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by Philip DeFranco • 3,693,296 views

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The bible says it's ok to bash your child with stones so it says child abuse is ok that is coming from there god world view. I don't think it's right but if you think he is going to burn in hell Philly guess again.
Also sort out some fucking accents for Northern Ireland and Ireland and Scotland, sick of looking like a twat for having to do a Harlem or an English accent.
Serious, who wants to see snooky naked?
Child abuse and discipline are two different things. when kids act out and are bein little toots yea give a little spanking but when a kid just messes up on accident or cant do something no, its not okay. also dont injure the kid just give him a slap on the wrist 
The speed of the processors in the macs are a little bit worse than people probably hoped except for those VERY stupid people who think that you can game on a mac.
Well the step dad is a blatant idiot cause the kid is young so he is learning to carch a baseball which I don't understand cause I learned at a young age with my brother who is much older so he would throw hard but still this kid is just learning so it is very wrong for the step dad to just lose his shit and beat the kid but to be fare it is just a whipping its like it is against the law to whip your kid but is was a dumb reason to do such
Windows 7 masterrace!!!!!
this is the first time i saw your vids poped up on youtubes recomended page . instaloved you
In context, yes. When I got brought home by the cops at 4 am as a teenager, my mom whooped my ass, and I deserved it. Now, hitting your STEP child with a belt because he can't catch the baseball that you're aggressively throwing at him? What that constitutes is you being put in a batting cage without a bat, and seeing how you like it. The mother is just as guilty for not standing up for her own son against the man, but I also don't know what happens behind closed doors. He could also be violent toward her, and that would cause her to be afraid to step in. To sum up what I'm getting at, if your child has done something absolutely wrong or disrespectful, then I think a good smack will probably teach them a lesson. As long as it isn't a regular thing that you resort to for every disciplinary action.
there is spanking an there is beatings
Thanks for the Apple add, hopefully they sent you something for our wasted time.
wow, at least we know where the Android phone user is
It is wrong to hit your kid, period. The only exception is smack the bottom with a diaper on. I was hit As a child and I know what I am talking about. No hitting kids, asshole parents!
I like it when Apple calls it next gen when they use stuff that has been in the market for like a year... Plus that 14,000$ built is just nonsense, you can build a PC like that for 2000-3000...
phil is annoying, not funny and probably homosexual
Has a wife. A kid. But sure, he's homosexual, yeah, great use of an "insult". And half of what he does is update people, what if he's not looking for laughs ALL the time?
As long as there is good reason. Like Phil said for yelling your father to go fuck himself........ I grew up getting slapped and hit with a belt as discipline. It taught my siblings and I not to fuck up. Other than that I think there is a limit on how and when you should "discipline" your child. Also when I did get "spanked" it wasn't hard enough to where I had bruises. So only if necessary but as a last resort kind of thing.
if you pelt me in the face with 50 bucks of stuff, but I fail to catch it, do i get the belt?
Only a coward runs by fear but I guess in some cases a slap in the face or the butt it's a good way to teach too
Please beat your children especially when they don't do what you say.
"Violence is the last refuge of th incompetent." Issac Asimov
god loves ya  shifr 3 random
This channel is awesometacular
is it just me or does snoki look semi attractive in that pic?
I belive that spanking is subject to what you did. It's a punishment fits the crime kind of deal. I grew up with the heavy hand and it was might I say WAY TOO FREAKING HEAVY. But I also lived next door to a family who used no hand. .. And ya. .. life is still proving how rite my parents were and how wrong the family next door was. Personally I understand that there has to be consequences and that every child is different and there for requiring different consequences. It's on the part of the parent to BE A PARENT and figure out what those consequences not only are but in which instances to use them.
why does this faggot never actually talk about whats in the title of his videos? PLEASE GET FUCKING CANCER YOU UGLY TWAT. I WANT YOU DEAD
No, it's not wrong to disciple your child when they do something disrespectful, rude, or just out of line. As a person who was given spankings I can't say my parents were in the wrong, cause they weren't. I, the child did the deed that forced them to disciple me. But, I will say that instead of beating your child for something as small like not catching a ball. Do something positive and give them more time and help.
Of course a video that as anything to do with apple has almost 3 times more dislikes than any of his other videos.
Damn he speaks so fast it's really freaky!!!!
Pulling a kid over your lap and giving them a light swat or two on the ass if they're being disrespectful, won't harm them. I think though that some people take it too far, and are too quick to punish their kids. you don't hit a child in anger, you discipline them after you calm down.
ah solid state drives are really good as they are hard to actually destroy compared to the standard hard Drive (That uses platters).
hey phil how about ballz
Seriously? You need to ask /why/ the mother didn't say anything? If a dude can hit a kid for not catching a baseball, he's probably doing a lot worse to the wife who defends that very child. She's probably terrified to speak up.
Calif. also has a large history of child abuse.
jdjdjj qowdcj q q ljqo dn qodmc   qodoj   (translated by siri) "greetings from Canada"
A child should not be beaten for any reason it doesn't help to discipline it makes it worst.
Who gives a fuck ? -_-
like button? clicky clack click clock!!
hmmmm didn't know Canadian was a language I always thought it was still ENGLISH!. I should have known this because I am Canadian this is very strange  ...  -.-
He said Canadian French as opposed to European French, which are two completely different languages. He didn't have a comma between Canadian and French. 
