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Lollipop Chainsaw - Gameplay Walkthrough - Part 14 [Stage 3] - HOLY F-ING CHICKENS! (Xbox 360 / PS3)

by theRadBrad • 87,296 views

Lollipop Chainsaw Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 for those that missed it: Lollipop Chainsaw Playlist: Lollipop Chainsaw Gameplay...

Too funny!!! "Aww I'm so glad it's not called the Nick Cannon, fuck that guy"
are you racist because you said something about nick cannon whom is black
This video is sponsored by KFC and PETA
"CENTUCKY FRIED ASS" by radbrad :-D
Thumbs up👍for Kentucky fried azz whoppen
Kentucky fried ass woopin xD (kfaw) (kfc)
Kentucky fried ass whoopin! xD
Those chicken jokes were class act 5 Stars!!
I cried laughing at those chicken jokes
I respect the fact that you would play any video game that has blood, adrenalin, and swearing.
Someone else said what you said about never saying that someone said that exact line
i was not expecting nick cannon. lulz doodaloo doodaloo doodaloo do!
I thought you were from New York! x)
Kentucky fried ass whoopin, haha.
Would love to see just a single video of you playing minecraft - that would be sweet!
Brad, you have an xbox 360 and a ps3. Your not a redneck.
why is everyone girl in a video game hot?
Me: After "Kentucky Fried Ass-Whoopin", I'm wondering what else he's got that will make me laugh. Brad: *Cuts chicken* Oh, Two-Piece! Me: *On the floor laughing guts out*
if you could turn the game volume up just a tad so i can hear whats going on as you talk that would be fantastic but if not thats cool too:]
Man this game is amazing you chose the right game to play
I have 2 questions 1. How to save the game? 2.When cutting heads, and push the button Y, do you keep it down?
You know why people watch this, Brad?
Kentucky FryedAss Whooping LOL 1:11
i watch this for the same reason every straight 15 year old gamer does
Kentucky Fried Asswhoopin. Lol LOVE IT
This game is a bit of a cult game.
I think that your voice level and the sound of the game work perfectly together and that there is no need for you to adjust either one of them.
this is some crazy ass shit with big ass zombie chickens
baba booey? Family Guy Reference...
The nick cannon joke was funny XD
THe Nick Cannon comment, what's up with that Brad.XD
haha your southern accent is still kinda there dw. though I am a north eastern lol
This always happens to me when I come to your channel to check out if I'd like a game or not... I can't stop watching the videos...This game looks awesome though.
kentucky fried ass woopen? this is why i love you brad
The chickens came back to haunt you hahah
Huge Zombie Chickens how cool is that lol...
Catherine is really fun, i admit i died 40 times in the last stage of ice thing xD
God dammit will you go on with the damn misson shit
Babba booey babba booey Oh my god nick is retarded
"Kentuck Fried Ass whoopin'!" rofl
HA!!! A Howard Stern reference... game got so much more awesome in my eyes
The original or Flo Rida's version of Right Round?
Tonight im gonna pass on macking chicken! ; )
Where have I heard Juliet's voice before...
and I agree with you. why are we so hung up with how realistic a video game is? I thought the reason why we played games was because they were different from the norms of life. If I wanted to do something realistic I would go outside and do stuff not play a game.
My southern acent doesn't show as much but sometimes it gets the better of me
thats what make's you better then other ones Brad you dont play all the games that everyone play's and that make's it fun to watch =)
Kentucky Fried Ass-whoopin'. Best laugh I've had all week.
My boyfriend actually bought this game for me. I really love it. He only watches me play it, he doesnt seem to want to try playing it. He is more of a first person shooting games. But this game was completely different for me and its very amusing.
buy the armadillo spin. thts sooooooooooooo sick :)
brad, i know i'm going to sound like a raving fan boy (witch i am) but, what are your opinions on the halo franchise?just a little curious is all.
Too bad these demonic chickens aren't sexy... then you could call one a Cluck-u-bus!
It's just like--*chickens come towards you*--HOLY FUCKIN' CHICKENS! JESUS!
Nick Cannon, wow Brad. Good game btw, still love it. And juliet
Oh, if you want to try another weird game you can try Alice madness returns... If you want ^^''
Kentucky Fried Asswhoopin!!! Lmao.
@djCARACTER ITs a Howard Stern reference!!!! :D
I take back what I said ages ago. This game doesn't look half bad
I sit here and watch this game play as a quietly eat my fried chicken and wedges...
i do not like nick cannon eather t is he even famous
Catherine is a really good game, but I don't think that most gamers could play it because of it's puzzle base. And, you know, God forbid that any "hardcore gamer" play a puzzle game >_>
Yes Brad game volume up or your voice volume down just a bit :) would be perfect
Kentucky fried ass-whoopin! Brad what a comedian!
Kentucky fried ASS WOOPIN!! son!! lol yes what a beast. :D
Brad u should just do what u thik is best, there'll always be people who like/dislike it, no matter what u do ;D btw love the series, its absolutely nuts ♥
Not a big fan of nick cannon i see, shit im fine even if were both black i can understand your point.
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