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Girls` Generation(소녀시대) _ Gee _ MusicVideo

by sment • 135,948,445 views

♪ Download on iTunes = ☞ For more Information : ※ EXTRAS ■ Girls' Generation Gee Live Wallpaper & Widget app...

131 million views for Gee!  To accommodate some people who think mentioning other groups is bad, I'm using code words for group name and song title for most watched music video by a KPOP group (not solo releases). : 131,000,754 - Girl Power (OMG) 126,271,799 - Theory of the Universe (Incredible Infant) 112,287,926 - Girl Domination (I Acquired A Young Male) 106,502,726 - Legal Drinking Age in US (Self Awesomeness) 104,586,932 - Girl Champion (The Youthful Lads)   95,866,946 - Girl Preeminence (Monsieur Hired Transport)   84,453,523 - Magnificent Juveniles (Signor Easy)   77,736,148 - Girl Supremacy (WOW!)   69,895,296 - Math Function (Voltaic Jolt)   61,891,941 - Girl Ultimatum  [OK, I'm running out of ideas.] (Sprint Satan Sprint)
133,000,396 views for Gee! 447,893 - Likes 242,713 - Comments 118,612 - "Is that Minho?"
I read some people trolling about "Gee" falling under "Fantastic Baby". But you know what? Most SONES dont care if Big Bang surpasses Gee in youtube. You know why? SONES have too many great GG mvs to see so we can´t watch just one like others do. "Gee" sold more than "Fantastic Baby". Besides, we have already 3 mvs over 100 and soon we will have 4. SNSD is the most viewed  k-pop group in youtube. So, for all those trolling now and for all those who will come after this actually happens, KNOW YOUR PLACE! and that place is UNDER GG. Having just one song making it right is not enough. The day you escape from the "one song over 100 club" (Big Bang, 2NE1, and others) you are going to near SNSD. Meanwhile, SOSHIS rule!
No one cares if one group has many vids over 100 mil.. I'm a VIP, but i have huge respect for GG..No one group is greater then the other..Both groups are Kpop legends..
Wow... does view count on Youtube really matter that much to do you guys? I'm a sone and could give a fuck less about Fantastic Baby passing Gee in views. Know why? This song is ICONIC. For a long time before Gangnam Style, when people thought of k-pop, first thing that came to mind was "Gee gee gee gee baby, baby, baby." GD even paid his respect to the song in The Leaders, long before Fantastic Baby. Gee is a generation defining song. Fantastic Baby was not. You fans manipulate view numbers anyways because you're bored. :(
Actually Fantastic Baby is a generation defining song.The current kpop era to be exact.If u follow kpop at least since 2008,u can see how different kpop was compared to now.After Fantastic Baby was released in korea,u can see how much that song affect the world of kpop.Boybands like BAP,BTS and the others start to appear with a more aggresive/hip-hop concept.I still remember before Fantastic Baby was released,most of the boybands always use cute concept,with some bad rapping.NOW u can see how many kpop groups out there with amazing,skilled rappers..I would say that Gee/Sorry-sorry represents the 2008-2011 kpop era while Fantastic Baby represents the current kpop era.Also sorry for my bad english haha english is not my native language anyway
+jamzzy seems to me youre confusing your experiences with everyones and in general, more people tend to know Gee more than Nobody. so, hypocrite, leave now.
I personally don't care that BigBang's "Fantastic Baby" surpassed "Gee" because of several reasons: 1. "Gee is 2009 song, and let's not mess songs in different times. Yes three years is not so many time but Youtube was not so popular in 2009 like in 2012. 2. If we put "Gee" and "Fantastic baby" aside, Girls' Generation have FIVE songs ahead of the next most viewеd song of BigBang namely: "I Got A Boy"; "The Boys"; "Mr. Taxi";"Oh!"; "Run Devil Run"; 3. "Gee" was named as the most popular song of the decade in South Korea; 4. What the f**k, these guys (BigBang) are all GAY; 5. Girls' Generation are far the greatest kpop band ever.
+Hand Sanitizer Congratilations you are one of the first users.
+ルナ xxx you realize snsd's target demographic was men around his age at first, right?
