.
if you've ever watched any of her other videos you would realise she is the exact opposite of any of the personalities in this video
We will start taking the fat acceptance movement of women seriously when you start dating fat men. You keep shoving it down our throats that fat is beautiful and that you can wear bikinis and look better than thin women. Yet you're number one goal is to date super attractive fit men. HELLO DOUBLE STANDARD! There is no fat acceptance for fat men; that should tell you how outrageous of a double standard that women are holding over men.
Was this filmed before the boob job? Or after?
I don't mean to be well mean I know she said she got a boob job just wondering
Okay, when your boobs are unsupported, the bathing suit, they are not very big at all. all the brawls you are wearing must be squeezing the living hell out of those things. they were all flat and spread out. :( so sad.
You all need to educate yourselves. Especially you blndsundoll4mj. You're attitude regarding weight is disgusting. Love and accept your body! It's the ONLY body you'll ever have. Don't let anybody tell you you are "too skinny", "flabby" or "fat". Embrace body positivity! Only diet if YOU want to. Only gain weight if YOU want too. Fuck society's pressure to have the "perfect body". Love yourself inside AND OUT. Embrace the Body Love Revolution!
From an Italian guy from New Jersey's opinion , I find her more attractive than 99% OF ALL the skinny women in the country ! especially those New Jersey Quidettes that live in the Gym with the fake Tans Pierced belly button, big glasses, Ughhhh totally turns me off !!!!! Rather have a curvy women with big boobs !!!!
ok now THAT is some funny shit... it describes MOST of the women in Los Angeles.. (yes yes, contrary to popular belief, most of the women in LA are FAT) amazing how the fat girls have the attitude and the hot girls are insecure....
This is fucking pathetic -.-
Thick girls always get the glory. Guys like thick girls, not skinny girls. I've tortured gaining weight but I can't. I'll always be skinny and single because I'm skinny. Btw love you Trish 😘
Seriously wtf why would you even think about saying that. That is rude and disrespectful. People can live THEIR own lives the way they want to and it doesn't matter if you are fat or skinny to freaking date a middle class white guy or a rich white guy. It is all about the content of your character.
Trisha.  You are SO fKn Sexy
she's actually super pretty? Who cares if she's not a size fucking 1? She is really pretty, has a nice face, and obviously is happy with her body size. What a cutie pie, keep going girl! c:
So the video is called "shit fat girls say who think they're hot" so by you saying fat girls who "think" they're hot is basically saying that they're not pretty and I remember in some of your old videos you would always say "everyone's gorgeous" well clearly you don't think so by the title of this video, you've really changed...
She uploaded this 2 years ago wtf why are u acting like she uploaded this yesterday
hahahaha why does this have 11 million views
Because people are looking at the video, the same way you're looking at the video.
What about... I don't wanna work out. I'm afraid I'll loose my curves. I don't wanna work out. I'm afraid I'll loose my butt.
Guys want "twerking" and "skinny" but they don't understand that you can't have both and btw this girl is really pretty and she's not fat and who cares if she is. It's not your body so get over it
Well, Shes not fat, Or thick, Id say above thick, Fat doesnt look good, Atleast to me, Wholesomely
It seems the one thing that went straight to her boobs... was gravity. Lol
I'm fat and ugly lol
Hun you are not ugly. If we tell ourselves anything enough, we'll start to believe it. So start telling yourself the truth, that you are beautiful and hopefully someday soon you will realize it
Y do yall waste yall time and arguing about crazy things she is not insulating fat or skinny girls she was talking about her self😄
Curvy! not fat...she's gorgeous.
Fat or skinny, big or small, everyone is beautiful in THEIR OWN WAY. Just because someone isn't appealing to you doesn't mean they aren't appealing to someone else (.)
These people are certainly more appealing to things like heart disease and diabetes... 
OMG i love you we should be friends!!! I Love how vane you are!!!
omg shes so fucking sexy perfect body i hope she never  tries to lose weight
I don't care how drunk or horny you are, DO NOT FUCK THIS CUNT!!!! Her genes need to die with her!!!!!
