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marines of 1/2 charlie in afghanistan

by lance crawford • 1,082,650 views

1/2 charlie in afghanistan bringing the pain to the enemy

All of the towelheads are mad because we've wasted all of your pigfucking brothers. All the Europeans are mad because they lost their balls twenty years after the end of the Second World War. We're the only ones with enough pride and metal to fight and kill and die in the interests of our country. Part of a soldier's job is to die and kill, which is why Americans laugh or get frustrated when you complain that we kill too many people or laugh that we die. Most of your citizenry aren't familiar with the concept of fighting, with some notable and respected exceptions within the ranks of your combat troops. /rant
so ask your husband does he dislike the people like you do >? iv been a mercenary for 7 years now spending my time in Afghanistan and Iraq . don't tell me that American disrespect them like that only the stupid fucker who have not been in the line of duty and who have not seen war will be so rude . you have a big mouth and nothing to back it up .you where never there you don't know what its like .you don't know the people there and you want to kill them all ? you are full of shit girl .
Second world war ended twenty years ago? Dumb faggot, your American public education is SHOWING!!
you just killing civil people bitch
Either your with us or you are with the terrorist... Nobody is neutral in the war against terrorism....
There not even getting shot at-this is such a one sided ''war''
so how come they be're dumb  twat
USA think that is peace... it's a violence of US. God damn USA
1:37 hey look what I can do lol
They bitch when the US does something. Then they bitch when the US does nothing. Now Obama is the president. He does nothing and the world is in turmoil. All you spoiled little bastards will get your wish. We are broke and losing power and there will be no one left to bail your fag asses out of trouble. Just look what is happening to Ukraine. Not to mention we are sick of loosing our people for you. Try taking care of your selves for a change and don't ask for our help or money. 
and whats with American Uniforms? They look like fuckin pajamas! Military uniforms supposed to look bad ass- like other countries sheeesh
best uniforms in the world.
Their guns are nice tho
Fucking USA kill the a lot of people.
I was the guy holding the camera in the first scene and yes I got down because I Was more worried about not getting shot, than getting some good camera shots(to whomever was talking shit about it). 
really  so .. i want your sign
richard mcintyre Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
richard mcintyre Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
richard mcintyre Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Well I don't know, apart from the fact that I live on the same planet as you, breath the same air as you...and oh..I forgot, I'm the same species as you. That's how.
Ignorant, patriotic American please be quiet you child.
You fucking cunt! These brave men and women put their lives on the line every fucking day so you can sleep safely. They're human beings too, better ones than you are obviously, whore.
Who The FUCK are youoooooo!!!!!! muthea Fucka getg some tommorow today and oh ya kill all--- Meet Me Or let me find You'll get best guess I'm nol fucking bitch Drake Heart...........
o my mistake never you clearly know what you're talking about
I agree with your one comment about how the Afghans are our allies, but I do not agree with your statement about Marines. I am part of the Guard, but have the same utmost respect for any branch along side us. I would rethink that comment. Hooah.
I don't give two shits about you, frankly. If some inbred goatherd sawed your head off with a rusty knife, it wouldn't register on my "important shit" scale. The sole reason I joined is so that I can be a military contractor once my federal time is up.
Sorry, I don't bother to read comments made by those inferior to me.
" I realy would like to know what there shooting at" Lmfao XD
devil dogs get enough blood everyday, and it looks like they need yours
only you can tell i mean you play btf. so you must like know everything about the marine, about the army fucker i bet your mother still makes your breakfast now fuck off or show some respect
yet we remain the superior race. weird how that happens right.
were the weakest pieces of shit?! were the first ones to go in in matter of fact join the marines you faggot and we'll see who's the baby, stfu cuz while you play COD were out there defending your sorry ass
Marines are normal soldiers, they're no different from the army...just a little more ignorant.
you are blind,blind by the tv media and the know nothing a plane that destroy a big building with massive steal...go to school and learn more...i do not believe in zionist media !
