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Pirates of the Caribbean - Soundtrack Megamix

by Tim S. Fischer - Composer • 4,481,546 views

So many of you asked if it's possible to put a high resolution audio file of this mix online. Just make sure you send me a PM and I'll send back the download link! :-) My fourth mixdown compilation...

Hey people! Thanks for your big response! You're awesome and it's getting crowded here :-) So many of you asked if it's possible to put a high resolution audio file of this mix online. Just make sure you send me a PM and I'll send back the download link ;)  be positive and stay tuned Tim
I want it I want it :3 
The best scene in movie history will forever be Jack's entrance in his puny boat ...
to bad they took down the online game
+Erika Nance OMFG!!!!!!!! THEY ARE MAKING A REWRITTEN! They did the same thing with toontown. They made a rewritten version.!!! HOLY CRAP!! HYPE!!
+HufftyPuffty Wow! As soon as I heard this comment, 10:07 played, lol.
Now this is the GREATEST way to take a dump!! Listening to this while relieving yourself :D
+Alex Angelini Your poop shooter is your pirate cannon while your dropping a load. Your firing turd cannon balls out of your ass hole.
How are there dislikes on this??? seriously... and 578, whats up with that!
I'm not one of the dislikers, but maybe it is because the music is sped up. I listen to these soundtracks a lot, and I quickly noticed that the pitch is higher. I love the arrangement, though.
Now 630 dislikes WTF?
I personally like hearing music in a key other than the original, especially if it is raised, even though it is sped up.
Leon Turner Shared on Google+ · 7 months ago
+Mochi Niccals  Agree or disagree...this music is beautiful.
+Murdoc Niccals No, being ignorant makes you.......IGNORANT.
This is beter than lil Wayne and all the swag bullshit togheter
Doing my homework like a badass.
the very last soundtrack is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! love that one!!!!!!!!!!!
Hey, does anyone know if there is a song in the pirates of the caribbean that sounds like 0:00 to 0:15 but for longer? I really like that little piece. :/
Great Music! Is it electronical made or is it a real orchestra? What is a PM?
We are playing this whole entire soundtrack for band xD
Drank jack daniels while listening to this the other day.. I ran out. Why is the rum always gone?
Is He's a Pirate somewhere in it?
Comment ont peut dislike serieux ?!!!!
Best bit of this is 0:00 to 23:16.
Awesome music! I recognise some other music apart from pirates of the carribean though... care to tell me what are they? Can't really remember... but still great music!
Id rather be the real life jack sparrow then a multi billionaire in todays society
Arrr. This makes me feel like a wee ole' sailor again. ... Arr..
Time to Play Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag;)
If you don't know every note in this music, then you are not a true fan of pirates!! If only I could get an a-level in knowing this whole music off by heart, I could literally repeat it without it playing... Johnny Depp is honestly the best actor in the entire world, he's my hero!!! Whoever created this, its amazing, well done!!:-)
i love pirets of the karibean
571 grumpy deaf people
Epic !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Can anyone tell me what the the name of the track is from the beginning to about 2mins 30?
We are bad scuondrels Drink out pirates joho! This sound is only amazing ;-)
And so we shall go to war
Arrrr! Welcome maties to Kohchang Island Thailand !
Can I get the link as well ?
It needs more percussion and strings
The Best!!!!!!!!! <~_^>♡.♡
So pirates, such caribbean! Mind=Blown
How can someone dislike this music I mean this is epic! 
Nop sry best part is from 0:00 until the end
whats the name of the song from 10:05  
Hyvä kuva musa ihan ok
and thats without one drop of rum!
beautiful mix !! Q: from which movie the track in 14:17 is?
Pirates of the Caribbean - Soundtrack Megamix #steelasophical  
Puh! Ich liebe diese Melodie (Soundtrack)
what is the name of the song 17:20 - 19:00??
I love pirates of carebian yeeeeeee
Still possible to get the download link? Really enjoyed your mix, keep up the work!
I played this song with trumpet in school its awesome!
Wonderful! I love that soundtrack so much. Thank you for uploading!
4Mil views and 3.5k subs? Whats the meaning of this!!!
very good music. I like it!! Thank you. Tim S. Fisher-Composer!!
loki lokesh Shared on Google+ · 3 months ago
Mix - Pirates of the Caribbean - Soundtrack Megamix: Pirates of the Caribbean - Soundtrack Megamix
This music is pure love <3
Amazing. Brought about tears.
❤❤❤❤❤❤❤LOVE IT THX
Can anyone tell me the song at 13:20?
stunning excellent effort
Bellissima... I pirati dei Caraibi la sua colonna sonora non la batte nessuno.;-)
Che schifooo😜😜😜😜😜
Which song Form the beginning to 0:17 ?
Kann man dieses lied irgendwie downloaden??
What's the name of the melody on minute 11:50 Please i want yo know THANK YOU
it is from track ONE DAY!! 
Hans Zimmer is such a fucking incredible musical genius!
Still better than One Peace. 
What's the name of the song from 19:00?
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