Look at all sone like street ppl asking for views hahaha i hate sone bcos of this. always wanting most in everything. and ppl say exo-l is worst fandom hahahaha im so happy fanstatic baby have more view then this stupid song :D
why'd you have to mention bigbang though?? don't drag my faves into your fights please
135,798,792 If only that 2 was an 8!😑
+朱阿亮 哈哈 三缺浪人 趕羚老羊
+Allen Chan Haha Google translate this to three missing ronin catch antelope old sheep.
135,554,564 SassyWebkinz156 is my name, magic numbers are my game! :)
I believe Taeyeon is not really a big fan of this song. And one time when asked about the song being cute, Tiffany was like, "Oh my gosh, ikr?" I wonder if any of the girls really love listening to this song. Maybe Seohyun does.
Jessica has said in the past on variety shows and interviews that she liked this concept and I think the song, too, but I'm not positive about that second part. I don't know how much Seohyun liked Gee, but I know she liked Himnae more. When Gee was new, Seohyun was the one to introduce it in a promotional interview and seemed less reserved than I would have thought she'd be in 2009. Does anyone know if Taeyeon likes any kinds of songs other than sentimental ballad type songs?
133 733 878 ! Boost the views!!! GEE GEE GEE BABE BABE BABE~~~~
135,453,505 Omo! This epic video is finally available in HD!  
Wow!  Thanks Allen, I hadn't seen this yet!    It is for sure cropped compared to the 480p, but I think it is less blurry.  Basically it's got those horizontal hash lines from motion blur, and that's about it.  You know what's funny is, there is an LG Bluray Demo in 1080p that is cropped exactly the same way.  But that one doesn't have the motion blur.  Very interesting - thanks for posting! 
It's incredible how much fun I'm having watching this thing now that it's not blurry!!  I really didn't watch it much before because I just didn't like how bad the video quality was.  Now it's like all of a sudden one of my "kitchen dances".  (I have a good view of my monitor from the kitchen, and my audio system on the computer is really really good.)  
TaeYeon, Sunny  ,Yuri  , SooYoung ,              ❤SeoHyun❤,, Jessica   Tiffany   HyoYeon YoonA
+SunNy ShiDae  I think Elf is out of coffee. 132,996,313  
If Mr Taxi reaches 100 million views on April 1, Gee and Mr Taxi would have a same "birthday"! :)
+bienenwachsgarten Should get 98 million in another 6-7 days.
I have a new dog ^_^ (shitzu) I'll name her geegee
beeh beeh hwag ka wee wee sa tsinelas ko ! ! !
Tăng views đi :))))))))) Love Soshi forever
+Hảo Huỳnh  face của bạn là Hảo Huỳnh ?
If I was a ufc fighter this would be my intro tune.
that would be hilarious. I can just imagine it
Girls' Generation!😍
+Allen Chan (just saw my typos sorry xD) Yeah i dont know maybe im that biased but snsd is the only group where i can watch ALL of their mvs and never get bored
I see some sones still worrying about the views (fantastic baby surpassed gee), I'll leave this comment I saw in a forum: SNSD's already having their 8th year. As one of the most senior fandoms now, us Sone should show our maturity and be fine with it. Let's be happy with our fellow seniors, Big Bang, on getting a higher view count. And if you haven't gotten convincing enough, SNSD has: Gee at: 134,789,491 IGAB at: 118,986,600 The Boys at: 108,985,975 Mr. Taxi at: 97,902,710 Oh! at : 79,370,021 RDR at: 63,790,059 Twinkle at: 56,533,905 Mr. Mr. at: 39,476,919 I think we can handle having a few thousand views less than Big Bang :) Let's just enjoy our girls and not care too much about 1st places cuz Soshi already accomplished so much in their careers, they're already LEGENDS and nothing will change that.
I do not care about views .... ;-p
siiiii todas me encantan pero jessica era mi favorita y la extraño mucho +laura daniela 
This song gains like 40000 views a day
+Marko Radokicik I'm used to the cod community so why don't u go kill yourself you shit dick
+IcedPeachTea I wish I took your approach
Big Bang Fantastic Baby is officially at 130 mill! Gee has always been the most viewed kpop vid (other than psy) for a long time. Its going to feel wierd when fantastic baby overtakes gee.
