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Flood of Red in Sweden, Part 1

by Calum Doris • 3,501 views

the first part of our journey to Sweden, and some of the lame stuff we got up to haha!

quality cant wait for part 2!
Lmao I swear Calum never sleeps.
HAHAHAHA! party at 30,000 ft! sounds good like. high altitude wasters lol.
mahn tungs just sittin hear haha
dooodee! lmao do u's ever slepp properly hahah nd nice pics ayeee lolz
That's awsome, Calum and the rest of Flood of Red for the fucking win! Hah!
Bahaha i bet the people on the plane loved you
calum has hair in his passport photo :P
pressurised drinking, sounds good
hahah! lovely! can't wait for pt.2 Your show in gothenburg kicked ass!
I love seeing you guys on your wee adventures :)
" a canny control ma tounge, am tryin to eat a boiled sweetie n its no hapnen" CLASSIC!
What the hell!? You were in Sweden and I missed it! ;(
lol "eyyyyyy,eyyyyyyyyyyy,eyyyyyy"
Awhhh Jordan was a luggage trolley virgin. That dude needs to get out more. xP You guys should release a feature length film :D
It was so awesome to be able to see you guys live in sweden for the first time. :)
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