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ASOS ZARA & Target Haul

by Dulce Candy • 487,985 views

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I'm not trying to be mean, I actually love to shop, but I guess you don't even wear 20% of the stuff you buy, so why buy it? Just to post a picture on your blog? I don't know.. I'm not a fashion blogger, so I wouldn't know, but I just think it's kind of too much.. why would you buy a designer purse and only wear it once? Even you are rich, it's a waste of money.. I have money, but I don't spend THAT much money on stuff that I only wear it once for pictures o-o
Those Goodys elastic are the best! By the way, how do you wear that elastic headband you got? I have some elastic headband like that as well but they never stay put on my hair!! They always tend to slide right off my head lol. Especially if I move my head! I noticed that you wear those a lot.
Can i get a reply? It would make my life :) -3 love you Dulce!
if it doesnt grow curly anymore then you probally have bunch of heat damage......
I dont blog every single day of my life and I do wear everything more than once. You only see 15 minutes of day.
She can afford it! So shut your poor ass up!!!
@ dulcecandy do u still go to school?
I use a little bit of hairspray before I put it on and it stays on all day :)
I love the shirt ur wearing (;
i love you:) you remind me of my cousin who passed away about a year ago and everytime i watch you it reminds me of her:)
Ooo where's your top/dress from? LOVE! You look like Audrey Hepburn today :)
i think u have "heat damage" u straighetend the "curl" out
cycle it would mean the world to me if you replied <3
That dress at the end reminds me of what Charlotte would wear, from Sex and The City. =o)
My sister's hair almost 'relaxed' after her first pregnancy! She hasn't had to get it chemicaly relaxed since then. Maybe the texture of your hair changed from being pregnant.
i wonder how many times you use your clutches/bags in a lifetime. you have SOOO MANY, O.O
love love love your hauls Dulce. all these annoying haters only wish they could live half the life you live. keep the hauls coming! love you so much xoxo <3
I have been a subscriber for awhile and I have just realized you shop at a lot of expensive places. It is your money do what you want but I was just thinking that a majority of your subscribers and viewers probaly cant afford a majority of the things you have in your hauls. Maybe an inexpensive haul every once inawhile? I would like to rock some dulcecandy stuff for less. & not Zara less because Zara is expensive to me and prob a lot of other viewers.
Love your hauls!!!! stay positive dulce don't let these negative comments get to you your the best!!!! <3 ... My hair was just like yours i kind of miss it! :,/
you have a kid right? most women change hair types because of hormones especially after childbirth/pregnancy. i know people that went from pin straight to kinky curly. its pretty strange how nature works.
I am curious of how dulce responds to the hate and arguments in the comments
Love the video, Dulce! I would love to raid your closet! :p
Can you do a video on the fashion district? Im going this summer and I want to try it out but i've been there once and it was so overwhelming.
Your hair is not curly anymore because you dye it black and you apply heat it all the time. It looks like it's not growing curly b/c it doesn't grow enough for you to notice that it is curly before you dye it/damage it again. Although hair texture can change, I know from experience that dying hair black and always straightening it/curling it can completely take out natural curl. The only way to really get your curl back is to let your hair grow and not dye the new growth black and not heat style
Did she say push up jeans? 10:08 ... how do those work (x i need to get me a pair of those..
I just got my first ever heels and I am awful at walking in them. Do you have any tips?
You should do every week a Give-away! You have a lot of stuff !!! A lot !!!!!
Everyone is entitled to state their opinion & watch what they want to watch. Just because someone makes a comment that disagrees or dislikes what she has to say does not mean they are “hating.” You can not expect everyone to like & agree with what & how she is spending her money or has to say every time. It is unrealistic & naive to think everyone will like everything she does & says all of the time.
OK.. when I first read these comments about how stupid/selfish it is for u to buy three of the same things etc etc I was expecting you to seriously do what these comments said. Honestly, aside from more brushes (which okay MAYBE you dnt need but whatever its YOUR money and your job :) ), shopping is NOT a crime, if you got the money ENJOY IT, YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE (YOLO lol) and they are all BEAUTIFUL and you got them for a reason. I love ur hauls specially cause i LOVE fashion n u inspire me!!!!!
So go watch the HUNDREDS of other fashion gurus on this site. She's made something of herself over the years, and if anything she's setting a great example of the results of hard work and determination. She shouldn't have to settle for less than what she wants for the "sake of others". It's not always just about you, you know. Plus, it's not like she buys all designer; she's shopped at Target and F21 for Pete's sake! I'm don't care for name brands, myself, but that doesn't mean others can't.
Ilove love love the last pink dress !! So cute ! :)
When i grow up i hope i have Enough to buy as much as yu do! (:
you guys always bringing home the dramz! lol
I agree. She buys sooo much but never uses it again. I wonder if she feels bad throwing or giving away brand new stuff. I truly believe she is a hoarder like juicystar with all those makeup store. Just hoarders. I like watching Carilbel55. She uses eyeshadows for blushes and believes not buyingn too much makeup.
