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Memorable Moment: Beyonce, Pt. 1

by TheEllenShow • 1,141,639 views

The pop diva was here just after marrying her longtime boyfriend, Jay-Z, and answered Ellen's questions about her decision to finally tie the knot, and who is Sasha Fierce?

Anyone notice that Beyonce right earring is broken at the top..hanging?
I did lol. I was like am I the only one that notices these things?
I did after I saw this comment. Hahaha!
Just like Shakira's baby boy, his name is Sasha too.
"Jay knows Sasha, yes!" XD
Man beyonce sound different when she talks. This is my first time hearing her talk. I always thought she would sound kinda white but she actually has that ghetto accent.
+davion smith anything west of the mississippi river is not considered the sounth. its the midwest. have a seat
+TopherXC I refuse to argue. As a Texan, many others consider this the south. I could bring up several points, but it's useless honestly, besides I'm already seated.😝
Beyonce went to my high school. High School for the Performing and Visual Arts in Houston. :)
So funny how she took the cd to present
"Y'all taked about" you're not black ellen
in your opinion it may be ridiculous, but then, it's ridiculuos itself. you are ridiculous. everyone has a right to speak how they want, and Ellen doesnt give a shit about you. Bye
+just a giraffe sure girl, you is beautiful, you i smart you is important ...
Love you and all Beyonce but 0:49 "I can't excape" ? Btw thanks for explaining the "I am... Sasha Fierce" album because I just thought it was the name of the album lmao
ughhhhhhh so annoying i love her so much but i couldnt stop looking at the earring 
beyonce's ears tho...Massive!
Just like Shakira's baby boy, his name is Sasha. ❤️
i can't stop looking at beyonce's broken earring lol
Ellen play too much talkin bout her alter ego is richard simmons LMFAOOO
I love how respectful she is, and private she is about her personal life. Beyonce shows so much love to everyone.  I love Beyonce she is my Icon.  Her music from every single album I can listen to every single day anytime of the day. If I want to dance, or if I want to sing or even listen to the story. I will be so thrilled to go to her show. If God permits, one day I will see her live
Beyonce and other artists (i.e. Eminem, Nicki Minaj, T.I., etc.) use different names and identities in their music to express themselves and make different types of music to keep the audience entertained since no one wants the artist to not be "true to themselves" or to "lose their way". It's also what makes them more money since it's pop music. Almost everything else about anything else pertaining to this topic, especially the illuminati, is wrong. That's the truth, if you don't like it, I don't care cause you're probably wrong too.
+Djeefer Liwyno T.I. I think is just T.I.P. one of them is a "hood nigga" and the other one is more progressive. Beyonce has like two others: Sasha Fierce which allows her to express some anger or add some force and I think this Yonce personality allows her to rap, IDK and I really don't care as long as they're not doing stupid sh** then I'm fine. With the exception of Nicki, she came out doing stupid stuff but she makes it work. She's like a musical comedian. XD LOL
Beyoncé is the queen and I love her but those earrings are too heavy & pulling her lobes down.
I'm having a hard time understanding why people are referring to Beyonce's and Ellen's accents as 'ghetto' and 'black'.  They speak the way that they do because they are southern. Either the people who made these comments have been living under rocks or are trolling. No one could live in the real world and be so ignorant.
Lmfao she said "I can't ecscape" 😂😭 I'm laughing harder then I should've.
+TheBeautyRoom99 and your comment is offensive. i speak perfect english and the fact that you think southerners "don't articulate their words" is ignorant because there are obviously urban and rural parts in our state just like any other state. Truth of the matter is, she didn't know she mispronounced escape. What much can you expect from a high school dropout?
Sasha fierce is a illuminati and devil side of beyonce.
+ali dimoukratiya Ahh Lol I thought you were joking but I wasn't sure. =D
it's for fun shut the fuck up
beyon a ka donk (beyonce' ) 
if i would ever meet Beyonce i would die but before that i would say my wish list is officially done
bring beyonce back to ellen!
AMEN!!! its been to long
Ellen should have Beyoncé on her show again...because Ellen is my favourite Show n Beyoncé is my favourite singer...together it's amazing/ dynamite
Nobody understands the whole Sasha fierce thing beyonce is like the shy type and quiet about her personal life and more of the love song type person but on stage she's like a whole new person cause she goes hard when performing but off the stage she is calm..
She's REALLY polite compared to other successful singers!
Beyoncé. Your hair is gorgeous.
love her laugh at the end <3 so funny
'Is Sasha something you can turn on and off or does she just show up sometimes' :D hahahaha Ellen is the best.And Beyonce is on Ellen even better!2 of my favourite people together
beyonce's earring is broken lol whoops