You can hit them for understandable reasons
You should discipline your children ,but only over situations that of that lever if you beat them for every little mistake it looses its effectiveness and is cruel. As a child is wasn't about the pain of the hit it was knowing i pissed my dad off to that level.  
Children these days needs a good old beating.
When I was a kid the motto was "Talk shit, get hit!"  I grew up to be a hard working contributing member of society as did most of my friends that grew up similarly.  There is no good reason to "beat" a child, but there also has to be consequences for actions, up to and including a slap or smack on the rear.  I deal regularly with a lot of today's youth that have grown up in the "don't punish your kids with anything but words" generation and I can attest that the majority of them have a sense of entitlement and feel that they can do what they wish, almost like "The rules apply to everyone but me." kind of attitude.  What a wake up call they are going to receive when they enter the prison system.  Let's prepare our kids to be able to handle the real world where there are always consequences for your actions.  Just my 2 cents! 
Here where im from 1 slap to your child = 2 years in prison and i find it totaly reasonable
Actually glad u chilled the fuck out for this ep
lol and then maps was shit
Yes, I agree that if you told your Dad to go fuck himself, your little ass deserved to be slapped. LOL 
is it ust me,or does he look like hes sitting????
I hate Steve Jobs and the whole Apple company. They're horrible people.
just be quiet & rename the video because we are all perverted people & came here for the Snooki :)
if they deserve it ya hit your kid but dont beat him
i wonder if that box in the left corner of the background works.
Wait wait i really like you but are you telling me that you are going to hit your child?!! This is ligal in the US? That's horriable in my country you get your chield taken if you hit it. Maybe i overreacted the us is not my country and i should probably not interfier (how to write that? XD) into to your parenting, but in my personal oppinion it's just wrong and if you have to hit your chield than please not like the guy in the video :(
OMG a show that comes out on a semi daily basis came out on your friend's birthday?!!?! omg she's a fucking snowflake!
I think in certain situation DEFINITELY NOT FOR NOT CATCHING A BALL but in extreme disrespect but that should not be the only form of discipline
i'm sorry for you for having an abusive dad, but my dad also a very a fierce person..before this, he threw a clothes timber to me...coz I saying sumthing..maybe I'm over the limit, but once I get older, I already forgotten about that and I'm very thankful for that, because all those beatings I wont end up like those pregnant teens, or drug abusers...
I get if you have a valid reason, like you're child swearing at you but if its something like he can't catch a baseball that's ridiculous and completely uncalled for. He obviously has some type of anger issues and shouldn't be around children
The point of using corporal punishment is hitting a child when they do something wrong so that they associate that wrong thing with pain so that they either consciously or subconsciously decide not to do that wrong thing again. I was wooped as a small child, but I can never seem to remember what I did that was wrong, only that I got hit. So instead of associating the thing I did with pain I associated the person hitting me with pain and came to resent most of my teachers and my parents.
@Puki78 So apparently, you are calling my mother stupid. Yes, she hit me, but only like 3 times EVER. And that's when I really fucking deserved it as well. And she's stopped doing that as well.
Canadian is not a language..... We speak English
i cant believe there adding the canadian language to siri
all the time it is horrible to hit yo kids...
Thanks I guess ? I know it's a cult, but I don't give a sh!t. It's fun.
fuck Apple ,fuck Mac, fuck Windows. and get Linux damb it. Give it 5 years and you will truly thank me.
You got your haters only because you said that...
I believe in spanking to me you use your fingers and slap and only on the butt because that area of the body can take it and it's important but that prick was in the wrong in the same situation I would have kicked his ass.
No big deal, my $1000 windows PC only blows that out of the water...
i agree for the most part, but ssd's are still mostly over $1 per GB
I think it is wrong to hit your child. There are other ways to punish a child
i really wanted to see that good person beating the crap out that guy cause i know what it feels like to hit for the stupidest reason's!
This was on my friends birthday!
oh fuck? I'm watching this in 2013. Thought this was a new episode. fucking youtube homepage makes no sense.
OSCAR, YOU ARE THE THUG. Fuck yeah I wish more people stood up like he does
I think it's the parents right to punish a child for not obeying them but over a baseball is stupid
Maybe, but it IS made to do the things a PC can't...
Right, which is why there's one in every professional Music/Film studio...
Sometimes the computers are worth it. In this case, it is. The screen is second to none.
Thumbs up if you thought you're going to see the actual story instead of this dumbfuck showing up...
hitting your child is wrong, that guy shouldn't have been bailed out, he deserved what his punishment was and whoever bailed him out is a dick
Why is Canadian a different language? lol we still speck English.
In latin america(including South America) kids are the property of parents. This also includes many Middle Eastern Countries and Asian Countries. Kids are beat until they are able to do what is required of them. I have traveled to many of these countries and have never seen a spoiled brat. I go five minutes out of my house to the grocery store and I see children hitting their parents because they are not getting candy. I realize that this is USA but sometimes kids need to be disciplined.
There are far better and more effective ways to punish your children than hitting them (whether thats spanking or anything else). I was spanked with a belt, wooden spoon, hand, whatever and it didn't teach me anything good. Kids learn to hit others when they are wronged when parents hit them. It doesn't work. Sure the kid may stop, but it wont be because they know its wrong or why it's wrong to do what they did, it will be because they don't want to get hit.
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