SCHWING…perfect size for me
She's alot skinner here than she is now 😬
She's really sexy in my opinion
Makes me think of mean girls.😂
a beautiful lovely and sexy gil
She's lucky. I'm flat chested! 😞
She's hot you know except her face something about it
but she's not fat .. she probably needs to exersize more or eat healthy just for health, but her figure is fine ....
idk why that was crossed out ok then
She's so fucking annoying.
i think she is super cute, and sexy. 
As long as the girl has nice soft nice looking feet, then count me in
delgado. richard 2345@gmail. Com. I will reply with what I think;)
Ur so gross, why the hell are u looking up TEEN foot jobs, people like u make me sick
She has an amazing shape
People are so insensitive .. This woman is obviously confident enough to make a video making fun of herself. Why be rude and comment saying how you dislike her looks. She's beautiful in her own way. There is no perfect body type, we're all different, and we can all work on ourselves, so stop judging others by their looks. Take a look at yourself, we all have flaws.
Well first I said she's confident. Just because someone changes their appearance does not mean they're insecure. Sometimes it does, but not always. How do you know she got a boob job ? Women can, and do have boobs naturally that size. And if she did get a boob job, the answer is, because she wanted to. Simple as that.
i dont even think she is fat 
Personally I like her figure, but she's too much of a cunt to be wifey.
Yeah I mean shes got giant tits but after you bang her what would talk about? How fast she can speak?
I am totally confused what is that video all about +Danielle Abrahamsen would go crazy he will have the biggest fight with Dodgy who will gentlemanize her, I am more than100% sure he will get a SSD than his usual FDD that he manage to get now in his old days.
100% +tommi Apopisso​ and Tommi will have floppy disc drives. When one go me to the zoo or the wilderness to view the wildlife some will be more attracted to the lean cheetah and some will go crazy over the Hippos. I always wonder why people always hang out and go to Maccas. Do they like the food or do the love the scenery that might be found there. Its like the watering hole where you find the hippos having fun
+Danielle Abrahamsen maccas and the watering hole where hippos are that is  classic TV ad for maccas
Hotter than Kim Kardashian , Angelina Jolie , and Beyonce  combined.
I have mixed feeling for Beyonce but Angie? oh god no she's so freakin' attractive even for girls.
Drink every time she makes a "ugh" noise
  There's a vast difference between voluptuous and obese. As long as your heart rate and blood pressure are okay, don't sweat the small stuff.
I'm pretty sure you can be fat and have low blood pressure.  Me, for example.  My BMI/clothes sizes/beer belly indicate that I am overweight but my blood pressure is always not only low but at the level of an athlete.  So, maybe check things other than blood pressure?
This girl looks great. I'd have this over a skinny chick anyday
Wow... smh explains a lot
don't wanna be rude, but i would fuck you so hard all day and night.
I would too but only cz of her face, disgusting body.
I'm a 13 yr old girl who weighs 216 lbs. it's disgusting. I need motivation to starve....(not trolling btw) love you Trisha.
I like her, but that one video bout dogs not having brains? XD
shes hot,love curvy girls
Did you know sausages turn to pure testosterone once they hit the bloodstream ?
And then you measure your waist and go for the lean cuts.
You remind me so muc of my bestie Alli it is amazing! (compliment, swear!)
is alli an annoying slut? bc thats all I got out of that comment.
well lucky im not referring to you so... how about no. :D
She's not fat, she's curvy. This body is better than a skinny ass model's.
hhhhhh I'm man I prefer this type of body to skinny bodies! do you have a problem with that?
I have a problem with people hating on fat or skinny people just to boost their body type of choice.  You're all pretty.  Let it go and do something useful for once instead of arguing over something that is subjective to every person anyway.
Your face is good but your body is not go to the gym and be there for a long time
Your sick, she is curvy and has a bigger stomach than most girls so stop judging not all girls use photo shop and get plastic surgery! Guys always judge girls for their weight it isn't nice, most people who say these things to people are self concise or bigger their self!
There are actually some really hot fat girls in the world
Too bad that ain't one of them lol
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