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Bite Me - Behind the Scenes Part 2 - "Making Of"

by Machinima • 57,879 views Click here to watch Bite Me - "Open For Business" (Season 2 Ep 5) Bite Me - Behind the Scenes Part 2 - "Making Of" While Jeff, Mike, and Greg continue to...

will there still be a new episode tomorrow?
These r made at the same time as the episodes. In fact 80% of these episodes is just clipping together footage that was taken during the production of an episode. Plus the episodes are most likely finished already. Reading this back i feel like a dick..... w/e
FUCK spoilers now i now whats gonna happen soon:S DONT WATCH
they aren't the best actors in the world, but the series is pretty damn good! UNICORN POWER
They really should have posted this up after the episodes they spoiled had shown or maybe put up another episode either way works
where is episode 6?!? it's sunday =(
Spoilers thanks for the heads up gang tops lol
its here for 3 days watch?v=VyMmxFNAX9U dont be lazy, look it up and dont whine about it, youre welcome
jesus why noone gets it new episodes are coming out on friday now
Yes thank you, CG should only be used when you can't easily recreate something, like idk, big ass explosion in space. But for blood, no... never, for gun shots no. It looks bad we can all tell, and because of it we can't immerse ourselves in the program.
once this season end we are gonna have to wait another year for another season
wow fucking spoiled the rest of the seaon gj
??? look at your friend's list, if there is someone called v ELectrozZ it's ME
new aepis0d3s nao plixy ploxy spanx bai :)
Walking dead is bullshit this is 20x better than that stupid show
I think there might be some spoilers in here?
As long as it is not too short,I am all fine=]
They should put all together and make a movie
SPOILERS! Damn you! Why would you upload this? The scenes shown here haven't been seen by anybody yet!
kinda reminds me of cod with george on zombies. but just imagine if a real zmbie was there n nobody neww
Why does the Cabin in the Woods keep showing up?
not at all this show only appeals to teenage gamers walking dead is for everyone and it has better writers and better actors
Let them see that i eat Fuck wit.. punks and shit intimidation funniest thing i have heard in ages hahahaha
U should make bite me (when u get all of the seasons done) into an actual video thats on DVD. That would be AWESOME!!!!
omfg i didnt see that scene where shawna gets screwed by kelly.... wtf that kinda spoiler....
Well, these are released during the week and not on scheduled Bite Me Episode release days so its fine since we get to see behind scenes - without compromising the releasing of the episodes.
man i want to see episodes not behind the scenes
but they could use the time spent on this on the actual episodes
these people must really love there jobs, to work and not get paid for all the blood, sweat, and tears they put into this series is amazing to me. amazing job casts and crew.please keep it up!(RE6)
They should make this into a tv show, I think they could make a lot of money
The walking dead comic was before the first season of bite me.
OH Look! The yellow dude is a Muslim. #Justsayin
YES... What did you say No to... the guy got scared :D
Finally twm is friday ANOTHER BITE ME EPISODE SWEET!!
check out my channel for a fifa giveaway
look like George washinton XD srry for my engrish Im from Thailand XD
well you said thumbs up if your not gay and gay to me means happy like before the word became an insolt
Bite Me is better than The Walking Dead.... soooooo much better!!!
Yeah what happened to April 6 new episode! ?!
Comes out friday, every friday. They say it at the ends of the vids
need longer episodes or morexD i love bite me!
Btw this is on tv its called walking dead bitches
red hair bitch diess yhh i fink -_-
Season 2 is miles better than season 1 and season 1 was amazing!
Shut up Mosuckra you better beware, cause i can swing my sword... NO SAFETY TORCH FOR YOU! BOOOOOOOOOOOOP!
Hey guys! You should really upload two videos a week. Me and my friends would LOVE to see Bite Me Season 2 every week twice :)
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