Love everythinggg;) just waiting for my pay day then off to go zara&mango ;)
I hate to involve myself in this, but, what she is doing is an "actual career". A career is defined as a person's course or progress through life often pertaining to a profession that involves special training. She is going to fashion school (special training) and started this channel as a hobbie aside to that. Fortunately in our day and age internet has provided so much for people today. She is able to make a career out of this, provide for her family, and still be able to spend time with them.
what I don't understand from all of this controversy over her hauls is that you as a viewer have a choice as to whether to watch her haul videos or not. And even if you do decide to watch them, you KNOW what to expect. It is a HAUL. You know she is going to be showing what she has bought, so why be surprised or angry about it? Why piss yourself off more? It may not be what you would do with YOUR money, but it is HER money that she is using. Not YOURS. So stop acting like it is.
I love your top! And your whole look in this video, very pretty.
loving the minty platform shoes!georgous! Loving the colors you've picked! Original! Yes you are!have a great day! Alexanna7.
Im glad she keeps her family and son out of her videos shes probally keeping that private(: her videos are about fashion and beauty stupid haters
Dulce! You are so sweet, precious and gorgeous! I love you and your videos lots! God bless you :)
LOVE your hauls! I am totally shopping vicariously through you!! fun vid!
hey i love ur hauls and ur vids sooso much -3 ur one if my favorite youtubers
@dntbstupd.. your crazy.. she's not setting a poor example. I'm a college student and I can't spend my money on much other than bills and food.. but I like dulce she's showing me the hottest stuff out there and shows me that one day Ill have money to blow on wtf ever I want!! If u don't like her videos... THEN DONT WATCH.. simple as that.
omg i got the same shoes at target!!!!
I bought those jeans from Zara too and also in a size 2, and it stretched so much within the same day!! I regret buying it and wish i got a size 0. Now the legs look so unflattering :(
i keep earring stuff!!!!! HAHAHAHAHHAH LOL so funny
i dont understand how people are always complaining about her hauls.....DONT FUCKING WATCH THEM THEN! annoying. i just dont get how if you dont like to watch her hauls...why you continue to click on them when she uploads one...
Everything you bought is so cute! Thanks for sharing! Can't wait to see them on your blog
I would feel ashamed to say hurtful and rude things about her. She risked her life to fight for the freedom you have today. I'd like to see any one of you go out there and do that and still be a diva. Shame on all of you.
This Is Her BEAUTY CHANNEL, Not FAMILY CHANNEL.. why do ya care how much she waist? other people love watching her hauls ! & if you want to complain dont bother clicking her haul videos!
Whatever to all the haters :) I LOVE YOUR HAULS!
I want and will buy all 3 clutches!!!!LOVE THEM!!!!
everyone's comments are crazy. you're videos are amazing, you look and sound great! my only suggestion is that, when you show an item, you say which particular store you got it from, because i really love one of those bracelets but now i have to search around for it.
I really like your style, you should sale the stuff you don't want to your subbies I know they would love it :)
I love you dulce but I got to say I'm not digging the Peter pan collar on you it makes you look really young almost childish
What's wrong with you people? Hate brings you no closer to heaven...If you don't like her then WHY watch her videos? RUDE.
6:23 she just throws them aside LOL <3 :)
sorry i have a question. how does this inspire you...?
One were she can THANK GOD that she is able to spend $32 with out worrying about HER bills. We are not all in the same "broke" situation. Relax.
You are a breath of fresh air. I love your personality. New subbie. :)
who uses the hair ties with the metal part anymore....o_O hhah
I absolutley loe jesus calling!
in the world where she has money and can spend it like she wants to. :)
you are the most adorable person. ever. haha :)
The only reason I could hate this girl is out of jealously. And I am jealous, but who wouldnt want to live like this woman? :) She's gorgeous & works hard :)
You guys, this is her job. All of these things she buys are not always for her pleasure, but sometimes to show her viewers different outfits, and different accessories you should pair with them. Shes an expert. All of these negative comments are all people who are just SO jealous. Who wouldn't want to live her lifestyle. Seriously, if it bothers you so much. DONT WATCH IT. If your just going to comment something negative. Hold it in, and SHUT UP.
I live vicariously through your shopping...
i love your videos and style girl!:)
You work hard for your money, and I love your hauls! I think you have way more supporters than you do critics :)
Guys, she was in the military, obviously shes going to have money. And still, its her money, not yours. Stop worrying.
do you REALLY need 8 of the same thing? no. but i say if you have the money and its your hobby/job then more power to you! <3
Lol at the people who think her name is dulce.
dulce you are the queen of hauls i want to live in your closet
i think a lot of people are jealous. Hate and spite are not pretty. this was obviously a video about her shopping trip, so we're complaining... bc she went shopping? so, if you don't like it then don't watch it. but i love it! so I'm gonna keep watching :)
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