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SipsCo - Episode 7 - Machines!

by YOGSCAST Sjin • 1,430,026 views

You'd be forgiven for thinking this was vanilla minecraft.. until now! that's right in this episode we put the tekkit back in tekkit when we create two shiny new machines and are joined by a...

This is already 2 years old? I remember when the tekkit series on the main channel was still new...
Back in the days when Sips had done his research and was building machines. Lego talk plus productivity. Those were the days...
"Back when i came from..." OH MY GOD, Rythian is a time traveler!
The best part of this whole series is Sjin saying "Who's ranium?".
This is the cool part about being new to watching the Yogscast: discovering all the members in cool little ways! To think that I began watching Simon and Lewis... Now I watch them, Duncan, Sips and Sjin. Seems like I need to watch Rythian (spelling is off, sorry!) now too :3
Rewatching after years. Still brilliant. 
Rythian was being so sarcastic at 6:00 he was like "I was swimming in red matter then I (hear this, I) blew it up." He's obviously referring to the fact that SJIN BLEW UP THE OLD WORLD.
This came a year before that
+Joel Howe but sjin and duncan actually blew up an even older server than this in an epic battle
Sjins sword should be cald han soblue
Rythian is the greatist actor i know cuz in his tekkit series he just left and he has a bunch of items but he is acting like he is completely new to this slow clap nice job Rythian
+Sarah Moon Yeah that crying during civ games. He's so awesome.
indeed :3 ive been watching him play max payne :3
Rythian's there for five minutes. Finds Redstone. Slow clap for Sjin and Sips (I came from a link on Rythian's channel, so I'm assuming they've been searching for it for a while)
You should make more videos on this world
If only they did good vids these days like this.
i love the way sjin says ooh!
I skipped to around 10:10 and heard the part about Lions and Mittens, freaking hilarious XD
In Yogscast there's always the two given ships. Zoey and Rythian. Then Sips and Sjin. You could tell that Sjin wants to have "Fun" with Sips. ;~)
i am in  love with Sjin's voice 
Got sapphire pick still hitting wood.
It's 1:30am...I should stop watching old tekkit videos...meh, maybe just a few more...
ray-gun like if you know what i mean   
no, n, no, the stone sword is roof and the iron sword is jim
Rythian's stealth XD 
Shjin can't treat himself a Safire he's not Spike
sips and sjin are so gullible
At 8:59 sips... The Canadian... Said eh
at 3:08 there is someone in the water
Sipsomon: Ruby and Sapphire version
I thought it was myranium?
back when they filmed with a potato
Man, Rythian sure knows how to get what he wants through flattery. :P
What texture pack are they using any one know
You need to make a divining rod. It helps...a lot
Ahahahah that's exactly what I'm doing
this hole was a deccoy...
When they build the house?!!?!??!?!
episode 6 on sips's channel
there house looks like a GIANT D!
No, their house looks like a giant T.
You do realize that this video is a over a year old right?
whats the servers name?
Let the drug addict dream.. *Dreams*
Wood and stuff sounds like wooden stuff
Nothing in this worlds free...except Sjins mother o snap lmfao
stop. stop. stop. stop. right fkn there. are you guys from sweden? O_O
Wow, if I'd watched this series first I would never have guessed Rythian's secretly trying to kill them.
haha they said if you carry on digging you would get to China in England too
I can't tell if Sips and Sijn know that when Rythhain says he blew up his world,he was talking about Sijn and Duncan,and when he said that killing people was how he dealt with things,when it was them.Rythain is obviously acting though...
Now I get where Super Jim came from! xD
he's probably more comfortable playing/commentating with other people than by himself
I finally get that comment chain on the new series :D
It's inferior dirt. Only top quality dirt is worthy of Sips' 13 secret herbs and spices.
I love how you can hear in Rythian's a sense of "WTF?" after Sips and Sjin say something semi-ridiculous
Fun fact David copperfield was based on Charles dickens
Im digging a big hole here you stupid son of a bitch. Just becareful. sips is a true friend.
Makes me laugh every time "we'll build rythian a baseball bat and let him loose"
Rythian makes it apparent in the first episode that he wants revenge on Sjin. It's about as much of a spoiler as saying Goku punches someone in DBZ.
Sjin you past a diamond in a cave
Thumbs up if your having trouble telling whose talking.
I was waiting for honeydew inc to come finally!!!!
And the legend of super Jim the emerald sword begins
Omg you idiots sjin doesn't hate rythian get your facts straight and don't make up a load of bullcrap
jesus, just turned on english captions.... Rythian is hilarious, and Sjin is even funnier
Stop parrotting popular phrases and make up your own bloody comments
sips and sjin are the best Youtubers outta of the yogscast i think because they act themselves and not professional e.g Lewis= Oh flippin heck! Sips= OH FOR FUCK SAKE STUPID FUCKING PIGMAN xD
You would actually be melted by the planets nucle.
Sadly in the end Lewis basically enslaves them and makes them do work
Yeah, I know, but I guess in his episodes he probably doesn't seem as happy because he's pretending to be super angry :)
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