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The worlds straightest gay man & gayest straight man!
Him and Russell Tovey are the worlds straightest gay men!
Nice one! I love them both!
LOL man, WOLVERINE can SING & DANCE beautifully! I want another WOLVERINE movie b4 He grows older LOL
+CChounds Hugh didn't sign a contract to do 4 more Wolverine/X-Men movies.  That was a rumor that turned out to be false.  He was offered $100,000 to do 4 more X-Men/Wolverine movies and turned it down.  As it is now, he is doing a play on Broadway and one of my friends said he was asked by a fan afterwards if he will be in X-Men Apocalypse and he said, "I don't know.  I haven't seen the script."  It is for certain, however, that he will be making a new movie musical next year called "The Greatest Showman on Earth."   
I was expecting a "no, you don't", "yes I do" chain. You really let me down, internet.
Funny since NPH is hosting the Oscars this year.
Kids, in 2011, your uncle Barney had a duet with Wolverine!
+UltimateHammerBro *shrugs* Ted could tell them a story from Comic-con
+Amanda Johnson This could have the bonus of having to explain how there was yet another double of uncle Barney in the form of Nightwing.
Oh my gosh!!! This is sheer awesomeness. However, what are the musicals that this was a mashup of? I knew Annie Get Your Gun and West Side Story, but what are the others? Thanks!
"Let me entertain you" from Gypsy is at the end
The "how to..." stuff was from How to Succeed In Business Without Really Trying
there goes wolverine image right out the window!
One thing, though: Neil hasn't only done sitcoms, as evident by Starship Trooper.
+Azarathian Mage You really don't need to tell me that. AS my last comment clearly indicated I was a Starship Troopers fan.
+Fingleberrys That wasn't specifically for you. I may have tagged you, but still.
They need to host the Grammys together.
Nie ma jak Brodwey. Patrick Harris będzie w tym, znaczy nowym roku, prowadził galę oskarową:) Fajnie razem tańczą.:))))
Dzięki za jedynki.:) W NOWYM ROKU życzę zdrowia, powodzenia, spokoju i uśmiechu na co dzień:))))) Jednym słowem POMYŚLNOŚCI!!!!!!!!!
Przed chwilką obejrzałam film muzyczny "Nędznicy" z pow. aktorem Hugo Jackmanem.Bardzo go lubię, bo jest zdolny, a do tego przystojny:))))Pozdrawiam!!!
Hmmm, but which would do better singing I Enjoy Being a Girl?
I love this so much!  Hugh Jackman tough guy lead actor of the X-Men movies and two separate spins offs of his own, dancing and singing full tilt broadway style with Neil Patrick Harris.  I think this is going to be my new favorite go-to video for making homophobe bigot's heads explode!  lmao!
Awwww, now Neil can actually say he has hosted the Oscars! <3
Sigh. If I must explain, I talk weirdly, think of stupid questions and say things that make no sense.
Ah, not that kind of things I ... well ... never mind :-D ... . Still, thinking (even weirdly) is good habit, keep it up, not many ppl do so these days :-P
...Wolverine doing broadway is hilarious to me.
If he hadn't done broadway he probably would never be wolverine he was brought to the public eye when he played curly in Oklahoma in the west end
Yeah, like Marisa said, Hugh Jackman started out in musical theater long before he ever put the claws on.   
A total hottie and a total cutie in the same place.... my heart can't take this....
doesn't matter, it can go both ways. although I was referring hugh as hottie and neil as cutie
This is absolutely precious! I loved it.  I'm pretty new to their Patrick's and Hugh's Broadway work. For a long time, I didn't consider them Broadway stars, but it's things like this that make me glad that I've reconsidered. 
+DarkwingsDesending I was just curious, that's all.  No need to be feisty.   :)   I know you said "used to."  Perhaps I could have worded my comment a little bit better.  I realize that on YouTube since we cannot see or hear each other, comments sometimes come off harsher than they were intended.  I was just asking a question and unfortunately it didn't come off as friendly as I wanted it to. 
they're the best ever!! god!! hugh needs an album right now!! i luv him singing n dancing!!
It's funny watching this now, considering how Hugh's mocking Neil for never winning a tony and hosting the oscars. Now he's done both...
Those two need a movie together
Once in while i have to watch this. Two of my favorite musical guys. If waltzes could be done in three's i  would ad Barrowman in the mix. Imagine the brainoverload. But just these two together is mega.
Yes. Just yes. Someone please make this happen!
That would literally be the best thing
I'm so happy Mr Jackman will soon be wrong about Neil not having hosted the Oscars :)
LOL!  You know they were not serious in this little song and dance number, right?  The two of them adore each other and have nothing but respect for each other.  
I am aware of that. I never meant they to say they were feuding, just happy Neil is going to host because he'll be fantastic!
Two of the most talented performers of our time! I wish I could meet them both in person!
And that kids, is the story of how Uncle Barney met Wolverine
Don't forget Neil is also voiced Spider-man too.
what am I watching?
