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by PewDiePie • 8,203,765 views

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I miss old Pewds...
Poods is awesome and you can't change that. Hes poods. You can't change that.
Why the hell does it show her flushing and pulling up her ugly little skirt?!
I remember this website from when I was 6... because my mom forced me to print everything I made on there for "later memories".
I used to love this site, playing the babysit baby kelly or whatever her name was. 
yeah the memories, scarring, awkward, but slightly missed
I'm surprised XD Play dis more it's so funny
Oh my god, I used to play this game! totally forgot about it x°
same! it was like my childhood
I used to play this games when i was like 7 or 8.... Now i'm kinda tempted to play this games again lol
I look at it the other day and I think they kinda change it a little
...................__ ............./´¯/'...'/´¯¯`·¸ ........../'/.../..../......./¨¯\ ........('(...´...´.... ¯~/'...') .........\.................'...../ ..........''...\.......... _.·´ ............\..............( BROFIST ...........
Try to spell Barbie with your eyes close Barbie Omg!I can't believe I did it!I did not even peek! For early finishers try to spell PewDiePie with your eyes close Pewdoie Pewdiepie I did it again!Im so good!Sorry for bragging.I will stop bragging sorry. For super early finishers spell Marzia and Maya. Marxia Mafxia Marxiamatxka Marxia Marxia Marzia I did it!Now I will spell Maya Maya Easy Now for super duper early spell Edgar Edfaem Edgar This will make you feel better You are beautiful and handsome.You are loving and caring.If you are mean,you are nice in the inside. Brofist my bros!👊
barbie pewdiepie marzia maya edgar THEIR EZ!
Barnie Pewdiepie Ardis May Edgar
If your reading this, your beautiful/handsome and your a nice person. IF ANYONE IS MEAN TO YOU JUST BE YOURSELF AND YOUR THE BEST!
This Game Is the most Scariest game I have ever seen even im to pussy to play it 0-0
but to be honest, when i was six or five, my babysitter would put a barbie game website on her computer and i did enjoy them, ( I was in Kindergarten at the time)
what the fuck you be playin pewdiepie
That just makes me wanna play potty time with barbie...
4:05 - He is like he was looking at 3 syringes full of dragz and thinking, "which one gives best kick".
EHEM This is scary enough as it is bro. HEH LET'S SHIT ON THE CARPET YO!! ??????
I love you pewdiepie did you know I am 20 and single and do the walking die love you sweet hearr
To bad that this website is no longer usable in 2014-2015
Omg plz play a my little pony game
Did you know Barbies real name is Barbra
that is disturbing on so many levels
Pewds you are ruining mine and your life jk you have nice hair:-X
if u play Barbie games I dare u to play a website called girlsgogames
I never thought I seen a grown man play barbie and after the race he was so excited about that top
ahhhhhhhh i never put a camara in the toilet
How could you be so funny when you're playing games lols i dieXD
Lol, Pewds looks like he's blushing during this video. Lol
i feel bad for him ;-; ;;;;;;;-;;;;;;;
So you can't write "penis" or "vagina",but they make you watch her bloody poop while flushing the toilet?Now that's a fancy game!
omg again i think he's ganna play all of the games i played today
try gmod you have to download it
in my opinion barbie games are so scary and frightening lol! you should play games like this :)
you should play second life
Look At me channel :D
5:41 XDXDXDXDXDXD BRUH. Aren't these KIDS games ;u; 
can you play my little pony here,s the link www.mylittlepony
Hey pewds I have a scary game called tiny dentist and if you play it you'll be scared for life
5:33 thats the biggest dump i have ever seen
Why pewdiepie why!!!!!!!!!!
It was scary damn barby your stupid
Play Angela Baby Birth XD
lmaooo, I totally remember that stupid Scooby Doo game from when I was like 5.... it's still on there? wow
Can you play "can your pet" 👍
So stupid when i played that game it was awsome
This is a real horror game here! So screw fnaf and slender man!
This video is ten minuites long it was uploaded janurary 10 in year 2012 don't mind my horrible spelling
Please play another barbie game
Why would anyone play that game????? PEWDS IS SOOOOO KOWIEE♡♡♡ ♡ LOL!!!!!! # SELFIE
I like to do different spelling
Pewds is now a total gamer girl.
Clears from history ^-^
Soo scary pewds😄💩poop
Pewds, what did your parents do to you as a child?!
WTF she layed golden egg!
At 2:07 he has a Barbie body!
OoOOooOOoo I am Scary AS:DaS:Das
Like if you're watching in 2019
Jokes on you, I'm watching this in 2194.
Ktu ogląda PewDiePie jako polak ? ;D
please play Sword art online.. :)
there's a game of that? WHEREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE xDD
Pewdiepie, please play nightclub story for us
I have a dog like that!🐩
sorry, but you are gay PewDiePie
OH, look at that shit, I wish I could just flush her down..! ~pewdiepie~ xD lmao.
this is the first pewdiepie video i have ever seen. wow I can't believe I found this haha
nooo lol ive been subscribed to him for two years! this is the first one i ever saw that made me find his channel haha
Play Horror Hospital!!!! Its in the app store
I used to play barbie games in this website when i was like 4 years old i keep playing like almost EVERDAY(addicted)
then i stop using this website when i was like 7
Please do not use the word " retarded" because my brothers is autistic and that's just FRICKING OFFENSIVE TO HIM
You associate your brother with being "retarded"? I think that's shame on you my friend.
Play Five Nights At Freddy's 2
thats a wierd website
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