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NBA 2K12 My Player Playoffs CFG4 - Overtime

by Chris Smoove • 640,888 views

CFG4 = Conference Finals Game 4 If you want to know how we got to overtime click here After watching this video you will know why I wasn't able to fit...

is there still people playing nba2k12 online on ps3? 
Those servers been off since 2k13 released lol
FUCK YOU 2K! FUCK YOU! NBA 2K12, 13 AND 14 ARE FAR WORSE THAT 2K11. What a fucking waste of money. I hope all of you dumbasses at 2KSPORTS die the worst death imaginable. You are just plain stupid. I did not enjoy any of those games at all. You have disappointed me. FUCK YOU!
+Kushty GFX Dont u get it, Ali T wants u on his dick but only in his dreams
+Ali T She wants real meat not a baby carrot.
how are you so good on my career
I thought Wilt Chamberlain had the record for most points scored in a game with 100.
Look it up he scored 136 points
heat got swept by bobcats?????? 11:42
He has the new record for points in a playoff game
5:20 That jeremy lin golden-state cheese!
the lob on1:23 he got a bad pass thing lol
How yuh do a hop dunk? Nd how yuh do do alley hoop?
The Manual said Left trigger b for an Alley Oop. But its Left Trig A.
how u like this lob city music #27 to #21 juice done we have a problem
I like chris smoove old 2k vids then his 2k13 ones
am i the only one who notices at 1:50 the guy is sitting in mid air
Early when the game first came out the cpu would make alot of stupid and crzy trades but its patched now
WTF, how is 66 pts in a game the most? Didnt Wilt Chamberlin get like 100?
this game is surprisingly low scoring for NBA 2k12 with HOF
Incorrect buttons for 2K13 it's : Square + X for alleyoop
thats ina regular game , its a playoff record:)
1:50 imaginary chair on the bench
I like the graphics on 2k12 better but they move like robots here.
man u arent a true fan to the bullz then cuz u have no hope in them
What happened with the trades in your MP? Jamal Crawford, J.Smith and Boshtrich all on the Rockets? I'm still with Parsons, Martin, Camby, and Scola.
1 rebound short of a triple double
smoove started his superstar season before that roster update so that's why lin is still on the warriors.
They mean for a playoff game. The record is jordan's 63 pts
Odom, bosh crawford and smith? howd you get so many good players
I never said they're good. I said shit can happen. Such as the Wizards getting their first win this season on the Heat. What about #8 seed Philly knocking off #1 seed Chicago last year? Chicago was better. The Heat are better than the Wizards. But it's not a given.
you need to check what the person looks like and it will be explained
epic chris so many points!!!!
do you have any tips for my player
What about #8 Memphis beating #1 San Antonio a few years ago? I get what you're saying you're right; The Bulls would have won with Rose, but still, it happens
Top 10 Trick Shots Basketball Check it out!!!
66 points isnt the most points scored in a game but good game
How did you tape or get it like that I'm trying to do it with no camera please help someone inbox me how please please please thanks
lol alley-oop at 1:23 was recorded as bad pass even though defender didn't touch it
how u like this live city music lol num 27 too num 21
How do you turn shot quality on? so you can see your shot quality in game??
I love when the crowd chants MVP when im at the line
Too bad you missed the triple double by a rebound
tell me not he sounds like tyler the creator
why jump sot u got whut number??? jump shot really need to know
Man, Philly won because Derrick Rose was injured. In the playoffs, Rose is the Bulls. Without Rose Bulls were never gonna progress.
how..u like this...lob city we have a problem..
i think that was sick from smooth
the most points in a game is 100 wilt camberlain
how do u stay A+ after your shot is blocked?......
what button do you press for throwing a alley oop (for ps3)
yoooo how did u get the coach feddback
02:16-02:22 OHHHH Lababalalalalabalaabalala lalalalallaa!!!
thumbs up if ur here during 2k13 times
yeah I know that but I thought he would update his roster this is 2k12 not 2k11
Didn't beat wilt the stilt chamberlin
please sub and I will sub back. PS great videos Cris Smoove
just had a 77 point rising star game, your videos helped! I dont know how, but it helps, I love your plays!!
How he hell do u get 20 assists n 9 rebounds damn
Chuck Hayes in an invisible chair? 1:54
wow,nobody saw this? 1:50 look at the bench :DD
i no right what the hell is that u can tell this is a game
awesome man i love nba games 2 keep up the vids :)
You were such a big inspiration for me to get nba 2k12
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