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Minecraft - Scarlet Monastery Graveyard Map

by YOGSCAST Lewis & Simon • 1,480,657 views

Since a heroic version of Scarlet Monastery is coming out with Mists of Pandaria, Simon and Lewis get in some practise and have a go at the 'revamped' Scarlet Monastery, starting with the Graveyard...

for the horde forever
he still play wow ?
the maps dont work (you cant download)
aqua affinty let's mine faster underwater
and that's why I don't let my brother into my room if he needs a computer.
Watch the whole video before asking retarded questions.
For all of those crying about Wolfenstein... it's ok, Simon has Revive Pet.
simon's priest armor made him look like a aviator
When I watched the Niftycraft video, you commented that you wanted to take over The Yogscast and with you as a leader, you will make the Yogscast a better channel. And you spelled the most words wrong. You should work better with your grammar. I don't want to be mean or make you angry at me, But I'm just saying. :)
Omg!Lewis you are warrior or pala?????xD
the xbox version does have multiplayer. However, the 360 edition is way behind the PC version, the mods (as of right now) WILL NOT be available. It's a very basic version of minecraft. If you're gonna get it, i suggest getting it for PC if you can. Unless you have an absolutely wild imagination and have people who wanna play with you on 360.
I have every type of toon and the preists dont summon cake
people who are like horde to the end have no idea what their missing
what version of minecraft are they playing
ah i don't think about it i'm kind of immune now. in fact i think i could probably withstand simon's constant scream sustained for a couple of minutes, although i don't really want to try it.
y is this in mods season? its not a mod
4:33 Darth Vader's got nothin on that NOOOOOOOOOOO
Their playing vanilla World of Warcraft in vanilla minecraft...Simon and Lewis: Pros of the old school.
Why does Simon get all the pets :(
actully u can get iron stuff from zombies
Hey guess what, you could just delete the comment instead of replying.
achevment for simon and lewis they get simons dog killed in less then five minutes
silverfish are living hotdogs!
I want to run it again.. Wow if only Warcraft had that effect lol! xD
Trust a hunter to take a weapon it doesn't need :P Nightrun pvp drug survival minecraft server
no that does faster underwater mining. respiration is longer underwater breathing
I HATE THIS DUNGEON SO MUCH! so many bad memory's of ninja looters rage quiters and all those fucking tanks blaming the healer when they pull 1 million peeps
This is a fact, 6:58-7:04 Lewis wonders what snowballs are used for; guys, they can hurt blazes, I personally enjoy taking snowballs to the nether because u cant place water cos it evaporates, but snowballs are to blazes as arrows are to other mobs, and they hurt more than arrows, they do some kind of damage per second which is useful in close quarters :)
Simon is a pretty good mage-blink-priest that looks like a druid and uses cakes to heal.
I swear simons pet always ends up dead
Lewis should have picked the healer
6 Aqua Affinity Increases underwater mining rate I Breaking blocks underwater is allowed at regular speed, though the player can not be floating to achieve the full effect. - Minecraftwiki . net Now, would you kindly go FUCK YOURSELF?
Just think what they could do with this map with Adventure Mode!
they shouldent have attacked the spiders because there harm less in the day if u attack the spiders first then they kill you
Hey dudes who are just posting to respond to some irritating twit don't give them the satisfaction of pissing you off just don't respond
if it is on water (the helmet) S harper is right if it is on a weapon.... impossible it will be the same speed no matter what and i think impossible for shovels too
from my experiance snowballs are like sub machine guns to blazes i think they kill them faster
first granny bacon then woflenstein.sorry for you simon
The way he got an enchanted hoe was with spc
should i buy this game on xbox ? does it have this map and multiplayer too ? i'm talking about xbox360 edition
haha I did that EXACTLY because of the original comment on this one, and I wanted to see what kind of reactions I would get, to experiment... :)
I just wanted to say you guy are awesome and i dont know what i would do without your videos so just thanks -hannah
aqua affinity on a hoe, so you can plow dirt more quickly while underwater!
278 people were killed by a a skele
you would think after watching simon and lewis for about a year now i would remember that having my headphones on loud is really bad idea...
I dont even know what a 'Yogscast' is? Although I do play Minecraft I dont know all this kind of stuff.. and Im not lying okay? Okay!
that sounds like scorpion when he uses his chain.
Nice video can u subscribe to me and say my name in the video
haha "good luck with gold armor" gold armor and chain armor have the same armor rating!
The advert before the episode. Waitrose food, nomnomnom
my god, first olly, now wolfenstien... Simon does not know how to keep a pet...
Dog-"Burning!!!! Simon And Lewis "NOOOOOOOO
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