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No-Poo Step by Step: How I wash and condition my hair

by venusinfurs • 214,016 views

This is exactly how I wash and condition my hair. I hope it helps to erase some confusion and questions about the no-poo routine. Where I buy my african black soap:...

You should do a video on using collodial silver or 35% food grade hydro peroxide :) to spread da word... keep seeking high adventure lil lady
very good...thanks for your time! Very useful information! Keep them coming! Cheers!
I just started with this method and my hair is naturally pretty straight. But after two washes I've noticed it starts to get a bit wavy. Can this method actually make my hair wavy???? Because that would be awesome!
When you switched to using this method for cleaning your hair, did you notice a significant difference in how fast your hair grew? Just wondering because I'm trying to grow my hair out and am looking for ways to speed up the process :)
so you don't do "no poo" so much as "low poo" have you tried water washing, or raw honey washing? if so, do you prefer the shampoo bar to them?
Someone the other day wrote to me about soapnuts... that is something to consider too. :)
Drink everytime she says "hm"
lol careful... don't drive after playing
I really enjoy looking at your face...
everything about the the way you speak, how honest and humble you are, how beautiful you are, how real you are, is all perfect. you're like an angel that came down to tell us how to wash our hair
 Thanks for sharing this video! BTW, you are gorgeous!
Do you have suggestions for "conditioners" or rinses for people who are allergic to vinegar? 
I have tested Rose Water, but it will build up it is a hydrosol which means it oil in water a new line is coming out called Bioactive made with all natural ingredients innovating hair care from skin care actives like Hyalauric Acid and Ceramides stay on the look out it is a No Poo with a special Moisturizer the no poo is also designed to rebalance the scalp something that vinegar and baking soda are unable to do. 
Hey there, so I usually wash my hair every 3-4 days using natural shampoo. The days I don't use shampoo I only rinse it with cold water cause I find it makes my hair really soft. I use conditioner every two weeks and my hair is pretty healthy. Do you suggest that I start going no poo? Love, Chris
A 9 minute video to say "I don't use shampoo, I use a shampoo BAR". There you do. I just saved you 8 minutes and 50 seconds. Your welcome.
you remind me of Kristen Stewart 😍
omg, I thought the exact same thing lol. I was coming down to the comments to mention that haha
I agree, but she has facial expressions! :)
I would argue you're the most beautiful girl on youtube, oml. you're so gorgeous. You could have no hair and still be perfect--seriously.
Im an artist and you are the most beautiful person ive ever seen :) say you don't shampoo your hair, yet you use a shampoo bar. It's still shampoo whether it's in a bar or liquid.
+Michelle Mac Just wanted to butt in and say I seriously wish more people had the grace to acknowledge their ignorance. And we're all ignorant sometimes, but you fixed that. That's awesome. Anyway, I've found that JR Liggetts shampoo bars are amazing. The first one I tried was tea tree and hemp, which was *almost perfect and now I have the coconut and argan oil one and I really like that. They're seriously impressive and affordable. I highly recommend if you're still looking.
+LonerlovezL Thank you for the compliment. I try to acknowledge when I'm mistaken. It's much easier when people are kind about it, though, and those who replied have been very, very kind and informative. I'll look for those JR Liggetts shampoo bars, thank you so much for the advice. I am not really liking the bars I'm using now. They aren't specifically shampoo bars, but they are organic and have a fairly high fat content (coconut & olive oil) so I thought they'd work. My mom-in-law used to make soap and we used hers on our boys when they were little and my husband loved using them, too. I just never thought about using them before. I'm glad I've encountered such helpful people. Oh, I'd like to return the favor and give you some advice, too - if you have curly or very dry hair, using oils such as Jamaican castor oil, jojoba and apricot oil (though you don't want to use apricot oil alone because it's a bit sticky) have helped me so much. I have naturally curly hair and it's prone to dryness (and major frizzies), but using oils - and just oils - to style my hair and define my curls has made a huge difference. :) Happy Holidays!!
Soooooo...ya gotta date for the prom?
