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its so cute she has an accent while singing and its adorible!!!!!!!!!!
+Spencer Byrd Nope! Have you ever read the book"Goddess of Yesterday" ? Cassandra was one of the King Prim's (Sp?) daughters. the Gods blessed her with the knowledge of the future. yet when ever she speaks no one believes her. so she was locked away in the towers and kept from the people. when Helen's husband came to get her, His older brother, Agamon (I think) took her as his loot, one of his wives. 
Yeah it's cute and she kinda looks like Selena Gomez?
People should never cover Adele.
This does not deserve 53million views, or 260k likes. She sounds like a boy, she has a bad pronunciation and her voice is not THAT good. 
+Noobz Forever Aint even a singer, but I've watched so many auditions of Idol/xFactor/TheVoice to reccon when someone is good, decent, or bad. And I listen to music everyday, so I have my fair share of experience too. You can't blame it on that she's french. For example, here in Sweden we speak English fluently, many already at the age of 15. I rest my case, she was not that good. End of story. 
doesn't deserve 53+ million views
Look if you don't have anything good to say Steven don't say anything
Go fuck yourself nigger
Ethan Fornash Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
What you guys are talking about? She's as damn talented as young! Performance is fine for non-professional singer, but the voice is just awesome. That was absolutely perfect.
I agree with you. Please check out my cover of this amazing song <3 x
I agree with you too
Karo Martin Shared on Google+ · 4 days ago
Marina - Rolling in the deep: la nina con la mejor voz del mundo.
Did anyone else realize that she looks like Selena Gomez?
wow! French are easy to please 
The judges thought that it was "The voice" so they didn't push the button cause they didn't like it. They noticed it afyer the show.
esta niña canta hermoso, alguien sabe como se llama? this girl sing awesome, what is her name?
Busca: Talent Marina < A ver si te sale algo XD
Dude no her accent and pronunciation isn't spot on...
It was good, but he said it was spot on-perfect, which isn't really the case...lot's of french people sound like that
She kinda looks like Selena Gomez !
She has an amazing voice I love how she has an ascent when she sings
maravillosa voz la que se denota en su propia detonacion en jubilo de estallido emocional, felicidades, rolling in the deep
she is good but i can do better its good on the part where im kidding shes awesome!!!!!
shes amazing and she does have a cute accent!
I think is quite good.. But Adele is always the best
Ho my god I love you you are the best singer ever
okrazeedits: YOU DON'T DESERVE 53 MILLIONS VIEWS YOU TURD. If you post a video of you singing better than her then I will eat a bowl of shutty stew. Otherwise, eat a poop lolly pop.
du singst wirklich maga Hammes super Gut
There are comments here, as well on almost all YouTube videos, that brutally criticize young people with fabulous talent. While there are always reasons to hear constructive suggestions about how someone can improve their skills and talents, it is disgusting to read those that are simply jealous, pathetic, mean-spirited, ignorant, narcissistic, and hateful.
I can sing way better
Really where? I don't see You having the balls to go on stage
sing and perform are two different thing.*speak from exp  
She sounded pretty good, for not being her native language.
she's cute and her voice is really nice. but she cant pronounce letters good 
you should try singing in french and see if you could pronounce every word right. then you'll know how much effort she put into her singing.
she looks like a younger version of selena gomez and a awesome singer
She's French give the girl some slack
Fenomenalno,pozdrav iz Hrvatske!
เป็นลูกหลานของ อะเดลชัวร์ 
Wow! She is French and can sing like that in English I try to sing like her and I just cant and im French to so amazing !♡
Well done ! Best of Luck !! :)
That was amazing she sings really good and she did rolling in the deep- Not english
French???          who knows what they're saying
WOW she is a good 😀😁
she reminds me of young selena gomez lmfao . 
impresionante voz ...todo el exito del mundo
Sie ist 13? Unglaublich! 🌹
J Stone you are what you sound like-S T U P I D
Can you fucking sing like her ?
if you can do better go for it or keep your mouths shut
I watched this since 2012 and now its 2015.. She is still amazing. Sorry for my Bad english
?es una mierda Pendeja hoja de mierelda
I love her voice /accent aswell as singing she is gourgose
when she gets her braces off she wont be able to sing
she look like Selena Gomez 
She is very good, consider she is singing in English...  And I am quite sure English is not her first language.
The first question they ask her if she is bi-lingual and she says no.  She says she does not speak English at all.
For some reason her hair bugs me
ฟังมา 3 ปีละ วีดีโอนี้ ฟังกี่ทีก็ยังหลงเสียงเธออยู่ เพราะมากกก
This video changed my life
She looks like selena gomez :D
Not bad, but there's no soul here.  This is like Pat Boone covering Little Richard.
That's very common for people her age.   They have no personal experiences that can connect them properly to the lyrics.
I wish I had that voice lol
외국은 오디션이 쉽나보네
She did said bitch😨
Ayhoom Ma Shared on Google+ · 3 days ago
Marina - rolling in the deep (ADELE)
OMG : )♥★☆♥♥♥♥♥
Ngoc Be Shared on Google+ · 1 week ago
Woo canta súper lindo
Vanessa Garcia Shared on Google+ · 2 weeks ago
AbbyJo Ovitsky Shared on Google+ · 2 weeks ago
premiere television, elle est superb!
she sings like theres a ball in her throat she sings really bad how could she pass it she fucking bitch hoe i would be embarrased if i were her 
I hate this she sounds stupid af i hope she got diqualified
She sing's amazing😂😁☺👅👏
Her dress is amazing
she's so ugly and look at that face at 0:57 :D
Uauuuuuuu canta maravilhosamente bem
Estou de olho em você
no she didn't its her accent
Setimo Lima Shared on Google+ · 2 weeks ago
Victor Frankenstein Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
How are you today +1 candence miller
A Turkish Proverb says that: Kedi ulaşamdığı ciğere mundar dermiş!
Her YouTube channel is called, Marina Kaye.
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