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L.A. Noire - DRUG STORE - Part 92

by TobyGames • 68,663 views

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X-er-mean-nor?? It's Exam-in-noire Toby
Doesn't looooook like im gonna rape anyone... UGGGGH!... ok...
@abirv98 No that's him trying to get himself together. Like if Toby makes Cole do something completely pointless in the game Cole would probably be thinking something like "Come on Cole! You gotta focus on the job!" People do that all the time. Adapt that to the way Toby talks and then it works.
Ps, This episode was hilarious!
and i thought Hannan from the yogcast was a bad driver 0.o
Dear Toby, a doorknob with a yellow-ish color is openable. other color doorknobs are not involved in the case.
You missed a gold doorknob at the Bookmakers office. Probably clues.
I really don't want to see you drive an actual car haha
Toby's driving is amazing. :)
I love how you drive on the sidewalk and people run away... right in front of the car that's knocking over mailboxes and killing people...
2187 hos. i can't think of a joke to put after that
I laughed SO HARD when you started driving, Toby ;)
301 views 576 likes...hmmmm.. some people like this video wee bit too much :O
I liked Cole's old suit from the homicide desk, it reminded me of Neil McCaffry from White Collar :)
Ezio + Toby? I just died, too much hotness.
I can picture Cole Phelps turning into a crowd of people and running them all over along with all the stop signs and light posts screaming "WHHEEEEEEEWWWWWWW!!!"
LMAO, Transcribe Audio!!! 0:31 "physics palm i got amid a mechanical cock and that the government of good chief, mechanic at me at all." Epic Lol Fail
@ThePSNreviewer hes found two secret cars before...havent you been watching all the episodes?
I wish i had this much fun when i play video games xD
Actually that IS Roy's Car otherwise it wouldn't have a siren.
"I learned this in the marines.. when I was playing Xbox instead of going into battle" GAHAHHAHHAH.
@ReverseOmoPlata he used to know but it seems hes forgotten
@JMfan2400 but sometimes toby talks to cole or talks about things outside of the game, so it doesn't always work.
Ah damn guys Let Toby be silly damn
Calmly approach phone, pay, utilize phone, take me to one of those prerecorded messages girl, OH! It's different, I laughed so hard
Did you just call him...Enzio? Thought you were done with AC: Brotherhood...
Lol when Toby said "KGPL" at 3:58....
I haven't watched Tobygames for a while, but it seems like Toby has actually gone insane...
I want a TobyGames Highlight from 7:38 to 8:05 :P
"I gotta get over to the *booping* phone 2 seconds later *CRASH* "I thought it was indestructible!' XD
omg i was laffing so hard when he was running over ppl and he was just rambling on. Love it.
@Pribiscus I dont play this game, its just what i realised after watching previous videos
7:48 "Come on Ezio! Oh my god he just went through the thing!" Could NOT stop laughing!~!!
Is anyone else surprised that Toby missed the lampost at 4:34 He's growing up so fast :'-)
"Come on Ezio" hahaha that had me in stitches
in fact during one video i was eating and i laughed and sneezed at the same time i chocked and had to go to the hospital
*game* follow that car without attracting attention.. *toby* GOD DAMMMIT!
4:40 did Toby manage to mow 3 people down?
7:46 lol and then he "calmly walks up to the phone"
God, that guy's voice makes my throat hurt.
The guy who does Mervin's voice does Torn's in Jak 2
LOL this game got quite alot of glitch haha
7:42 looks like he just pole danced on that tree
I don't take credit for this idea, but if you imagine that Toby's commentary is Cole's thoughts, these videos become ten times more hilarious. :)
I can barley hear you with that crashing and siren in the background.
"Guys in hats are aloud. We know that much."
your n ot getting your bed bath and beyond twenty % off coupon
This lady's soooooooo quick the slick quick lady...
A 5:45 was that the blues brothers
@bganimationman He drives like that on purpose... Don't tell me you don't do the same just for fun (In Games)?... Personally, it makes it funnier...
okay lets get the POOP outta here! whata...POOP! aw man, oh! ah the POOP phone's blue,POOP my way over the POOP stra-CRASH!!!
"Whaaoo!! Whaaaaoo! it's a borg. A borg person!"
Dont touch my beer... or else... I'll kick you in the ... meercat...meeer.....caaat
lmfaoo, calmly approach the payphone
toby is the reason we have seatbelts
whoa when you said come on ezio my cat named ezio jumped up on me
There is a stage about halfway through this where for a long time, whenever Toby is on the road, everyone is running. Everyone everywhere.
It sounded like Toby said: "All right buddykins" at 3:33
i have sneezed in 100 videos already so i have been blessed for a long time
Haha I love how you can hear Toby clicking all these random buttons when he was trying to open the car door to drive back to the drugstore :) also I almost died when he squeaked when he coughed! XD
Following her would be hard for smart people but for toby its easy
Watch this with the automated captions! :D
Calmly...approach...the pay phone. That made me laugh so hard for some reason. xD
"Don't act like that's your real voice!"
When he took out a mailbox, streetlamp and a person, then skidded and drove into the mailbox so that it flew through the air and smashed into a car off screen... I stopped breathing for a while.
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