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How The Avengers Should Have Ended

by How It Should Have Ended • 21,281,352 views

Here's the one you've all been waiting for: How The Avengers Should Have Ended. Superheroes of HISHE past ASSEMBLE! Get your HISHE shirts now: HISHE...

aperrently everybody is convinced that dawn of justice is gonna break box office records. let me level for a second, DC had man of steel, the movie starring the so called most populair hero of all time and the movie made about 600 million, not bad. but on marvels side, we had Guardains of the Galaxy, a group of heroes who almost nobody knew. still it was able to make 700 million towering above your precious superman. lets face it, even if marvel comes with an howard the duck movie, it will still rise above anything dc has made and will make
+Jonathan Udovicic the last time someone posted was nearly 5 days ago.
And I'm tired of seeing this. 
Dc sucks just deal with it you fucking winy fanboys, marvel is now at the top, dc is now at the bottom, whats wrong with just accepting it..... I mean i never really hated dc, until i saw the bitchy fanboys not dealing with the fact that marvels better and make amazing movies. Oh and man of steel also contributed to my hate for dc
Superman can kill them all at once
Spawn rapes 'em all.
Superman CANNOT move at light speeds. Pre crisis Superman did, but fuck, what couldn't Superman do back then, that basically isn't canon anymore. That's how you know the difference between an ignorant fanboy & someone who actually knows something about Superman. Morons.
Why does everyone keep saying Hulk can suddenly change makes no sense? At the end of The Incredible Hulk it is shown that Bruce had learnt how to control it. 
Because he couldn't control it when they were on the S.H.E.I.L.D. carrier and he went berserk. Afterwards when he turned back, he was scared he might have hurt someone. So yeah it doesn't make any sense at all not to mention he hurt his fellow teammates
+HydroKroNicReviews He can control it and he can also loses his control. It is pure logic and common sense.
i m just saying DC is WAAAAY better than marvel. marvels specialite is to copy DC heros and villains
Thing is, I forgot about The Avengers the week after I watched it. TDK was sooo much more memorable. Box office don't mean shit, like foot massages.
Really? To me it was the opposite. Well... opinions.
Did you just compare a box office to a foot massage?...why?
I watched avengers just for iron man
+Efrain Garcia what has that got to do with anything?
I'm a big marvel fan, but this movie was crap sadly ;/
I've seen many (As in like 99% of the people I've asked/heard) who LOVED it, as do I.
+ZeSpoopyMiner Okay? want a medal why you're at it?, shut up fanboy.
This debate about Thor and Superman is crazy because if Superman was in the Avengers movie he would have stomped every single last one of them aliens by himself no problem. Superman is more powerful than all of the Avengers. I can't understand this fascination with Thor. I mean, he is a cool character but he needs a Hammer to be formidable. Superman is formidable in every way and basically indestructible.
Thor cant be beaten by a rock...
+Arturo Espinoza ññ Assaáqq111ñq0qñaw0 Q malas ñwwpdñwpspwpw0p Wap2lewñw0dapa ps aáw0qpwpq Pwwq11e0p2wppw 20p P 0áa
I just cant wait for Justice League movie to destroy this marvel box office to shut those Marvel fankids. Anoying as hell
I can't wait for the DC and Marvel fanfucks to shut their fucking gay-ass mouths. Just enjoy your fucking movies, shows, comics, whatever, no one cares if you think one is better than the other you asshat pieces of shit.
+Misbehaven123 OH MYYYY GOD, YOU CALLED A THING GAY, THAT IS LIKE TOP TIER INSULTS. Oh and you judged a movie when there like, isn't even one trailer out for it yet
00:56 Pulp Fiction reference is incredible XD "SAY WHAT AGAIN! I DARE YOU! I DOUBLE DARE YOU!"
The Avengers was a movie that adapted Micheal Bay's style and added some more aliens with some more explosions with no meaningful story.. it made billions just because no one watched a group of superheroes on a movie that fights aliens.. The only thing good thing that The Avengers had was Loki... Just wait till 2016.. "Superman vs Batman: Dawn Of Justice" will destroy box office.
