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Let's Play Max Payne 3

by Rooster Teeth • 1,305,285 views

Put on your slow-mo shoes, because you are about to watch Geoff, Michael, Ray and Gavin play some Max Payne 3 multiplayer. May contain confusion and yelling.

9:08 "Sorry, I got a good arm." Throws grenade directly into wall
"Someone put a wall in my way."
Anyone else notice Geoff and Gavin spooning at 13:45?
Good eye man good eye
They really should play this again but with Jack and Ryan :)
Love how they just flail down flights of stairs.
Gavin's, shall I say, stupidity made this very enjoyable. Especially "I just jammed the rifle end into your mouth and shot your head."
Ray could you say you  RAYned supreme :D..... I'm sorry I'll show myself the door
I want to make a RAYth joke, but I wont DOOOO it.... get it? because... ray.. is a virgin?
just throwing this out there but gavin KDINt do so well in this game
I always come back here for the binking.
Exact same reason I always return as well. It's a shame that this video is only 16 minutes long.
+DeucalionHaloEater I know right. I wish this was one of the 40 min ones
I really want to play this multiplayer, does anyone go on it anymore?
This game was amazing. I miss this multi
0:20 it's easy to explain. When it's activated it only affects people who can see the player or the player can see. That means it doesn't affect everyone at every opportunity. It also acts goes through the player affected and affects other players and so forth. So, if you see anyone who under the effects of bullet time or seen from someone who's affected by bullet time, you go into it.
But according to the principles of time dilation that would result in a time gap between those in bullet time and those who remain in regular time
I loved this so much when it was uploaded 2 years ago.
This should be longer
You guys are so funny. Very entertanining to watch you guys go ape shit hahaha
I think Gavin is the one who knows best about slow-motion stuff.
Slow-mo guy lost in a slow-mo game?! thats... thats...  
They should redo max Payne 3 (saying this at 12/16/14)
i always come back for the dives xD
This was 2 years ago? Lol
gavin  safety dived in the end of the second game and killed Michael in the last game he was good  in the beginning
Id like to see them do another round of this game with the whole L.P. crew.
michael seemed to be especially full of the vinegar in this let's play
they need to do another lets play in this
I love how gavin killed some people in the first round with your kills. Alot of them were in the 'nob' :)
Gavin and his unique vocabulary... 
9:10... That was the worst throw ever. Of all time.
This has to be one of my favorite Let's Plays ever!!!
Michael was raging in this let's play.
9:08 "Sorry dude, I got a good arm." Throws grenade into knee high wall 
I don't understand how Gavin kept mistaking his nose for his chin. #still in the air #start the bullying 2014
I remember seeing this along time ago, never gets old. xD
Just got the collectors edition of this game, love it already
Of course you know that if it's from Rockstar (any location) it's going to be awesome!
Everybody do the flop!!
I am in love with the single player so good!
Ray saying "arse" made my night.
imma play this shit right now
To this day I still think there will be a part 2.
I sure hope so. Also this is one of the few (as far as I know) Let's Plays where Ray actually dominated, as you'd expect. 
To be completely honest, except for the fact that it's hard to matchmake in this game, I think that Max Payne 3's multiplayer is much, much better and addictive than GTA V's. It's too chaotic, too open-world. Open world is for the single player, I hate that freedom on the multiplayer, you get lost and lost track.
Jack's laughter at Gavin's fail throw HAHAHA
Can anyone tell me how to get unlimited bullet time I have completed arcade mode with gold and platinum medals with soft lock and still not unlocking thanks
LOL Geoff, what a good arm u have
It's such a short lets play
i love gavins sense of humor hahaha
I wish the actual muliplayer was like this. No people that use stupidly over powered guns like the duel weild Auto 9mm's or RPG. They really need to start working on the multiplayer for Max Payne 3 again. It feels like they left that game in the dust.
13:11  Peen Gavin? Max PEEN. This word is PEENFUL.
Ray wins. Just like every other let's play. Shits getting old
9:07 that was the third worst throw I've ever seen
9:07 worst throw EVER!!!!
11:52 that was actually amazing
I'd like to see another max payne 3 lets play
Actually, you were last on the first game Michael.
And then doc ran track in high school
The multiplayer looks really cool! That was really fun to watch! :)
My but is like suisse cheese ; thanks gavin that was f funny
suisse? swiss, dumbass.
+Echothebossify No need to be rude about, he most likely was typing fast and didn't realize it.
im playin this on mac it is not crack im using macbook pro retina 15 inc 2.6 ghz 8 gb ram 512 gb it says initializing sometimes i can play but usuallly ii can't play helmp me my version is 10.8.4
+Berke Aral That is overly nice but whatever. I hope you are doing good.
thnx im good,have a nice day...
how =to=donload max payan3................................................................. please comment..... and  send  a link......!!!!!
I'm thinking of getting it too. It's 10 dollars on greenmangaming.
And on the seventh day, god said "Fuck it, the fuse has ran long enough." This was followed by an explosion that killed Geoff.
Are there an auto aim they are using??
Alright. Guys, you should all just ignore his troll as he is on every video of every game I watch lol. Just.. read his name and leave him to rot :P
i cant believe im watching this for a second time
oh common you can do better then that. common try to really anger me
This may be the shortest lets play that I have watched
/watch?v=PVYiioe96hQ check out my beatbox cover song to the Max Payne original theme song
It was meant to be Geoff but they spelt it wrong
im not rockstars fanbase or anyone one groups fanbase. in fact the only gaming fanbase i belong to is the good gaming fanbase and that includes rockstar, nintendo, gearbox, indie games....pretty much anything except for "generic war based re-released every year with barely any changes first person shooter" also known as call of duty and modern warfare. and if anyone is racist its treyarch and infinity ward seeing as every single bad guy is either Russian or generic middle eastern terrorist
Ray- Melee Micheal- Akimbo Geoff - Grenades Gavin- nothing
It's almost as if we watched the same video.... -_-
He 'rayned' dum bum
When Gavin ever mentions him hitting his face on something, i'm like "Don't you mean your nose?"
4:54- achievement Hunter logo on geoff's bullet proof vest awsome
No it isn't. Gameplay is linear. Pretty standard third-person shooter.
420hustlerrangodzillaman cod is fun but cod2 is better
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