+snapfinger42 "… most mentions of Minho video out there." XD! I wonder if that's actually true. I feel like I'd giggle for weeks if it was confirmed that Minho is mentioned more here than on SHINee videos.
132,997,244 shoot, almost there...
+Cody Allen theres only one lovely owl that loved sunny so much
+Another Rabbit Yeah I talked to him today!
hai kpop ppl i'm new :3
I gotta move to S.Korea or Japan
Which one would you prefer? i loved Japan all my life,  since i was a child. But once i knew SNSD my hearth became korean. 
+SunNy ShiDae yup! that game were made for me the likes of me >.<
134.477.413 almost magic :)
is it just me or are Japanese/south Korean girls really pretty!?!?!
+6GirlGuineas These are not standard Korean girls.
250.000 plastic surgeries for a bunch of ugly Koreans. Mother nature was not really kind with your nation.
what??? que hablas , entonces tu eres muy fea, por eso hablas asi estupida.
now SONEs,let's make it 200 million views at the end of February...we can do it because we are SONES,the strongest fandom in K POP world... funny...even if we are the strongest fandom we can't do it, it's impossible but Snsd are Legend they don't need views. :)
BIGBANG - Fantastic Baby MV views beat SNSD gee already . But who cares right . Just enjoy and keep watching da MV :)
agreed ^^ and the funny thing is SONES seems doesn't care...they still go on with their obsession with numbers. Oops thats me LOL
Current Soshi MV's views:- The Boys - 106,915,564 Gee - 132,993,047 Mr. Taxi - 96,954,269 I got a boy - 115,801,497 Mr . Mr - 37,917,797 Lol. We can do it SONEs! :D Fighting! 
135.000.316 views YAY a trophy for me
U meant I lost the trophy ;-;
+Viettien81212 hhhmm unfortunately yeah :)
too much plastic surgery.
its really not. The most drastic change any of them has ever gotten is a nose job or an eyebrow lift.
Oh, wait... This video just had 480p, but now it has 1080p, HOW?
+SnsdSooSaranghae Honestly didn't really know they could either.. apparently you can recompress it to HD without re-uploading..  which begs the question why they didn't do it earlier.. Lol xD
Yeah xD! But anyway, the video is nice like this!
one of the most popular k-pop video :)
ow!!!!!! songs love favorite snsd but I love more #igotaboy  
this is a very nice song too :)
133,332,123 +IcedPeachTea not really that magical but,,,will do :)
+SunNy ShiDae  Both of you are too magical for your own good.. none of us can compete! ^o^ Besides.. your number is quite fantastic as it is. xP
+IcedPeachTea okay ~_~ but it is my goal to top that elf's number (just between you and me  ^^)
Fifth Harmony is more better And successful
I'm not one to put down other groups, but that's one of the most far fetched claims I've seen in a while. Count up how many number 1s Fifth Harmony has in their home country and then count up how many number 1s Girls' Generation has in their home country then come back and tell me who's more successful.
I watch this everyday 24/7, and tbh I never get tired of this song. I know that last year wasn't SNSD's year, but they can comeback this year I hope. And tbh, WATS WITH THE BUTT TROPHIES??? +Snapfinger42
I don't remember whether it's Yuri or Sooyoung, but she says that SNSD will come back this year.
For all the people trolling SNSD. Please remember that SNSD has sold almost twice the amount of records that Big Bang has, they have 4 videos above 100,000,000 views. Also, in comparrison, Gee sold around 3 times as many records as FB. Let's also not forget that Gee was on top for LITERALLY 5 YEARS so please sit down. The Queens are still in business, you can have your little youtube replay spam contest. 
GG also has 6 videos with more views than bigbang's 2nd most viewed Mv
BiG Bang passed us!! Let's increase the views SONEs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
if u have to beg to get views what's the point?
Loved this song from the moment I first heard it. I'm glad it's the most viewed group kpop MV.
I know I love you as a friend.
+Kyo Mebi Well thank you. I love you too!
mi cancion favorita china pop
es pop coreano ...
This was my first kpop MV. Back in 2009 I stumbled across Gee while surfing the internet. Now this MV has almost 135 million views. ♥♥ Proud of SNSD and this fandom Sones.
+Allen Chan I became a sone in 2013 too!!