Because Man of Steel was so good... (sarcasm)
NEVER compare Joss Whedon to Michael Bay. Just don't.
Fun fact: There was a deleted scene where Bruce Banner was actually given a motorcycle from some random old guy. So he didn't actually steal a motorcycle since it was given to him.
Statement about someone able to beat someone else in a fight.   
+Logiepie well that escalated quickly.
0:29 Cap: Okay we are NOT bringing him back to base he is DEFINITELY up to something Thor: Agreed Iron man: Tank missile! BAM
luv that first part and my comment is just what I thought would happen after :P
Kind of overrated... Although the combat scenes were good
Marvel is a noobie they just make incredible action movies nothing else
Blah blah DC sucks... The only thing Marvel does better is movies. DC has better comics, tv shows, animation, and games. SMD Marvel fanboys.
DC >>>> MARVEL Primetime Drama vs. Daytime Soap Operas lol Anime / Manga vs. Weekend Morning Cartoons. Warner Bros. is gonna start cleaning house --- take it to the 'bookie.
That's cute. Now shut up and leave, I'm getting sick and tired of these Marvel vs DC nerd arguments.
If DC is so great,then explain you guys only winning by anime movies,tv shows with batman villains but no batman,and the new 52 that most of the DC fanbase hate
If Superman wasn't all of them combined? He WISHES he was Thor.
Marvel movies are more commercial than DC movies that's why is more successful at the Box Office.
superman is too powerful to be entertaining 
Do "How Naruto Should Have Ended" but then again, getting narutos voice right would be hard..
I must've watched this video ten times but only now did I see the bit with Clint and Tasha at the end. Cap's reaction killed me xD
I have something to say about this whole Marvel vs. DC thing. Everyone, just shut up. Can we just enjoy it when EITHER company produces a good movie? I have watched the entire Dark Knight Trilogy, Man of Steel, and almost every film in the MCU to date, and the movies that are good are still good, regardless if they're DC or Marvel. I'll admit, I'm more interested in what Marvel's going to do in the near future, but Suicide Squad sounds like it could be shaping up to be a very interesting movie, and if people say Batman v Superman is worth it when it comes out, I'll give it a watch, too. There's so much hate in the comments of these videos, over what? IT'S ENTERTAINMENT. The world will not end if Batman v Superman beats The Avengers at the box office.
I m not jealous.... I m  Batman
Why does hawkeye sound like Arnold Scwartzenegger?
Ya know..calling DC fans whiny fanboys actually makes you a Marvel whiny fanboy lol. But heck I can't even call you a fan since you probably only watch MCU pf
The people segregating DC and Marvel and choosing a side are just clearly non-comic book fans who think they know shit because they watched the movies. Both are good, great even. If you don't think so, then you're most likely a non-comic book fan who knows nothing and is shamelessly seeking attention on the net. 
"I'm not jealous, I'm Batman." That NEEDS to be on a T-shirt!
''I'll never tell... mahahahahehehe...''
The whole box office argument is really pointless. That fifty shades movie was really really bad yet made a ton of money.  these avengers movies seem more for kids. every superhero movie seems lame to me after watching Dark Knight.  Dark Knight is how to make a superhero movie. It was perfect.  No I'm not a dc fanboy either. If Dark Knight was about iron man, capt america etc I'd be saying the same thing. 
"This place serves food?!"    lol XD
Fun fact :Meanwhile Thor is helping the Avengers his girlfriend is cheating on him with me :)
Its beginnings were mysterious too.The arts of the avengers could be over 1000 Eons old from what I have found.....
Yeaaaahhh......DC is an epic failure to this day. I feel bad for those fans waiting for the new BVS movie that is just gonna be am embarrassment to DC. Hah.
I am tired of the DC hate. Hating DC doesn't make you cool. I like both DC and Marvel. Can we just enjoy the movies, animation and comics?