Neil voiced Spider-man from the new animated series and shattered dimension and Hugh Jackman always plays Wolverine 
Never has this song been more appropriate.............
Happy Birthday to Hugh Jackman, he share the same day as me 12th October.
They are so much fun together, but as far as stand alone host no one can top NPH. 
What was the song they parodied after Don't Rain On My Parade and also after You're The Top?
how to succeed in business from how to succeed in business, and Let me entertain you from gypsy
Lol @ Hugh "Neil Patrick Harrison"
Neil should have said he's been acting longer than Hugh as he's been acting in roles since 1988 while Hugh has only been acting since 1994, AND his debut role was a leading role in a movie called Clara's Heart which got him a nomination at the Golden Globes
AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!! LEGENDARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
shit i didnt expect to see robin williams here. watching this went from laughter to tears.
This was legen wait for it.......dary ! Shared on Google+ · 1 week ago
Treffen sich neulich zwei Oscars Hosts ... #Oscars2015
He hosted the bloody Oscars this year, ha!
Hugh Jackman and Neil Patrick Harris should co-host every award show for the rest of time.
why doesnt this happen more often
dont tell in Oscars 2015 i wont be seeing this duet again Wolverine, go up on stage this February please
Oh i want that too.Please please someone make it happen.I want to hear them sing together again.
This is one of my favourite things ever
yeah Neil hosts better and also the Oscars
of corse now they are both halfway to the EGOT
Dear lord I can't stop watching and smiling, this is fabulous!
Well look who's hosting the Oscars now Jackman....
Looks like Neil caught up with Hugh seeing as how he's hosting the Oscars tis year. X3
Even though this was pretty Epic....i still would have liked to see these guys sing, "I'll cover you" together.  Haha I think that would be awesome!
he'll host oscars this year :D 
I haven't read all the months of comments. I'll say this, they are both star quality . (duh in the fact they are both stars). Stage performance? Depends on what you want. One seemed natural, the other performed. No matter what, performing live is so amazing and difficult. No one, those who have or those who wished, can take anything away them or us who have. Bravo gentleman, and i enjoyed watching this
NPH WILL DOMINATE THE OSCARS!!!!!!!!!!!! IT'S GONNA BE LEGEN...WAIT FOR IT................................................DARY LEGENDARY!!!!!!!!!!
And look who is hosting the Oscars this year ;)
Would you rather have the superpower of adamantium claws and imortality, or would you rather have the superpower to get laid. Whenever you want! Barney Stinson and The Wolverine ladies and gentlemen.
"Hugh my god that's a workout" :D
Now NPH is going to to host the 2015 Oscars!!
0:54 - I'm willing to bet that Neil Patrick Harris is going to joke about this in this years Oscars
That chord at 3:50! Dudes can sing!!!
oh my god hugh jackman is hilarious
Jodie J Johnson Shared on Google+ · 1 week ago
Getting ready for the #oscars2015  
uncontrollable screaming for fifteen minutes Two of my favourite actors!singing and dancing together!with some if my favourite songs-! I JUST- dead in a pool of blood
hottest two men standing next to each other dayum
hugh is a better dancer it's clear!
Hugh and Neal should co-host together
Barney Stintson And The Wolverine. It's Truly Legend - Wait For It - Dary 
Lol WOLVERINE is such a good dancer and singer!!
Too, too clever and  entertaining!
Oh Hugh can't say that about Neil anymore, he's hosting the Oscars!
i'd love to be able to sing like that :')
2015 he will host the oscars, that will be absolutely legendary
4:07 I hope Elliott gave the money to Walt's family. Otherwise, those snipers will shoot his head off... :D
See. Aussies aren't all that bad. 
Hugh j 😍😍😍😍
Neil has the oscars next year
So like can these two please host Oscars for 2015? Omg i would love it!! omggg please. with some musical stuff
And now NPH is hosting the Oscars.  Heh...
Neil Patrick Harris needs to play the role of Elixir in the next X-Men Movie with Hugh Jackman.  OMG how awesome would that be?
The irony watching this back knowing Neil has won a Tony and will host the Oscars!
ohmygodohmygod this is amazing!!!! However I feel Hugh Jackman has the edge between the two of them, just more stage presence I think
Neil Patrick Harris looks more natural when he dances.
Probably because he's not super muscly like Hugh is.  When Hugh is slim, he looks natural dancing.   
this is awesome on so many levels 
I'm french and I don't understand everything. Can someone tell me what Hugh says at 2:50 please ?
How to aquire better gift in the gift bags they give to celebrities that attend the show.certain bags go to certain celebrities ,depending on how famous they are certain bags i guess are bettr than others
I love Hugh Jackman!!!
0.55 Well next year NPH will be able to say yes he has hosted the Oscars too :-)
3.10 And NPH has won a Tony too now:-)
So when is Wolverine: the musical going into production?
Wolverine dancing and singing. (Y)
Morgan Prentiss Shared on Google+ · 4 months ago
I could watch this over and over again!
Too much awesomeness in one video.  
okay, okay, who else fangirled?
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