Girls Generation's was the THING back then. If you didnt love them you would've DIED OMG YES C:
._. dude this is the internet. i swear to god. and no i didnt start this you did you replied to me threatening to start and argument...
Since when did a I threat you? Like "hey, we better have an argument or else I'll shoot you". Sounds reasonable.
Da faq? i type in GG and this pops up o.-
Consider yourself lucky^^  now try typing SNSD
I don't know what I actually have, but I listen everyday to K-POP... (PS : I'm a guy haha)
I do the same. I suppose girls in K-pop are just too gorgeous to escape from their magic. But between them all, SNSD members are the most amazing you could ever find. So it is not weird. There are a lot of guys like us.
LOL and I thought I wss the only one. Im British btw so I don't understand a thing. But I do get this addiction to Sunny T.T.
 I am a SONE & i am also a VIP...    AND I'M VERY PROUD OF IT !!.. xD  #nofight       
and you are a badass for telling us ^^ need more people like you, so both fandom can do peace
♥ Good Morning (=^.^=) ♥
No entiendo por que crear conflicto con el numero de visitas de SNSD con el de BB, los dos son grandes grupos y han logrado grandes cosas, es algo tonto crear conflicto por eso si escuchamos KPOP, al contrario es grandioso saber que pueden llegar a tener mucha popularidad y ser reconocidos <3 Amo a SNSD como a BB  <3 
+Karlis kaive Si, exactamente. Yo, por ejemplo suelo ser bastante odiado por éstos rumbos. Pero me da risa que mucha gente se toma las peleas en serio. En realidad las peleas por internet son las más graciosas e ingeniosas que pueden existir. 
+MEZUKI1986 Si, a mi me encanta leer los comentarios y enserio hay veces que  dicen cada cosa, aunque yo soy muy relax xD pero bueno aveces las personas se lo toman personal y es cuando llegan a insultar  :S 
the times when hyoyeon said more than 3 words
0:45 is that minho in the picture?
Yes, the actor in the MV is also Minho. 
Hi Soshi,I'd like to say thank you for all the memories I gained while being a sone.I've been supporting snsd since 2009.However,I decided to quit the fandom since 30 September 2014.Thank you for everything and I hope you will continue produce good album in the future.
gl to you buts its a shame that you could turn your back on a group that worked so hard over the years to give you so many good memories.
Korean language sounds like toilet flushing
u have a toilet that sounds like Korean when it flushes!!!! i want one 
What is the name of the one in the sparkly silver top?
+florence chalk It was my pleasure! You should see her on variety shows! Sunny has an adorable giggle and she hams up some deliberate cuteness (aegyo). She also seems to have a gift for improv; Sunny is good at going along with people's jokes. In case you need this for entering into search engines, the Hangul of her stage name is 써니 and the Hangul of her Korean name is 이순규.
+chaowalker aawwww thanks you are so helpful!
Who's the girl singing at 2:49
Did you guys realize that the video had changed??!
i dont know what they are saying :/
I wish the rumour that Yoona and Sica are still in touch is true! I can't forget that SNSD kicked Sica out! I miss her unique voice:(((( Greetings from Europe!
SM kicked Sica out. Not SNSD
I really do not like big bang fantastic baby it rubbish
+Kevin Almroth your nice and so is everyone here I should probs just keep my opinion to my self rather than start a argument and I'm not quite sure I just don't like the song I take back it been rubbish though since its probably me been ignorant
HYO is the BLF - Best Looking Female. CL from 2ne1, Nada from WASSUP, and HYOSUNG from SECRET too.
+SunNy ShiDae NADA and DAIN are both thick and dark. NADA is YeJin and DAIN is JiEun ( like Secret ). All of the WASSUP girls are cuties. I think all the Kpop girls are hot. Thats a requirement of the industry, right? Its really just a matter of your personal taste.  
Great. will get there tmr :)
Sone lets work together because big bang fanstactis baby surpassed snsd g3e! Come on sones lets work together! Lets try to watch gee everyday! And I dont care if your not a sone anymore (because of my bias Jessica leaved), for sones and snsd sake lets get gee to surpass big bang fantastic baby. Sones snsd Fighting!
whats the name of her who sings at 1:51?
