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Memorable Moment: Ellen's First Guest, Jennifer Aniston, Pt. 2

by TheEllenShow • 299,386 views

In Ellen's very first show, Jennifer told her about pet peeves, as well as a special appearance Ellen made at her home.

Her house has only six rooms? She must be living a poverty area of LA.
+Roshan Khan Derhhh! You are dumb and stupid. I was being satirical. Look the word up in the dictionary.   .
+Roshan Khan Little hostile don't you think?
When is the show coming back on...???
I do the same thing with the toilet paper
Lol So amazing from day one =) "The big rolls are heavy too" xP
OVER... its closer to you!!!
whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy would u want the toilet paper over??? wth i like it so i have to tug on the toilet paper, under is the way to go! over, u only slightly pull and the toilet paper starts going, that feeling is so annoying
lmaooo Ellen w the only creep stare after she said "Oh! you saw me?!" priceless
I love this show! I really want my Best Friend Shelley to be on her show to show off her voice! Shes got some songs up if anyone wants to watch!! Feel free!! Let us know what you think!! =)
haha thats my pet peeve too lol
No. He actually got more action in 8 years than you probably will in your whole life. And no, he's in a commited relationship right now too, so maybe you should stop insulting people's family and grow up.
lol i thought i was the only one who was OCD about it being over and changed it in other peoples house...
Back when ellen was more akward:)
What if jen said Lesbos near me is my num 1 pet peave?
Is it me or who else has done the thing with the toilet paper..
I'm so glad I'm not the only toilet paper over fanatic! I do all that stuff too!!!
Jennifer Anistos...Y U DONT GET OLD?!
i dont watch her videos,i watched one and i hated it
Check Me Out Ellen DeGeneres You Tube Shout Out Watch It!!!!!!. Click On my Name
Ellen tries to change the world even through toilet paper :D
"ohh you saw me...?" hahahah ellen is soo funny lol :D
LOL, I don't really care ifnthentoilet paper is under or over BUT over is easier
Ellen is a golden globe actress she also has ass implants.
I completely understand the toilet paper concern!!!! I dont know why anyone would have it under!!!
its weird how i always end up watching ellen and goin to bed really late !:)
Wow, I've always put it over, I simply consider under to be the wrong way. Like when a light switch turns off the light if you switch it up. It's just not how it should be.
Hahahaha :D I do flip them, too!!
i love how jennifer is exactly the way she was on friends XD
no paul mckenna, I DON'T wanna lose weight, get OUT!
ellen and jennifer like to have the end of the toilet paper on top (ie. over) instead of on the bottom (ie. under). dont think that was very clear, tried though.
"Oh you saw me!? I was just goofing around!" hahahahahaaha
i fucking swear someone is hack both of my youtube accounts..
I'm an over! & always change other people's. I often wonder if the unders notice.
I wonder what would have happened if Ellen didn't say she was "just kidding around" (lol) about flashing...?
Wow I never thought about the toilet paper thing, now I'm going to notice it every time.........
Of course she can, but I'm just saying that this interview was a long time ago and Jennifer Aniston still looks the same
um odd conversation...i prefer not to talk about toilet paper...
Better change my toilet paper now...
You'd think after days, maybe weeks of Ellen's 'Memorable Moment', people would get that her new season comes in September. On every single page of comments, someone mentions it. How hard is it for people to miss that she'll come back in September?!
follow me on instagram, jonjonchan
best part @1:00 "Oh! You saw me?!" and Ellen's face is just.. LOL
there's that finger game at 0:10 and it disappears at 0:11 editing fail :)
i do the ame with the toilet paper! i'm a over person lol but i change it in some house's but sometimes the change it in my house :O the change it to under :( very bad :P
is u fhucken gonna say sumthin mean keep it to your self shes funny and beautiful and if u dont lik her then y u waitching her videos-.-
i love jennifer aniston, awesome choice for a first guest! ellen is funny
My mom is an under... & I am an over.... So we kinda have toilet wars.....
oh u saw me ...... lol i was laughing like a crazy girl
i don't think i have ever thought of that before. I just put in the toilet paper and never realize if its under or over.
real talk, that toilet paper issue is serious. i can't stand it when it's under LOL
I do that too ! When I'm at my friends house and they have the toilet paper under, ill change it to over :P Glad to know I'm like Ellen and Jennifer <3 xx
y cant we watch the new ellen shows??!:(
Oh my gosh I always switch it over wherever I am LOL. I thought I was the only one! Yay over!!
their deadass having a full on conversation about toilet paper LOL gotta luv them
I know, and I like the show, i'm just saying....
Wow, they use to dress so cassually!
Jennifer Aniston was so hot she's barely aged a day.
wow, Jennifer Aniston looks exactly the same.
What's the under-over thing? Could someone explain? :P
Did she stop doing the show or something? Where are the real vids? :/
they don't have new shows in the summer. They play old shows so she posts "memorable moments" on youtube because there isn't any new footage to post.
OMG THIS IS MY PET PEEVE TOO! i cannot stand under!
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