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S.H.E - Zui Jin Hai Hao Ma (How Are You Lately) w/eng lyrics

by ashiri • 216,851 views

SERIOUSLY I OWN NOTHING OF THIS SONG/MV I simply just wanted to post it for everyone enjoyment since everything else is COPY-Write-ed and no longer available! GET OFF MY BACK! english lyrics:...

The Three Girls Singing Is Sort Of Creepy :(
paty castañeda Shared on Google+ · 2 months ago
The weather is a bit cold, the wind is a bit strong The city is quiet with the noise. This winter, I am going home alone
Ah, what's the name of this drama?!
Just search Bull Fighting (drama) :)
@Maysey Lu : see in the description.
This drama should get a remake in Japan or Korea.
i was looking for this song and the drama since 6 years !!! glad i found it :)
Where are the eng lyrics??
tita corazon Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
oh em gee i love this song :) its so prettyyyy~ but so sad...TT~TT
I love this song and drama. Bull Fighting is my favorite No. 1 drama! From Devil Beside You, Huan Huan Ai, and his other dramas!
the words of this song is so beautiful!! love this song for its lyrics!! And Ella too, of course :D
Wow, great song. I've never heard any of S.H.E's music before, but after listening to it once, I love it. Thanks for the Eng lyrics.
Dis song's jusT so awesome..reAlyy addIcted 2 ittt...
me encanta mike...pero se ve estilo...pero es lindooo!!!!
although i love the song..all i could squeal in my mind was 'MIKE HE' xD
I saw this for 3-2 years ago, I have looked for it for so long :) but why dosen't this song on ITunes?
He Jun Xiang, you're the best.
This song rocks but the timing cracks me up
the girl in the middle is so purty, whats her name?
Awesome song~~~motivated me 2 listen 2 chinese songs ((:
isn't it Ni Zui jing Hai Hao ma?
you are correct. --->Ella. plus all three have done a drama called: 'Reaching for the stars.' i have the music video for that too. check it out
when im dwn , whn im emo , i always listen to this song, especially whn i watch this video, keep thinking of those eng words... it really makes me cry.... hais....
The mos beutiful son I've herd ever!!! <3<3<3<3<3<3
Oh galau parah dengerin ini oh T___T why why why
Me too! This is my favorite drama ever in the world! I love to rewatch it so much!
This is a beautiful song:) i can't wait to finish watching Bull fighting! it's getting good! Thank-you for posting :)
Sad!!! I love this drama and it's my number 1 drama! I like to rewatch it again and again!:)))))
Lol you were right its Taiwanese..And yeah it is..<3 I hope you enjoy it!
I'm more for J-pop songs, but this one is awesome <3
i watched it last year and i think hooping dulcinea is not bad...but to compare with why why love,why why love is better..but this song is really nice.i hear it everyday on my cellphone!
I love Mike He so much!!! and this song is just so nice!!! Thanks for the upload!
Nuuuuuu!! Mike He looks better with Rainie Yang >.<
The two people who dislike this video doesn't know good music. I love this song
I really like this song. Thank you for the upload and the english lyrics.
ni zui jin hai hao ma-means how have you been recently? this sOng is very inspiring & lovely!! -gOod singers,the background music is very soft,the lyrics are very nice3x to hear... i love to hear this one...! i love SHE-keep them suppot!!
This made me cry sooo much. Reminds me of an ex-bf. Thanks so much for sharing.
haha thanks! really appreciate it and ive already rewatched it :p
i wish that ella girl sang more, her voice is better than those other two
I LOVE this song SO MUCH! MIKE HE<333
Lol I before I kept get violations for all my S.H.E vids I had it in the about box that no matter how many times i reload the video it won't sync even though on my comp its normal. So, sorry blame Youtube for it..
Jesus, you people. S.H.E is a GROUP! Not three seperate people. Cut the crap with "this one is prettier than that one" "that one is a better singer than this one". The three of them chose to be together as a group. Together they make a beautiful ensemble. Judge them as a group, and not seperately....
if you meant the subs on the video? Sorry I don't know how to do that or have the program to put them on. So the english subs are in the 'About' box. sorry again
okay after 1 year, i'm back to get crazy again for them:) s.h.e<3
i'm just wondering who the actress is. she's really pretty in this vid. mike he is so cute while dancing with her! great couple!
in SHE, hebe is best successful solo untill now. Selina has best voice and she was 1st ranked in the audion, Hebe was 2nd and Ella was 3rd...And I love all of them
i love Jin Zi Cong.....muwahhh lee wei/ li wei
Hopping Dulcinea Brings Me Here Good Taiwan Drama ? Em I Mean Chinese Errghh Confused ><
@jualkyn Totally agree with you!!! she is my favorite
@ashiri is that Lee Wei in the video, what drama is that?
OGM the audio is horrendously out of synchronization! Only way to possibly watch this is to download and then offset the audio +1000 ms in VLC or something similar. Please correct audio BEFORE uploading to youtube in future.
I love Hebe the most, then Selina:D
The song is very nice , the drama and the actor as well . I missing this drama so much :(
the song is beautiful..but the girls singin it ..uuurrrgghhh..they are ugly except the girl with the long hair
luv this song soooooooooo much !!! can stop listening to it even though i dont really like s.h.e i luv this song!!!!!! luv the drama
3 years ago , a chinese boy gived me this song.. Now... I don`t know anything about him.. I really miss him...
我的最喜欢Selena! 我也喜欢 Ella 和 Hebe.
LOVE their harmony in this song! Best female Taiwanese group!!!!
yea yea yea ching chang xiong fueng.
Its 2013 and i'm rewatching this drama from 5 years ago
this song i like the drama is nice y MIKE HE is handsome
I love mike he so much!! He's so sexy!!
what is the drama called cuz mikehe is sooo cute i have to watch
mikeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Ni Zui Jin Hai Hoa Ma. wo ai ni
you just said EXACTLY what was on my mind i love this song so much and i listen to it like every day, but i don't like s.h.e. very much. however the drama, i'm not sure if i like it or not, i haven't finished it yet
i love the beat! its so good! ah its mike he again!
love the drama and this song rocks..Mike He you are so hooooooooooooooooooooooottt!!!
defug i forgot the title of this drama T_T
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