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"Dynamite", by Taio Cruz - Cover by CIMORELLI!

by Cimorelli • 9,146,219 views

Our EP reached #6 on the US iTunes pop charts!!! Thank you guys so much!!! :D Purchase HERE: Follow us on twitter and facebook!...

they look so fdiffrent now! AND THIS IS IN 2010 OMG
The cha Ching pow part though
This is accapella
i have watched a couple of their videos
Lauren don't look like her in other video
Kristina and Catherine look like twins and I love Cimmorelli so much ❤❤❤😁
I think this one remains one of the best covers of the history of Cimorelli!! They spread a lot of energy, the rhythm is engaging, it's the first time the harmonization is almost perfect, the sound full... I think we can consider this the real start of the climb, almost a year after "Party in the USA" 
Iwie sind die doch alle hyperaktiv :D Oder es gehört einfach zu deren Auftritt dazu...
This song means a lot to me! Thanks to this song  because if I hadn't seached for 'Dynamite' I probably wouldn't even have known Cimorelli! Love you!
Dani was so short...Now shes taller then most of the girls XD
almost 4 years...
Everyone watch Amy at 4:36 - 4:38 LOL!
I just remembered that this was the first song I ever heard them sing. Brings back good memories :)
i love you amy and lisa (and Christina)
Wow. Four years makes a HUGE difference! :p
coucou vous avez un e voie magnifique biz
Dani and Lauren are so little!!!!!!!
Amy is really getting into the music lol XD
This is one of their best covers :)
Can you sing Dark Horse by Katy Perry please ? Thanks =)
Are these the girls who made CaramellDansen?
Lisa soy tu fan eres genial en verdad todas lo son son demasiado buenas
I like these lot and Taylor swift
wow :) you guys have come so far since this vid. Awesome ♥
Thayer soo young in this one
The first soloist is amazing!
WWWOOOOOW Now Dani is the Talest!! Btw Awesome, God has blessed you!
The left upper girl is great
awwwww dani was so cute, she just grew right in front of our eyes...
You guys should go back to 2010 and 2011 and recover these songs to see how much you've improved! That would be awesome(:
La que canta lleba al go en los oidos
Dani: wait wait amy:no one's waiting for u! Hahahah
That song makes me think of a boy in my tutor called Alfie Glover
From one out of ten I give them a 7
you are asowomw lovet you have a very good future
it was amazing and i think amy is hot!!! just saying 
Lauren lisa and katherine
I loved girls good!!!
Wow amazing wow a big wow
What's up with Danny touching her ear...... Other than that I LOVE THIS SONG!!!!!!
My school is doing a flash mob of this song!!!!!!
They're really awsome ... I love Dani and Lauren ...
OMG! I'm crying here!
you guys are so amazing are you guys thinking of maybe doing something else like some type of game on Saturdays ?
That's a bit harsh Ames. "No ones waiting for you". Sassy girl!<3
on dirait quelle sont soeur
omg!! they are sooooo little!!!!!!!
Cimorelli I'm a rapper and I do covers aswell can I sing with you some time
Their voice like an angel
3:54 ahahahha Lisa Cimorelli is a best .
They were so small!!!!
elle chante super bien je les adores
Lauren's wearing the same thing as there first vid ever exept the white thing
lauren ur sooooo prettyyyyyy and have a good voice
Me gusta el video óooooooooooooooooooooo
This is still my favourite!
ahhhhhhh sooooooo cute
awwww...they are so little
was Lauren 13 and was dani 10 here or...
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