2.57 very nice picture....fuck of the USA
Why is there a communist on youtube that cant understand a little humor?
Why the music? Just leave the footage please.
4:06 im setting that as my fucking wallpaper.
I cant find your comment but dude Yes it is based of the Marines 1st Marine Recon. Ever looked at the subtitles at the beginning of the Mission? Ever Maybe Could tell its the Marines by their Camo and Fighting Style?
Thanks you, Just Backing up our brothers in the Front lines.
How are these animals protecting me? Tell me, I'd like to know. :)
Charlie Battalion! Fuck Yeah!! Love it gents! That's that "Yut" shit i'm talking about PaleHorse!
If you don't like the US Military, then get the fuck out of America. If you don't like it, LEAVE IT. You are probably one of those fuckin pussy whipped liberals who would cry like a little bitch if I dick slapped acrossed the face. Get the fuck out of my country fuckknuckles.
what does being Australian have do do with COD bro and im a Marine yes we're war junkies and yes we can get reckless but before you open you mouth who declared war us or them so stfu
The marines are natural bad asses
Its nothing that has to do with psychosis. Its animosity and rage against our enemies that every american has, or should have. For over a decade we've fought them, and lost thousands of lives. That alone should be enough to want to destroy their dictatorship and terrorist ways.
Yes, yes that is right. You're correct I was hired to kill you.
Your Australian? And you are talking shit about the U.S marines?........
"Some poor bastard, probably a civillian, died there.." That what looks like a block of concrete in a cage, is a military installed "anti blast" Block, which means, this "guy" is probably at a base, or an outpost, in other words.. in some kind of military establishment. That pallet possibly once had cases of bottled water (They are frequently delivered, as you can imagine it gets all stuffy in Afghan) and that amount of blood? someone probably got a nasty splinter, poor civilian? VERY unlikely.
I have not one fucking clue what you just said, and in BF3 The US team are actually based on the US army..
СССР из Афганистана ушел США пришло.Нахуя блядь=))))
u see pretty ignorant as well plus how would you know you're a fucking aussie
How does it feel to be completely ignorant?
There are reasons to invade other countries and not to invade sometimes it has to happen and you have to bring the fight to the enemy before they bring it to you. If you don't understand why we invade other countries you are not educated because even educated people against the war still know there are reasons pro war just as con.
Fuck the white race? The white race has to be the most successful races out there. Dont be mad because your country sucks dick and could be fucked up by the U.S.
3:33 what the hell are they doing? taking a DNA sample off the corpse? i find it hard to believe some guy picking buds from the dope fields was any real threat to those soldiers. Whats he gonna do, throw a bud at them?
I bet you really dont have enough balls to say it to one of our faces because you know your face would end up more f**ked up than it is already. Btw we are very professional we kill you quick and fast so pieces of shit like you dont suffer and get stop wasting our oxygen. WAR is WAR, trees are trees no one cares if a tree gets blown up we want to all come back home alive. oooorah
4.07 the best püicture in this clip
Really? The most unprofessional? I don't fucking care, the others will die not my guys. Your units sure like us in combat buddy.
sounds like somebody needs to speak to a few Vietnam veterans.
i see americans have fun by killing ppl...i hope that germany bring back our troops and not help this crimemaker...
And my sincerest apologies, I only just read your pitiful excuse of a first comment, thought I'd just let you know that by making that comment you became a bigot, and I'm English.
I'm explaining to you that US Marines have won the Pacific practically on their own against the Japanese Empire in WW2. They have also proved themselves time and time again to get the job done. So, your logic is basically the Japanese, or any other combatant that is beaten by the USMC, are too "unprofessional"?
Jesus, half a year ago xD How have you been? lol
That's what the Marines do. They go in, kick ass, beat the fuck out of the enemy, and leave the rest to you Army boys. Marines are warriors, the Army is just soldiers.
america go into a war for zionist israel and pay tax money every day for israel..nice that you go for israel and let you kill by the "terrorist"
It's interesting you say that considering your picture is of Battlefield 3, and the main character of the story was a Marine, and I don't doubt that that character on your picture is a Marine.
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