I see where ari got the hairstyle from..
i love this interview so much! LAUGHING! Two beautiful women!
very lovely lady! a new fan!
Love her but she's not very articulate
Classy & elegant, gorgeous & crazy-talented, with lots of goals & passions, while having a solid marriage & family... how can I not adore & respect that?!
yes, she is classy, but muslims who mandate that even women's hair needs to be covered would call her a whore and stone your love to death.  what women face.
You guys keep pointing out her flaws, which I never noticed because I was too bus looking at her beautiful face and breathtaking smile. Oh, and her amazing and hilarious and absolutely adorable personality. What a woman... Kinda outshines her "flaws" don't ya think
Her right earring is broken!
Upsessed with bey but her earring was driving me crazy
"Jay knows Sasha..Yes" HAHAHA omg..
Sasha Fierce is the Devil that posses Beyonce before she performs. Its obvious that Sasha Fierce was born in Beyonce's music video "Crazy in Love". If you look closely to when Beyonce was trapped inside a car, it soon exploded, then all of a sudden you see a woman that comes out of nowhere who looks like Beyonce but really, it is Sasha Fierce. That was the birth of Sasha Fierce, and that who Sasha Fierce is. Your Welcome.
And you know whether or not I have a life because I had a different interpretation to the video? GET SOME MANNERS MAN :d
Why doesn't beyonce go on the show more often??
+yolo yono In 2014 she chose not to do any interviews after the release of her album Beyoncé in December 2013. She chose not to promote the album or any of the singles. If you noticed throughout the year, she just dropped random singles throughout the year and didn't do anything with them afterwards. The only songs she promoted was Drunk In Love at the Grammy's and XO at the Brit Awards. She only appeared at 3 award shows. And she only performed at the VMA's because she was being honored. She wanted more of the focus on her album as a whole rather than single sales. She has a song called "Ghost" where she says she is bored with the music industry and everything she does, so she has pretty much been spontaneous and hasn't done anything like she used to. In 2014 she was more chill, there were more stories about where she was vacationing than any of her music.
+Jeraud Ballard  And the fact that her album still sold so well without her doing any promotion  shows how much of a queen  she is  and i think right now beyonce is focused on her family and raising her daughter  she'll drop music on her own time i mean she dropped an album and did two world tours back to back  in 2014  thats a lot  now she's just relaxing and enjoying her family  .
she is so beautiful and down to earth
So funny. She should go again to Ellen
I like both Beyonce n Ellen!
Ellen calling herself Richard Seaman , i really thought these were the last words i thought Ellen would associate with  dick semen ? really Ellen coming out of your mouth ? pun intended !
OH MY GOD! her earring broke how cheap! yuck!
haha i realised that too, quite ironic since she's worth $300+ million dollars LOL
+david truong  Maybe real diamonds are just heavier and so the link split...
If there's anyone out there named Richard Simmons they must feel offended
I love u Beyonce sooooo much 
She just like my teacher in the way of speech . when i see her i remember already my teacher
too bad the right earring is broken !
Ellen you have to have B on your show again!!!
So many fucking haters
shes wearing those giant earrings for her ears to look small. we all know that.
it's not that we know that..she said it her self
love you sis it is  jamiah
kevin Andrew don't hate because u cant even afford the earrings she has so ur cheap
You can hack most facebook users using Haqable go to an amazing software
you should bring beyonce again to the show :)
Paparazzis in dolphin suits haha
Her earrings are fine. Something a little glut won't fix. Lol
Her ears are funny but she still amazing
OMG ellen is so hilarious
I never actually heard Beyoncé speak and she sounds so goddamn ghetto , I dislike it very much!!!
That sounds ghetto ? Wow. Because she black and she doesn't sound completely proper like most Americans don't ? Racist ass
no one said it's because she's black lmao
ok, that was funny . LIKE :)
The boss of the game!! beyhiveeeeeeee
LOL at Richard Simmons haahha i love both
so that is beyonce's real voice. different from her singing voice..
Beyonce is a fucking fur whore!
it takes one, to know one haha
Lmaooo Jay knows Sasha yes!... she a freak.. lol. Love Bey!
I saw Beyonce wearing broken earrings and a wet look dress, so I bought broken earrings and a wet loook dress.
wow now i know Beyonce have big ears ♥
shakira & beyonce best friends their both so busy how would they have time to have best friends plus i thought kelly & her were best friends?!
@jerry ball what the fuck ?!?!? Are you fucking stupid ?!?!? You are saying white people smell like dogs hahahahaha how ironic
honestly, she is 31 now, it is just old interview)
Is it just me or are her earrings bothering me because one jewel's gone? :P
Loved the vid! Beyonce has a graceful personality.
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