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Zach Braff on David Letterman

by Miran TmcLive • 181,118 views

Zach Braff bei David Letterman

The porsche driver said "You need to eat more carrots".
shouldve said"coming in and out of the prostitutes coming in and out of las vegas lol
I also heard he has and issue with depression...I can relate.  Hope he doesnt opt out...he is waaay to loved and adored...
I love Zach Braff...need more movies like The last Kiss and Garden State...Love to see him in more stuff all together.
He so didn't like it when Zach said prostitutes. xD
You can not not love him indeed ;)
He was cool as the character in scrubs but outside i still have some reservations about his abillities
I don't really watch films that often so I haven't seen Braff's other work but is he that bad? Are you sure it isn't your personal bias you're pushing on him after watching Scrubs and typecasting him into that kind of role? It'll be like Thad Castle from Blue Mountain State taking the role of a serious character.
+Sang Ho Oh not bad but he looks more like a one trick pony. You wont see him stepping outside of what people expect from him to see. He has his charm but it wares on my quickly
How do you not love this guy?
He is amlost 40 years old. Man time pasts fast...
Why is he being weird? He should be used to the men-talk after being J.D. for 9 years
I like how his Zach's laugh is the same as JD's, its his actual laugh. Fantastic.
WTF? Look at how he drinks out of his cup! Its the exact same move and facial expression like JD's when he does that =D
9:22 :D :D :D He thinks:"Oh My Gosh what does he said!!!"
omg "i rest my case" xD zach rulez
i met Zach Braff yesterday! :D i'm not joking when i say that when i shook his hand it was literally the greatest moment of my life! :D
JD is in his fantasy world and then he says: people really like me
i am from germany and it sounds so funny when he imitates arnold's way of speaking english :'D and i know that arnold's pronunciation isn't the best xD
@isammyboyx and it seems the Janitor dislike it too...
Everytime i see him in a interview i just think it one of JD's Day Dreams. Especially when he walks in lol.
I just got back from the grocery store...with nothing but carrots.
@Darklero Fabio's actually Italian-born. Google it.
Did anyone else notice Zach take a drink from Letterman's mug? Anyone?
best Fabio story..Look up Goose hits Fabio in the face
Fabio is an italian fashion model. You can see him in "dude where's my car"
why didn't they show even one daydream?
i literally thought brad pitt from fight club too haha yesss
they should really bring Scrubs back
I alwasy thought he was JD during his interview and thought wenn will he make a funny mistake or have a day dream xDD
he looks like zach braff and sounds like zach braff to me. propably because he is.
@twooffour Fabio's basically the most famous male model of all time haha he's dumb as shit but a great model! He was in Zoolander if you've seen it
i get it... because carrots make your eyesight better....and he said a different person than arnold.
Well.. Arnold XD XD XD XD JAJA
I agree, it for sure seems like he's on speed.
hahahaha i thought JD was a character portrayed by zach braff...
Dr. Cox and the Janitor disliked this
hey does anybody know the name of the song the band plays??
He must think of Letterman and himself as equals. That's what equals do.
whats the name of zachs entrance song?
@xxxlillcore Italian-born muscular male model.
oh, arnold... your body's the best! haha
09:21 Love how David jumps when he says prostitutes xD
Dr. Cox, the Janitor and Hooch disliked this
Someone already clicked the dislike button. I think that person, whoever the hell he/she is, is in "The Friend Zone". Get it? The Scrubs episode.
no he doesn't. Kelso doesn't like anyone ... but Harrison ofc
my boyfriend was born on 6 april just like Zach Braff,I just love them both <3
Zack braff looks like dax shepherd and sounds like ray romano
Seriously, who the bloody hell is Fabio?
Die show ist in New york, das ist in der nähe von new Jersey ...vilt klatschen die Zuschauer deshalb
and that has so much to do with the initial question. need to eat carots ...*walks away* cool story bro
now im gonna eat carrots everyday
guys i habe a question ist zach braff gay or have he a girlfriend pls answer ( this isnt a attack on him )
He's from New Jersey just like me, I feel happy.
zach is the best :D how can a person be so funny?? but who don't have a plane for flying to Las Vegas and a Porsche?
Who the fuck is Fabio? I guess you need to live in the usa to know that, right?
awww he's just like JD in real life :)
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