I dissagree with these notes they are irrelevant nit picking gripes this movie was awesome
Prepare yourselves Marvel the DC movies are coming and Batman V Superman including Wonder Woman and Cyborg will destroy The Avengers movie box office
+patrick82895 Oh I'm sure DC characters COULD spin more money than Marvel's repertoire, but as the Transformers films show, the quality of execution is directly proportional to the degree of fucks given by the filmmakers. Snyder doesn't give a fuck about executing Superman so much as making a visual spectacle, that's why Man of Steel's climax has been said to look like 9/11 in terms of destruction, devastation and direness. Snyder doesn't give a fuck about Batman, which is why they hired Affleck, a talented guy who is utterly wrong for the role, but he has name recognition so fuckit, gotta get dem money. Snyder doesn't give a fuck about Wonder Woman, that's why he hired a talentless, skinny slag to play her instead of someone curvier (hence sexier imo), more muscular and more talented. And DC doesn't give a fuck about ANYONE ELSE crowbarred into this impending trainwreck, Cyborg and Aqua man are gonna get five goddamn minutes of screen time and they're gonna do nothing but baffle and confuse the audience (hence putting their backs up to the characters just by virtue of how humans work) not to mention the fact that they're threadbare characters to begin with, they're gonna blow any chance to add depth by MAKING them threadbare in the movie! Now, those Transformers films do spin a good deal of money, but if you want Avatar money, if you want Avengers money, you have to actually GIVE A FUCK!
+Shadowsafter I'm a Superman fan and I liked everything about Man of Steel. Finally he isn't portrayed as a walking vagina. As for the destruction well that just made it more real. It needed to be something that actually requires superheroes and spins off with consequences in sequel films (Batman V Superman).  I have doubts about Ben Affleck as does everybody, but I hope it works out ok. I doubt they cast him for just his name, considering his bad standing with the entire comic-book culture (and much of the media). I doubt Snyder has much say in casting. Personally I would have cast Bridget Regan as I think she was perfect for the role, and Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot) is the only one I cannot see working at all.  I doubt Aquaman or Cyborg will have any screentime (unless credit scenes) as there would be no real point. You do realise Transformers made over a billion dollars. I'm sure DC cares just about money, and it will no doubt get it. Marvel on the other hand is just as bad as DC. They're terrible at making films. Iron Man 1 was good up until the really shit final fight. Iron Man 2 was bad. Iron Man 3 is probably the worst comic movie ever (including Daredevil). Thor 1 and 2 were awful. Captain America was boring as fuck. Avengers was awful, very little actual action, no character development and terrible story full of plot holes. As for what they've done well, there is Guardians which was funny, and Captain America 2 which had a good story and that is about it so far. Oh and the Incredible Hulk was good, amazing fight with Abomination and Hulk, it's a shame they aren't making more Hulk films (and that they switched from the cool incredible hulk from the Norton movie and went back to the rubbery gorilla in the Avengers).
Hello! You're still here? Why didn't you run away while we settled our differences? I'll never tell. Uhehehe hoo hoo he ah heheha. Ok we are NOT taking him back to base he is definitely up to something! Later I have a bump on my head....riiiiiight here....not here, or here so much but riiiiight here. Nope ship-shape! Hey guys time to suit up, WOAH OH MY GOS WHAT HAPPENED TO YOUR FACE!?!?!?!?!?
showarma this is from israel
I love"how it should have ended"
I like these DC vs Marvel arguments. It's like Coke vs Pepsi you're allowed to like them both guys, and you sound like a pretentious douche when you try to talk about how much better yours is.
Wow i love this Transformers Movie! Oh sorry this Avengers movie.
GROW UP GEEKS AND STOP THE BICKERING! Be a true COMIC fan and root for both sides because a film shouldn't define a Universe.
i hate it so much when hulk smashes loki into the ground 😂
The kryptonian are basically living god on earth, I doubt that even Odin can defeat Superman on earth
+Nono Pearson Thor will keep on being the God of Thunder no matter where he goes.
0:28 it looks like loki wants to play hide and seek. Just guessing.
THE BURNN with money lo;
Lol that Loki laugh just kills it 😂😂😂😂😂
The Dark knight! that is all.
You should do a Guardians of the Galaxy vs Avengers
Say iPad 5 times, post this on another video. Then look under your pillow
I watched the Avengers just for Loki
Likes vs dislikes = marvel vs dc
I like dc comics for the comics but I like marvel for movies
You see!!!! Dc's characters are way too OP! Marvel's character are alright.