You remind me a lot of Megan Fox. Very pretty!:)
Very helpful video, I'm going to try it. My head is always itchy, don't have dandruff. But I am getting a rash on my face as I wear bangs. I like doing natural things as two members of my family have died of cancer. And so I don't want that to be me. Thanks!
Is it ok to use shampoo bar and apple cider vinegar as conditioner everyday?
+Nichole Peralta Yes. It's very safe. The shampoo bar is all natural oils and not chemicals like industrial shampoos. I've been using ACV in my hair for years and it's very safe. Just make sure you are diluting it. Even half vinegar and half water is fine but most people dilute it more. 
Should have made the video in the shower.
I thought you were gonna say you put poop in your hair to wash it <.< i'm disappointed
I don't even know what you are talking about but I couldn't stop watching your video :) I wash my hair with an all in one hair, face and body shower gel that i don't even remember its name, sorry :D
What kind of apple cider vinegar are you using? I can't find it here I live.. 
you are so beautiful
So exited to give it a shot. Ill post a video on the results too!
How many days per week do you wash your hair with the Shampoo Bar?
You're sooooo gorgeous!! You look like Minka Kelly.
thank you! this was so helpful. I just started the no poo method and this was helpful to how to wash/condition my hair. 
Which shampoo bar are you using in this video? And in your other video, you put a chagrin valley bar link in the description. When i had clicked on it it said that either the links wrong or they've changed the brand name? Could you please find out and let me know? (Its just my hair drys out alot using the normal shampoos lol)
You're super cute :) I don't just mean your pretty face but your attitude :) really shines through
just what I was going to say. she´s adorable :)
Hey! We used to buy african black soap! Wow; and I also wash my hair (every time I wash it) Baking soda for cleansing agent, and apple cider vinegar as the conditioner! I usually use 2 tblspoons of apple cider vin for my conditioner but my hair is short like you said.I have been doing this for about 5 months :D! It's awesome!!! But My hair seems like lately it is getting oily faster than when I started. SO,  I think i will try 1 tblspoon and see what happens! And, I usually wash my hair every day or two days (since it has been seeming to get oily faster...)so I think I will try washing it less often since you said you wash it only once a week! Wow! Did you use to wash your hair every day? Did you have to work up to washing it once a week? You're awesome! I love being chemical free and healthy and not using shampoo,conditioner, bath and body works soaps and body wash, etc! We can use other things that still work, and are GOOD for our bodies! :)  Enjoy your day, and thank you for the tips!!!!! -Rachel
do you have an instagram?
Please just switch to Wen! I have used it for years. 
She's using the chagrin valley shampoo bar- her fav is soapnuts
You look like a Victoria's Secret model!
I'm having very bad dandruff because I switched shampoos do you think this will work for my hair? If so how long till I see any results. It's gotten really bad... :'(
So I saw apple cider vinegar with cinnamon in it and I think sugar. Do you think that would work well or should I get a plain one?  
I've seen that you dyed your hair, and I want to do the same.. But I'm worried as to how I am supposed to wash the dye out if I use a no poo method.. What did you do? I just don't want the baking soda or vinegar to alter any chemicals in the dye.
did your hair grow faster by doing this?
thanks so much this awesome step by step video! what happens if im living in a humid country and my hair is soooo oily and not thick like yours (envy!). im afraid that if i switch over to no poo, my scalp will overproduce the oil and eventually clog up my pores which will lead to hair loss... ?? fyi i like you (not in the creepy way) you're gorgeous!
i LOVE your eyeliner!
I exercise at least 5 days a week can I still go a week without washing my hair?
1.  What about fine hair and cow licks in the morning if you wait a week; 2. What about knots in your hair - I have fine long hair and the knots are awful without using heavy conditioner.  
I wash my hair with baking soda, but in a solution of 1 part to 4 of water. Also mixed with aloe vera. It's been very useful, it makes my hair super soft and it helps to lease the irritation baking soda could cause AND to minimize excessive oil and helps your hair grow from root (y). Try it. (:
+Nereida Filomena i heard that the greasy hairs stops been greasys after a while without shampoo :) it gets a LOT of greasy at first, but then it gets normal :)
Will this shampoo bar get an oil mask out of hair? Even shampoo struggles to do this??