Is that minho from Shinee??
this is both too happy and too asian, cant physically stop smiling! i don't even like this either, its dangerously infectious
What style of music is this?
am I the only one who miss Girl's Generation/SNSD when they & their music/style were still cute, sweet like this? .. honestly, musically-speaking, this song still has much more melody & harmony than their newer "techno/electronic" mainstream music/songs nowadays
but they grew. They don't suit this kind of concept anymore
Hey sones,hurry up to gain views. Big Bang will catch up soon
They will eventually catch up.  Congratz to them.  SNSD still has three videos over 100 million and Mr Taxi is about to be the fourth.  No other group is even close.  Records were made to be broken, so let's go set some more records.  
+snapfinger42 That's beautiful. Thank you for leaving comments like this!
what the heack does Gee mean ? T-T
Gee is a Dublin slang for female genitalia. You can use it as in: I licked her "gee" until it all got wet.  Now if you are referring to this video, Gee means: Oh my gosh! or wow!. 
is that guy considered to be a good looking one?
+TheBongoJeff no, I said those guys would be considered really good looking. 
+TheBongoJeff He's Minho from SHINee. And yes, he's very good-looking. Even as a guy I can say that.
why do they all look the same? :o
But they don't. You're just not familiar with them as individual human beings with personalities. Once you get to know them, it'll be easy to tell them apart.
I wonder if the just say Asian words so they can have amazing vids
+zerogeass21 Trying to be sarcastic after showing your stupidity publicly? Lol. 
Nimble Elf Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
133,202,321 a mumble nimble @__@
*Pussycat Doll wannabes.
actually you can edit your previous comment so you need not make another one anymore. if you position your cursor to your comment a triangle inside a circle will appear click on it and you can do the changes you want :) if you noticed my reply to you has the enclosed word "edited". in case you are not aware yet.^-^
First off, you are a Belieber, yikes. Second off, After School are more inspired by the PCD than this group, and honestly kick more ass than the pussycat dolls.
I came here from Huahwi... please help... :D
Not like super famous, but he's good at Minecraft! This song was just in his outro. 
Whats this about Girls Generation going to end in 3 years??? NOOOO is it too late for me to be a SONE?? :(
Of course it's not too late. People are becoming sones every day. Their contracts end in 3 years, but they might renew them like they just did last year.
this may sound rude but they all look very similar 
It's much easier to tell them apart in their newer, HD videos. This is not the greatest quality so you can't tell their facial features apart as well unless you know them well. :)
YoonA, Yuri and Seohyun are mistaken as triplets at first glance but the longer you get to see them the more you realized that there are no resemblance among the three actually well they are almost identical in heights :)
Yoona is pretty but Tiffany is better
I like Taeyeon most.
+Melrose Delfin i meant BB' FB will have 135m views any time soon :)
I wonder who gonna sing Sica's parts...miss this old time
+snapfinger42 Ahaha! Thanks hyung for promoting! :P :)
Ah, that's interesting to know. I'm gonna check that out. 
I'm so glad that fith harmony is better
+WaffleEBay12 fifth harmony covered this song? ~_~
how the fuck did i end up here XD
135 million views , lots of links to this video
you´re probably right!
regi gonzalez Shared on Google+ · 2 weeks ago
wow ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡ como rayos le hicieron para quedar totalmenta quietas ALGUIEN ME LO PUEDE  EXPLICAR¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡T-T
claro ¡con eso cualquiera¡
+MEZUKI1986 Me haz hecho el día XDDD
いさかなまに あ
あなた わ 酔っぱらい だ と 思います
Cuando vi por primera vez "Gee": -Taeyeon, Jessica y Tiffany son la misma persona. -Yoona, Yuri y Seohyun se parecen. -Sooyoung y Sunny son CASI iguales. -Hyoyeon es la unica que pude diferenciar.   :v <3
De hecho Taeyeon, Jessica y Tiffany sí son la misma persona. Se les conoce como la Santísima Trinidad.
I don't know why I like this so much -.-
Because it's cute, catchy and upbeat?
Fuck these stupid Gooky Chinks.
Caca tu madre hijo de la gran puta. Y el cacho lo tienes metido entre el culo homosexual de mierda.
Plastic surgery group
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