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Shanghai Noon 2001 Full Movie Part 1/2 Swesub HQ

by DarkCreatorn • 525,391 views

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Deliberate, though you forgot to mention how i started a sentence with "and".
jeez, owen wilson was So irritating in this movie.
That sentence does not make sense..being a double negative..
i think the subtitles are fine :D thank you so much man!
which batman? cuz i only remember Michael Caine O_o
Varsågod, jo men de flesta blir blockerade i vissa länder eller helt borttagen :/
how about you guys are both wasting your time both being a bunch of bitches instead of watching a movie. i say you both are dipshits :)
how do you turn off the subtitles???
Wish I could be as quiet as falling leaves I put my foot Iin my mouth way too much
guys dont like the vid ,dislike then it will take longer for youtube to find it thumb up this comment so people can see!
Thanks for the upload, i couldnt find this ANYWHERE you're a legend
wat happening??? leave me alone!!!
i think every normal civilian would do that but a normal civilian is sth different for each one sadly
the chiefs daughter is smoking I bet she is good in other ways to
y la segunda parte??? osea el resto???
One of the writer's names is Alfred Gough. Michael Gough played Alfred in Batman.
whyyyyyyyyyyy subtitleeeesssssssssss nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
20:29 Euh, srry but, jackie, thats river water=.=
I've found, the song is called journey of the imperial guard :)
@tevronwizdom Pretty powerful shit XD
Video has been here for a year, hardly doubt youtube will find it.
That's because they're not ingians (indians), woman. They're Jews. I loled at that.
hahahaha very funny best upload ever! thanks so much :')
thank u so much for the upload.upload more jackie chan movies if possible
holy shit u rule i fucking love u (no homo) cnt believe utube hasnt banned it as long as no cunt flags it
i love this movie but those subtitles..........i have to say they distracted me through the whole movie i would save this to my playlist but it would be allot better without the subtitles man.........other then that awesome upload bro love it.
The Mohawk Indians give most other Native American tribes in the west a bad name.
Well you could learn Swedish by this way. A Swede saved a Chinese girl from drowning in China. A lot of good folks in Sweden
Like any emperor would ever hate Jackie Chan... I call bullshit, this movie is not real
i love this film, exept the indian girl who always magicaly rides in on her horse and saves the day all the time
at 44:50 back door is closed by mysterious entity
Thank You for uploading this! I didn't need the subtitles, but I'm glad you uploaded so that people like me can find it and watch it. Thanks a bunch! :)
actually it doesnt matter if you like or dislike the vid it all counts up to make the vid more populair. if it actually worked like you think rebecca black's video wouldnt have millions of views
I dont have that version but im sure there is a version like this, Hey this is YouTube ;)
the funniest bit was when they passed him the 'pipe' and he was getting-high off that, his facial expressions were hilarious! priceless!
lol, 25:52 jackies getting high of the peace bong :P
this is great.. i really like Owen Wilson, like im the biggest fan..
Why is he wearing a dress? AHAHAHA
@DarkCreatorn Ya i think it was just my internet. :) got it fixed now :)
thanks, not often that you see the subtitles, och coolt att det var svenska texter också :)
Thank you, honey! :) Hahahaha I had a crazing for this movie!
yes she was and the tigeress in kung fu panda, as well as cameos in tv shows such as futurama
the horse is just the cutest. hahahahahahahha
First of all its not on the top its on the bottom of the movie and if you dont like the the title and dont press this...simple as that...stop overreacting...
fan vad coolt ! film på youtube med svensk text :)
Its not foreign its Swedish. What kind of langauge do they speak on your planet?
22:48 bad memories :o (breaking branch armour of god)
@jett16Stylez your annoying @Theheads2tails and you cant spell worth shit
I dont like having dislikes on my videos.. they make me feel like Justin Bieber..
"pass him the peace pipe, maybe that will shut him up." LOL
lol dont you love how people will take the time to make a post asking a question you already answered? happens to me on my videos ALL the time!!! its ssooooo annoying lol XD
good video, thx for the upload
ur awesome thanks showing it in two part instead of like 20
fine your choice but the movie wont be up as long
piss shirt bends, I love that line
Well Daamn, Youre full of appreciation...... Spoiled Brat! ;)
you insult ur mom.. nvm u dn hve one cuz no one loves u asshole
yea on a diff website which has u do a survey which sucks
least theres sound and no quit movie with just subtitles
No shit! I made a movie which is really successful and instead of living the celebrity life i upload videos to Youtube....think before you comment. BUT i uploaded the video from the beginning so the YT video is mine..
Tack för att du la upp en sån fet film ^^ Fan så gött att man kan lägga upp hela filmer på Youtube nu :)
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