I tried doing an olive oil and egg mask a couple weeks ago, which was a horrible mistake! Since I'm not shampooing anymore I used baking soda to wash it out but it didn't seem to work. I eventually had to use shampoo again to rinse everything out. Now, I don't know if these would get an oil mask out, but I would be very careful before you try. I know baking soda is harsher and it didn't make a dent, so careful! Hope this helps! :)
Please be very, very careful with baking soda! It can damage your hair over time, because your hair is naturally slightly acidic (pH 4 to 7, 7 beeing neutral, 0 beeing very acidic, 14 very alkaline). A mixture of baking soda and water is alkaline (pH 7-9, depending on concentration). As alkaline is the opposite of acidic, this will throw of the natural balance of the hair and scalp. This makes the hair weaker and the scalp less protected against microbes and environmental damage.
+venusinfurs In the video you did say you used baking soda, once in a while.
Maybe like.... twice a year! I think it's okay very sparingly.
Hello Venus!  Really liked the Shampoo + Conditioner Video.  Very helpful.  Do you have any suggestions on taking off make up naturally or without harsh products.  My lady friend has a hard time taking out the coon eyes after showering.  Again thanks. David
she is seriously the prettiest thing 've ever seen.
+Moshe Alvarez yeah, and your point is?
that's really nice!! i do not agree haha but thank you
hi! do you stil do this? does it still work for you? (because I can see you posted this a few years ago)
I still do it and I still love it. =)
u are too damn beautiful 
Yeah agrree wihh your tips, vinegar and baking soda. It works.!
hi, i have just recently started this routine and i come to find that no matter how hard or how much i rinse my hair from the shampoo bar, it still becomes incredibly waxy especially on the ends. the top of my head doesnt feel waxy at all its just the underneath at the back and a long the end. what should i do? or is this normal? will it eventually go away?
It is wise to brush it before! You should never brush your hair when it's wet :) That's how I do it ;)
would organic shampoo work instead of the bar?
Will this break me out? (Back/face)
hey i was wondering if you still get in the shower everyday when you do this method?
Hi! Your videos have inspired me sooo much. I have naturally wavy hair and it's quit long, but my hair is very flat and quit thin. So I have been using solid shampoo by Lush and apple vinegar (I put it in spraybottle) for about a month now. I used to wash my hair every day, now I wash every other day. I still shower every day, but when I don't wash my hair, I just rub my sculp. But I have a huuuge problem - the frizz is so bad! I would like to stop using all chemicals, but I simply can't, because that way my hair would get even more frizzy! Now I use leave in conditioner, oil to the ends and sometimes curling mousse to give some volume (my hair is still very flat...). I haven't tried baking soda because my sculp is quit dry so I think it would get worse. Do you have any suggestions? I would be so happy if you would answer, because I would like to keep up with no-poo...
Do you use hair products ?
Your make up is gorgeous. And im jealous.
How long does a shampoo bar last for you?
You are absolutely gorgeous!
I started a facebook group committed to make a movement towards a chemical free home... would you like to join?  Here is the link:
You have amazing potential here on YouTube! I'll subscribe :) you're gorgeous!!
You are amazingly gorgeous. I just started the no poo hair, but I'm hoping it'll be as pretty as yours one day.
that's so nice to say!! thanks :)
You're very welcome.
Does this hair routine make your hair curl like that? Or is it natural?
+jc kluge I have naturally curly hair and no-poo washes are highly recommended for curls but I read somewhere that it can really help with adding volume and texture to your hair if it's currently straight. Shampoos and Conditioners with silicones, sulfates, parabens etc. seal your hair shaft and make a barrier that won't let anything into your hair follicle (so it's kind of a catch 22). So your hair is then deprived of a lot of nutrients and is weighed down by the heavy silicones and sealants (many are derived from gasoline...yuck). I feel like your hair would have a newfound life of its own if you cut out the harmful products. 
do you still use like hair oil?