Can't wait for the cyborg movie. Hopefully cyborg will be sassy as. That's will make it funny.
can anybody tell me what the Hulk is saying at the 2:22 mark into the video? it sounds like "doss is baas" but that's obviously isn't what he's saying... u know, since those aren't actually real words and all lol. something that small shouldn't bother me at all but it is for some reason idk why. so, whose going to be the awesome person and let me know what the Hulk is saying there? and thank you in advance to whoever does so.
He's saying "Joss is Boss" reffering to Joss Whedon, who is the boss of all things geek.
It was good hulk smash
anyone else see the Dog?? at 0.59 ??
Tommy Boy reference, CLASSIC!
Oh. I just realized that when Hulk is smashing Loki he was saying puny god; I always hear "Unicorn! Unicorn! Unicorn!"
Thanks, I now can't un-hear the unicorn.
You all people sound annoying fighting each other JESUS MAN! JUST STOP GUYS But I'm gonna be honest Marvel is doing WAY better than DC. DC is turning almost all of the superheroes into TV series which contain terrible special effects and I'm not so happy with how they made Deadshot and Deadstroke there costumes look TERRIBLE. But the batman v superman movie I think that one will be at least great other than that DC is doing terrible. Nuff said.
Yes I agree most of DC's movie is terrible green lantern(my favorite superhero,thanks DC),batman and robin,and last and most terrible,Catwoman(it freaking destroyed Halle berry's career)
0:56 Pulp Fiction easter egg!!!
+Renaiçon Solitaire Tarantino is a fucking genius. Love ALL his movies
Donald Carlson Shared on Google+ · 1 week ago
'Nother Hilarious Video
0.56 buàhhaahhhahahahah
Maximo De La Ossa Shared on Google+ · 1 week ago
How The Avengers Should Have Ended:
It's not about the money, It's about sending a message.
no, its all about the shawarma.
goku would own them all GG
Of course not even super saiyan transformation. 
Someone help. I don't know what Iron man means by 'knocked it out of the park' 
It's a baseball term-knocking the ball out of the park-meaning they did well
The box office money part was funny hahaha.. :))) but you know what? both brands are incomparable..both brands have a very different set of characters. The DC world has not yet revealed everything in their hands..well there is Green Lantern although it wasnt up to par but hey who knows DC may surprise us all with their upcoming projects so far it was only Batman and Superman they're revealing..there isn't Aquaman, Martian Man hunter,Wonderwoman there is a whole lot of untapped characters in DC and I know they will come up with their own flavor in the long run. Lastly, I don't want DC to emulate Marvel's kind of superhero movie..putting humor to their characters..Its okay there is nothing wrong with it. but it would be better for DC to formulate something far more better than humor in their projects...creativity knows no limitations.
if you meant DC yes they have announced it..but we havent watched it we'll see about it.
two brands that make live action Superhero block busters movies are incomparable? I really dislike how people always use that phrase.
superman > marvel batman > marvel a potato > marvel
+username not available Ok, here's a more accurate equation. DC=Marvel Happy?
No DC is greater not equal to marvel
Normal form Superman couldn't take The Avenger alone, but Superman Pre-Crisis oh boy. Hell, he closes black holes, tows galaxies, immune to krytonite, immune to magic, and DESTROYED the solar system in a sneeze, and flew so fast he almost destroyed the universe.
When Ironman was running out of power before he flew the missel into the wormhole and was running out of power why didnt he just get thor to electricute him like in the begining of the movie when they first fought then hed have full power
Maybe he forgot,u know tony
+lock booth Sorry, but affirming the consequent of a conditional statement is a fallacy. Your argument is invalid.
didnt the dark night make a shit ton of money
aren`t most nights dark?
siddharth kanukollu Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
this is funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
What does dying phantom menace style mean?
Star Wars Episode 1, when they destroyed the ship, all the robots on the planet shut down and stopped fighting. 
Well someone's a DC fanboy, I actually like both so can all of you shut the fuck up
"Pew! Pew! Pew!" love it :D
Please do Live Die Repeat: Edge of Tomorrow
I'm not jealous im batman!
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