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Un-safe Sex

by CollegeHumor • 31,469,044 views

SECRET GAY AGENDA LIKE us on: Love is in the air in "Checkin' For Gas 5," CollegeHumor's first porno. See more

Really bad acting and she acts like nasty porno whore.  Why was she licking the door with the negro.  This is very distasteful, sickening, and nasty.  I bet if a dog or horse came to her door she would have the same response.
oh well... only a liiiiiiiittle racist...
Been watching college humors greatest hits all afternoon..I need a life
If he died, how did she live?
She's a woman... hahahaha JK!!
I never thought there was worse acting then porn actors. But... Lol.
You might say it's so bad it's good no?
It was the whole point for them to act bad.
That music sounds like a series of fart noises lol
Why is she licking the fucking door? Seriously?!
+Miles W D; But I made it better! :xD 
I never dated a Door licker !
was this supposed to be funny?
This video was just too weird ..
Wasn't there another one? About an electrician or something. He says un plug it and plug it back in
that bitch so thirsty 
Horrible acting... That was just so damn bad.
Is he Arkady Ivanovich (Lev Gorn) from The Americans?
+Arty Shat lol, first years I guess
How did she not die too?! O_o
every damn porn
+Kelvin P Where's the pizza delivery guy? 
Not quite the stiff he was expecting.
Fuck she's not bad
this is how those women go in killing streaks, the man comes for the body, and then the  cycle continues
I cant help but feel that I have seen this before.
who else thought on the top right it said "porn-o version"
I would drink her bath water
This is the female version of Brian Redban 
this was in 2008 the grafics suck
Was that the Milli Vanilli guy ?
she's definitely nymphomaniac.
It's not delivery, it's a porno.
Saw that joke coming from a mile away.
I still don't understand this video.  
I only watch porn for their stories. 
This gave me a boner regardless
wtf who would lick a door i mean come on
DAMN those Japanese girls were hot! xD
The last guy looked like robinho
For some reason I got aroused when she was licking the door
That girl is so fine
this isn't scripted... Am i alone? doesn't this happen to everyone!!?? LoL!!!!
ANd the process repeats until here house is literally filled with the dead bodies of really hot men
This video is funny, however in real life, she would've died too. Lmao 
licking a door hmm I think she's good friends with miley cyrus
dayummm shes hot! ;)
was that farting in the music?
imagine if real life was like this everyone would work in the service industry!
Ooooh ,if he'd only been allowed to do his job
she couldn't eat actual food first? damn girl....
She hitting on one guy after she just had sex with a man who died after they had sex that's fucked up she's pretty but fucked up.
how come she didn't die too?
This is stupid and just weird
What's the girls name?
Why did you cut the sex part
I don't get it, why didn't she die too?
im wondering about the same thing :P maybe females are immune to carbon monoxide :S
So...tell me about this...carbon monoxide...;)
This is too funny, the number of double entendres :)
Okay okay so that was quit sexy and also ... weird   Got my mind turnd the fuck up !  But i didnt understand the video with the title ? 
this girl is too pretty to be with him
thought i was watching poor for a min O___O
DAWN YOU REAL LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
shoulda have called it "every porno evar"
I have nothing to say lol Angel M*R :-)
if i see another speed stick add im gonna shit bricks
She's way too hot for these guys. I know i've tried with girls like this. Way too prude. Maybe the black guy tho. Girls just like the mystery behind a black dick i guess? 
nah usually just fat ugly skanks!
1:20 ugliest motherfucker I've seen in my life
the fuck at that last part... lol
yep this is where condems get you
Dafuq did I just watch lol.
No problem man, i also thought it was a potato, took me a while find out it was a video. xD
+Phillip Harrison Good thing we're in the same boat now, though.
BRAZZERS approves this!
why did that guy die?
I've been drawn into your magnet tar pit trap....
she looks too damn beautiful....
What's the music called?
Porn of stupidity!  If anyone believes this they'd really need to get a life.
See that, kids? Sex is unhealthy.
No huge moustache? No German accent? How strange.
Throwing it out there, since this video deals with porn/sex, does anyone actually care about the most random ass stories in porno films? I mean, you watch a 40-50 minute porno video from start and they introduce, 2, 3 people talking about a problem they have then it leads to sex, does anyone actually sit there and listen to the story and not just skip to where the guy/girl gets fucked? 
I do. For me, I have to know what it was that brought them together, and I have to watch the build up to the actual sex itself for it to be appealing to me. I don't know, I guess I'm just into foreplay.
collegehumor and their sex jokes.
Still, a better love story than Twilight...
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