I've never tried oil in my hair :)
Does this work with any type of hair? :) Or is this only good for curly hair?
Well, it works on hers, and her hair is not curly, so you can reason that it's not just for curly hair.
Right now I'm using the pro naturals hair repair conditioner, check it out online, it is awesome!
But her hair IS curly..
What eye liner do you use? Its pretty :) 
always always revlon colorstay liquid liner in black
Oh I just bought that!! Yay! Love it!
Your awesome. I do have a suggestion though. You can go to the dollar store and get a spray bottle for the vinegar concoction. :) Also have you ever tried soap nuts? Good video!
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You can learn how you make your hair silky smooth using avocado (and a few other ingredients you can find in a kitchen) by making a DIY hair shine mask. If you'd like to know how, just click on my picture and watch the "DIY: Silky and Shiny Hair Mask" video, it explains in a lot more detail. Hope you enjoy the mask (it takes away damage, strengthens, softens and shines your hair + makes it super silky! And all you need are ingredients from your kitchen!!) Hope you guys try it! Enjoy<3
you have completely convinced me! i researched a bunch and you definitely had the best videos with the most information and seemed to know what you were talking about and covered a lot of stuff. one question i did have was does it matter what brand or kid of essential oil i get to add to the apple cider vinegar and water? 
Thanks :)  essential oils are pricey but certain types are cheaper -- lemon and peppermint are going to be cheaper than lavender or rose. go to any healthy store and there will be a selection. if not, online works- has many. 
Great video.  May I suggest that instead of using a glass (with your water and vinegar mixture), you can put it in a spray bottle.  Makes it SO much easier to apply.
god i love your hair :)
Where do you keep your soap in your kitchen? Sorry I'm not a native English speaker so that would be great if you could write it please :)
she said 'in a drawer' in her kitchen
Now I actually keep it in a cubby in the bathroom, but in the kitchen is good!!
How often do you wash your hair?
I tried using cider vinegar yesterday as conditioner and it actually really helped make my hair feel really lustrous :D. However the smell of the vinegar was so bad it shocked me! It was no more than the stench of vomit. I could hardly breath. Having said that it was a cheap 84p bottle and I added no essential oil (must buy some)...but after I rinsing thoroughly the smell went completely. Is that just how cider vinegar smells or do I just need to find a better brand? Anyway thanks for sharing your method, I think I might get a shampoo bar next :)
+venusinfurs Haha it wasn't your fault. Turns out though, I bought a more expensive bottle and it smelt MUCH better. The cheaper one...ugh wouldn't give that to my worst enemies.  I've been getting by with lavender and tea tree oils but peppermint does sound really good, I must try that one day. Thanks for the tip :)
Hey I was wondering about the shampoo bars from chagrin. I just got them in the mail and was wondering how long the transition period is? They smell amazing.
i totally love how you smell EVERYTHING. haha :)
Hi, I am planning to switch to your no poo regime after i finish my no silicons/parabens shampoo from body shop. Do you think its still recommended to dye my hair at a salon. Wanna dye it next week. But my regime will only start like next month. Thanks!
To the person who commented about working out.. I would either was hair more often with this method, or if you have particular work out days, make sure it's that evening or day after you've exercised that you wash it so that you don't have to worry about it! Don't let the method interrupt your exercise routine!
Thanks! :) and no, it won't make it greasier. I reccommend starting out just decreasing you washes, seeing eventually if you can get down to once a week or less. But some people will prefer a few times a week. At first, I did it every other day.
Eu tenho visto seus videos da sua rotina no-poo e não fazia ideia que voce falava português! Voce podia escrever em portugues no seu blog, ou fazer um video explicando como intercalar o condicionador e o shampoo natural ?
She doesn't know the words scrub and scalp. I'm done this isn't natural wash...
When you just raise your hair do you us Reg conditioner? And do you suggest boiling water for the conditioner raise?
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