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Fashion Meets Fitness - with Tone It Up

by Chriselle Lim • 191,506 views

♥See the full blog Post with More Pix & Videos here- ♥Meet Tone It Up & watch our What To wear for workouts video...

can you mention VSX and lululemon any more times omg
thats what Katrina & Karena do on their channel... ToneItUpCom
I love the tone it up girls! I'm making a fitness video today and would love if people asked me questions!!
I thought chriselle is 6 feet but then karina shld be 7 o_O
some people are doing workout for fun and they want to look good ... not just some regular girl jogging in the park... when you have a pashion for fashion it goes in every part of your day even the workout ( if you hate watchin videos wich includes expensive brands then don`t watch, but if you`ll watch them then please don`t complain)
lululemon definitely has my favourite workout clothes!
Why does everyone think that people only work out to be thin? You work out because you want to be healthy or fit. Thin people might want to be fit as well?
yeah, there are lots of different push up sports bras around, believe it or not.I suggest you try to look for the ones that are in a v shape. but I mean sports bras are supposed to squish you down anyways lol, so you're not bouncing around everywhere.
Yep, no offense. I'm not a size two or even a six. I'm not really interested to attract attention while I try to change that. <3
This video REALLY makes me wanna go out buy tons of cute work out clothes and go to the gym hahahahaaha Is it only me?
thanks Chriselle, this video was quite helpful.
where did you get the tye dye sports bra? and the grey/green sports bra?
Because some of us don't want to have a heart attack at the age of twenty, and get out of breath when going up stairs.
where did you get the tie-dye sports bra from???
lol namastey to u too (im indian hahahaha) :P
Karena&katrina always look good anyway
i had no idea karena and katrina were so tall!!
I'd like to see the after math post-workout... smh
my name is katrina too ! woohoo, haha
How do you think they got that body in the first place? Once you get the body you want, you don't cold turkey stop working out. To maintain a good, healthy body, you always have to be active. Duh. I really don't mean to sound rude, but isn't that a little obvious? You don't start slacking just because you have what you want-- you just make a bigger goal.
I hope you're wearing sunscreen!
Love the video! But you didn't say Namaste right lol
LOVE the tone it up girls. I don't have a ton of extra money either, but I reward my workout goals with cute workout clothes.
everyday curly hair tutorial!!!!!! PLEASE :) I have shorter hair like you!
i believe they are wearing make-up just for this video :P
Do you have any tips for girls who are a bit bigger? I'd like to look good and confident when I'm working out and not wear my usual oversized top & basketball shorts. Both tend to weigh me down, but I also feel uncomfortable in clothes that are too snug on me.
This is so helpfull :) Can you please do a video about what to wear on dates, and also a video about finding the perfect wedding dress? Thanks again ^^
Did you know they have this one thing where it can make your make up water proof its in a small-ish bottle thats in sophora
So far, this is your longest video :)
Chriselle! You have amazing posture... Hooow??? I look naturally lanky & I'm not a fan but I always find myself slouching & I end up looking sickly :(
i kind og get that, funy how most girls think - yuck I am sweaty and disgusting, but guy often look at me when I run in the morning and try to talk to me when I stretch I think they do not find me disgustingly sweaty
These clothes help you feel more comfortable. Where as cheap work out clothes can ride up, itch, make u feel stuffy or extremely hot cheap clothes would distract u from working out. That's why I love this vid!
You can tell Chriselle works out because in all of her previous videos she really toned espiecally in her arms
I enjoyed your tips as always. I don't see what people are complaining about. Sometimes folks want to look nice, yes, even when working out.
there is some truth to this, if your feeling confident you'll get a better workout.
I really love that lime green sports bra! But I'm pretty sure I'd get kicked out of the gym for wearing only that! Military gyms don't allow that. Also I don't wanna get eye fucked haha. But I love those leggings too! I wanna get a pair! I always just wear shorts
my eyes are burning O o O :DD YOU GYS ARE REALLY FIT IM JELLY
But clothes are also important for you to feel good during the workout, put I understand your point : )
Haha I am wearing the exact same sportsbra as Chriselle right this second
I loved this video, I love working out but I needed inspiration to find proper workout gear and what to look for. Found it kinda sucky that the girls didn't end up wearing the clothes you showed them in the Tone It Up workout vid with you featured in though.
uh i'm very skinny and everyone tells me to eat and looks down on me >_> so annoying i wish i would have some curves. i eat and eat, why is there no video for that lool
i think maybe instead of advertising clothing brands, you should focus on types of clothe that look flattering on different body types. Especially when you're working out, because that's when you get sweaty and not "sexy" looking, so why not try to give people with certain body types advice on what kind of fit, look, and different cut of clothing that they can wear, so they can be sexy and confident when they're working out. this whole video was a total advertise.
Where is Katrina's tye die sports bra from?
you are just right. And at the beginning it's a pain to work out, but once you do it regulary you feel so good you can't stop!
target has cheaper alternatives in their activewear department. the products will wear down a little bit quicker though. but because activewear has a weird audience, unfortunately, the price has a direct correlation to the quality. obviously though, certain colors canbe cheaper.
ugh better get off my lazy ass if I want bodies like theirs :(
Chriselle is already 5'8 or 5'9 tall, how about the other???? :-O
Woo Lululemon! Great brand for yoga/fitness wear!
I have bangs and I like to use a very cheap one with sharp plastic teeth, teeth stop it from moving anywhere x
I love the color blocking youre doing in here chriselle. You sold it to me! I'm going to go and buy a lavender beater :D
I like the sets, but they are for skinny girls that discouraging, would have been nice also to big girls outfits, it's just a suggestion...
but now you know about a new website that will help you do that! :)
If you can't afford those brands then don't whine about it over YouTube. I'm mostly listening to the tips that Chriselle is telling us. With those tips you can find cheaper and more affordable options yourself.
Check out it is a great site for a healthy lifestyle. All workouts last only 12 minutes!
Yikes. I really do like the video but I cannot afford a single thing from lululemon :S
Anyone know what orange nail polish Katrina was wearing? Looks suuuuper good on tan skin like she has!
Your job seems so easy, if someone gave me money and my job was to shop for them I'd come up with a hell of a better outfit than yours!
You three have so little body fat between you... Not working out enough. Back to the gym for me.
Well then don't watch a video called "fashion meets fitness" if you don't care.......
I think a lot of it is because people wear their sports gear when they aren't working out too.....
She's not forcing us to buy a particular brand, she's merely giving us tips!!
Can't believe it's not sponsored cuz it looks like it
Why does everyone suddenly comment that they feel fat? Is there something wrong with working out and staying fit? Somehow I feel there is an implication that these girls are doing something wrong.....which in itself is wrong. Exercising and eating well is not a sin or something to be looked down upon.
working out only helps a very small amount with losing weight. the most important reason to work out is just to stay fit. when you want to loose weight you have to look at how much and what you eat.
Where is Katrina's bra from? Love it.
her hair tutorial is on daven's channel, because he's her hair BFF! :)
Those bodies T______________________T
Ahh, must get on the trendmill! Dx
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