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Red vs. Blue Season 10 Preview Trailer Red Band 2012

by Rooster Teeth • 1,141,413 views - Red vs. Blue Season 10 launches May 28, 2012 exclusively on Music [Explicit] on: iTunes: Google: Amazon:...

Why did the donut cross the road? To get the headlight fluid!
I've watched season 9 and 10 over 15 times. I am bored now o_O
Hahah, well that's your own fault. Take a break and watch RWBY or something.
So much nostalgia from watching this.
This is one ot my favorite seasons
God they made this commercial well.. i must have watched this a dozen times before season 10 came out.. and now here i am again.
What ever happened to those 8 morons in a canon.
So I translated the first part of the song from English to Chinese then Chinese to English and this is what it came back with... Trauma caused by the expansion of sexual orientation. Does not change the dog feces. Fuck karma. Let it go, just what it is. Whatever it is, I deal with this problem, True as ever, never fake. Fucking bullshit, fuck Jakes. Kiss my ass that attitude. Knowledge, there is no gratitude. Call me crazy, but I'm the best, No more no less, Speaking of Mom, this is what I do, It up, no clue, Standing strong, never bail All heart, never fail, The light is different, Family First, From birth to the hearse
+Santiago Trestini The More by Jeff Williams, featuring Lamar Hall and Sandra Casey. It's mediocre compared to most of the other songs from the RvB soundtracks.
I normally don't mind Mark Lamarr's rap segments in RvB, but this one has an obnoxious amount of swearing. It just reminds me of a bunch of unsupervised twelve year olds.
Though I do agree. Adding pointless swearing to songs just degrades the quality. It's part of why rap as a genre is usually so awful, with rare exceptions.
+Richard Estepp Rooster Teeth can somehow add a bunch of random swearing and still make content good. Most music artists cannot. I love Jeff Williams as a songwriter, but as soon as Lamar Hall jumps in to help with the rap segments, the quality often goes considerably down.
You see this trailer and you have to remember the first episode and relize where they have come from
That is brilliant! It all comes back to that first episode.
why do they still call it red vs blue anymore the reds don't hate the blues anymore
the more jeff williams  (feat lamar hall sandy casey)
"The More", by Jeff Williams (like most of their music). If you go to RT4C's channel, he uploads all the music.
It's funny how the Reds and Blues don't have good animation and just stand around and talk but the Freelancers have epic fight scenes with explosions and all that
I just realized that the serial number on the mother of invention is RT-636, the same as the rooster teeth address!
So, I don't know much about red vs blue, why are they always fighting other spartans and not, I don't know, the covenant? 
You just have to see the first 10 seasons in order, DON'T watch season 10 first, that one has way too many spoilers to the proceeding seasons.
Would it be too much to ask for one of the Reds or Blues to do something awesome one of these days?
Well Tucker rarely does awesome stuff, though it gets ruined real fast.
I have Every Season including some of the episodes that are showing now for season 11.... of course i seen them in action. BUT the freelancers are doing those kind of jobs because of the Chief. AND his not even as old as any of them...
when are they putting season 10 on youtube? i mean come on its almost been a year since it was released on DVD but when is it gonna be onnyoutube? if someone could please tell me that would be nice.
if you did not care, then why waste your time to actually read them then do this little clickeroo thing?
that was such a Washington line
the song is The More(Explicit) - Jeff Williams feat. Lamar Hall
I just came to watch this after rewatching S1 E1. Wow.
the date says in the year 2012 and its 2013
i wonder if sister is still alive
He fights like a soldier. They fight like everyone in DBZ.
BOW CHICKA BOW WOW!!! you have no idea how long I have been waiting to do that.
Sure, he did. But the people of Project Freelancer could do it faster.
like if u still watch the trailer even when ur watching the episode
what and look like a complete copout at the same time
season 11 is on their website and still in the process of airing new episodes, they just uploaded episode 4 yesterday, and it probably won't be uploaded to youtube til next year,
No. Putting it on TV will ruin it. People who watch TV will not understand the same kind of humor that the internet understands. Anyway, the internet is taking over television. In a few years, most shows and series will be running on the internet, just like RvB.
No, I just read the SINGLE COMMENT that was before the one you replied to. I seriously hope you don't consider going back a comment to be going "too far into" this.
this. is. gunna. be. FUCKING AWSOME
I nearly shit my pants when I saw this trailer... I was also in a class when I saw it.
im gonna most likely kill my self when this show is over
but that makes your reply redundant as you didnt say it to the person it was relevant to.
Sure, the freelancers can do backflips and frontflips and jump in an incredible speed, but what good would that do if Chief just gunned them in mid-air
This season is gonna be the shit!!!
Looks like Carolina has a new weapon(s) of choice.
No, they just started season 11
iwant to be in red vs blue :(
Okay, well, if we wanna get technical, not all the Spartans belonged to the UNSC. The freelancers were separate, and belong to Project Freelancer. This means that really, they're genetically-enhanced super-humans using any means necessary to accomplish their assigned missions.
I would like to see a kick-ass showdown between Carolina and Chief...
But they pretty much have the same suit. Chief's armor just looks different in Halo 4. Oh, and South used 2 sniper rifles to take out all rockets without missing a shot. So South can pretty much kill Chief from far away.
i'm new to this channel , and iv'e never gotten into Halo , but was all the cutscene footage from the Halo games or made in this video ??
Master Chief will own everyone in Project Freelancer. Only decent soldiers they got are Texas and Carolina. All the rest are mediocre frenzy.
Why do you make spartans (military "SUPER SOLDIERS") fight like some sort of quentin tarantino, matrix fusion shit?
Spartan 117 needs to come in at some point
This music should be Tucker's theme or Churchs.
The More by Jeff Williams. He did the soundtrack of RvB Seasons 8,9, and 10. He was also a part of Trocadero, there music is also typically used for RvB.
They could also kill him by using firearms? You know? Those things that they hold in their hands?
go to there website they have all the episodes on there.
I'm fairly certain I'm too late but if you decide to check out the series because of this trailer then I should tell you right off the bat that the CGI action scenes don't even come in until Season 8. Seasons 1-7 are straight up comedies. Well...1-5 are comedies. 6 and 7 are more drama-comedy. Just so you know what you'd be getting yourself into.
the most bad-ass trailer ever what is the name of the song
This is the best trailer ever... Of all time.
I'm sure if you put the Chief in the universe of RvB then you'll see shit untouchable by the current characters.
Excuse me let me change my pants.
what conversation?? I just replied to some guy point out a small error he made. You are reading way too far into this
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