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by TobyTurner • 1,171,221 views

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My Guinea pigs name is Pickle... guinea pigs are almost like rats... mabye, just mabye...
gunnie pigs are nothing like rats but i guess they kinda look the same. i miss alvin my pet rat. hang in there soldier
your camera sucks in every single like seriously like a camera from the 160's
Check out this video on YouTube: You better or else
I sat on the couch all day, feeling sick...
Okay so I have chickens in my backyard. I picked one up and apparently my dad left a few screws in a board where I stepped, so I stepped on the screw, dropped the chicken, told my parents and went to Children's Mercy for a Tetnis shot... I had Fun! - Sarcasm -
Intro a And outro darkness then rustness then cuteness then BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dude, you need a life! Get a girlfriend!
U r sooooo funny that I cry. Tell Gryphon I said ur awesome
I hope you feel better
Hey toby didn't you shoot your Christmas song there at your parents house?
The most painful shot I've ever had to get was for tetanus. The medicine is so thick going through that tiny needle it takes forever. ahhhh
All i want for Christmas is a pink Tubuscus shirt
where is gryphon....?
If you ever read comments. Sometimes I go to California I'm nine and subscribed to u. So maybe I can meet you one day. And don't feel bad about ur picture as a kid I'm ugly O_o
I miss ur commercials on cartoon network
I am abit confused- so there is a dog that looks like Griffen but its your moms dog and there is a 'rat'\dog that is your moms too?
use cox its super fast. I crapped my pants during this video
I watch like 22 of your videoz
why did you get rid of Griffon
He out lived his usefulness ... Jk
DANG IT I'm two years late of going to meet toby
At 3:27 I said, "I did your mom" and he was like, "I DID THAT TOO" and I'm just here like, "LOL WUT"
It's like when your on a phone talking to someone you walk around and do random shit Lol
When I heard that he got rid of griffin I almost died
I was helping my Dad break down a shed everything had rust on it...
Why did you replace griffin 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡
he did not replays Griffin
My grandma has a dog named rusty pickle xD wouldn't want to eat tht pickle !
Oops I spelled gryphon wrong
I actually started a YouTube channel today, Oola Boola productions. I also made my first few videos.
You realize nobody is going to care or visit your channel, right? Advertising is way too lame. -__-
I watched your videos all day
:) cute dog! :) and also guys he didnt sell gryphon; this video just doesnt feature him. The dog in THIS video is hs mums :)!
do do do do do subscribe
I got my hair to look like david Beckham the footballer but I must say that your hair is alot better then mine and your dog gryfon is the best!
I'm getting tired of hearing your voice.
Dude it's two AM for me right now
What happened to griffin
Drain the pool have vintage pool serves come and clean the pool The grill take the happy wheels tarap
I done the chilli and cinnamon challenge 😂
Did you really get rid of griffin :"(
"Intro of Darkness and Cuteness!"lol
Pet rats ARE cute!!!! Why don't you know this?
I just went to universal studios in orlando. I also "lived" in the INN called Orbit One. :D love flordia! ; D
Just found out it probly my cousing cuz my moms last name is turner 😀
omfg...I have lockjaw right now. well then Toby.
Never sell gryphon !!!!!!!!!!:(
Dude did you bring gryphon over to your parents house to play wth the other dog cause if you left him/her at you house then she/he might burn it down.
Rusty pools are useless even thought non rusty bananas are pointless
Why did you leave cartoon network
I'd like to see u run
i want griffin back :(
I at cereal then a sandwich
Show me DA pickle da dog!
What you have to do is empty the pool and scrub it with sand paper
Today I played saints row 3
i went there toby this febuary u mut
"Look at that Mac daddy" LOL XD
I sat down and watched this vlog
i had food the end lol
Intro Mind : what the. ... no Gryrhon What :/ 
+LPS Boxer ur too lame u frickin idiot stop hatin on people
Babies are not happy things creature poop machines
Today I left to go to Spokane.
I was about to ask where you lived, and I was all "naw, I don't wanna be a cyberbully." :P
Cute I wish that I was... you knew me
Used to live in Orlando you'll have so much fun
Dont replacement gryphon
You meant don't replace not replacement your grammar sucks
I got really scared when u said u got rid of gryphon
This was 2 years ago -.-
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