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Jaffa Factory 3 - Fools Diamond (Tekkit)

by YOGSCAST Lewis & Simon • 4,215,266 views

Simon has set us the task of building a factory to make delicious biscuits! We're joined by Duncan to help us make Simon's dream a reality! Next:...

lol dude you gotta make it one word #Badtimes :P
am I the only person that hasn't watched yogscast in like 2 years and don't like the new yogscast so I'm watching this? a lot of comments are the new people who started watching the newer yogscast
It's always fun to watch the old videos to see how far they've come
Has anyone noticed how quiet they were back then? I mean, Its not bad, but it's weird...
I was just thinking how calm Duncan was
Am I the only one that wants to see simon do a singleplayer survival series 
Watching the whole series again. Ah, good memories. :3
+Ocn99 "Aahhhh! Not the bees! Not the bees! Ahhh! Ahhhh! Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!"
I just wish they would at least act like they used to. Duncan used to be the mad scientist, quirky but smart and knew what he was doing, now he's just mad, he has lost his competence. Lewis to be the one in charge, the man with a plan, now he just lets Simon run the show. And Simon is still Simon, but doesn't have directive, he used to be there mostly for comic relief. :/
Episode 1 Lewis- "which will be harder to find, coco beans or diamonds?" Duncan- "they're both gonna be hard to find but probably the coco beans." Episode 3 They find both!
ahh how I miss the good old days, I remember running home from school to tune in to the new tekkit everyday
Can't believe this was almost 2 years ago!
In this texture pack the rotten flesh looks like s#it
"Diamonds are like, "hexagons"." - Duncan Jones - 2012
this is my 4th time watching this series. Best series ever
What version of tekkit is this?
when you were almost shot into lava by a skeleton there were diamonds
who's watching this is 2014?
i dont like the fact that duncan is teaching simon insted of lewis
'nothing like a big pile of dirt': The Sipsco Moto, The reason why Lewis left
lewis- ''nothing like a big pile of dirt'' - sipsco reference.
A reference....... TO THE FUTURE!!!! Whats funny is that these future references happen alot (Handsome spaceman in survival soi, now he's flying through space) LIKE THEY CAN PREDICT THE FUTURE!!!! THE STOCK MARKET IS SCREWED!!!!!!
Episode 3 of about 119! I'm aiming to watch the whole series today!
Yeah... Where's the next Jaffa Factory? I know Simon blew it up and destroyed it and stuff but you could start a new one... Not doing any LARGER series right now...
how hard is it to realize nikolite = blue dots and diamonds = blue pentagons and yes i know its old af
Which tekkit version was this?
I miss this so much :c I want a Jaffa Factory2!!
they finished this years ago
+Clicky Games I know but in my opinion this was one off their best series. I remember coming home and watching this and being happy. I just miss this.
Crazy how far they've come with minecraft, lewis knows everything now!!!
But Nope But Nope But Nope But Nope
orgasmic materials??' is that like an orgasm?
Duncan is clever, Lewis is smart and Simon is Simon Like if you agree :)
What are the mods for the old tekkit?
I live in America, and recently had a british friend send over some Jaffa Cakes.
hu da HELL are you anoyying BITCH now wut r ye goin tah do
do it. fuck fuckety fuck fuck fuck
what is the seed for this map
At some point in one of the videos I know that they were in F3 mode which tells the seed. No idea where or when though and the seed won't work with the latest versions of minecraft.
oh idk but itd with mods
Just casually watching the whole series
fummbleMORRRRRE!!!! Then We have Granny bacon, Daisy Duke, Old or Knight_P, Master mind behind it all Israphel, the skylords like Skylord_Jasper Skylord_Lysander Skylord_Baako Skylord_Vitalli now plz tok meh wif u which is Um_Bongo we have the 2 mob boss Creeper and Zombie boss next we have the one we love Father_Braeburn and who could forget Honeydew and BlueXephos
Lewis: Which way is out? Duncan: up (welcome back to smart alek answers from Duncan)
This series was absolutely class! Who else got the PS4 Minecraft Advert too?
Circuitous: (adj.) Roundabout, not direct. Synonyms: indirect, meandering, winding Antonyms: straight, direct, as the crow flies.
Man, they've really improved as YouTubers since back then.
Honeydew gets spooned animation anyone els waiting?
+Lily Bamber i thought peculiar was an AI?
"Nothing like a big pile of dirt" Sips would be proud
Yogscast play with me cause I am lucky at finding diamonds and uranium
i could have sworn the cave moved at 6:16
Lewis was crouching so when he released it looked like everything shifted.
Wait was Duncan fumbolmore in their earlier series
i know this is gonna sound dumb but does any one know what happened to shadow of isresphal
who comes here just for the old intro?
I miss the old intro they should use it again
was yogscast better before, or am i just an idiot? (as Normal)
Did Someone see my penis Causes not there ?
shouts into a void of attention
8:06 I love how Duncan is like newpe "but newpe "but newpe "but .... newpe
Its nikolite! F*ck you!! lol
i loved this series so im watching it again!
Lewis: We can't have all this wlly nilly around the house! Simon: I...I beg you'r pordon? that part made my day! :D
When does sips enter the game?
I wish we had they acted like this all of the time because I love their silence and calm speech (sometimes) good gameplay that is fun to watch their videos now are still fun but I enjoy their really old videos
coming back to this after wathing it ... 2 years ago! WTF? THIS WAS 2 YEARS AGO???? boy...i feel old now...i loved this series! Does anyone know if this actually linked up with there later series or did they start again for the galactic mod pack?
What version of minecraft is that ?
What are the mods used in this tekkit version?
Its funny, they r all noobs now and then you look at moon quest
Its a new kind of diamond--called dooshmand
Fumblemore... I really miss Shadow of Israphel series . 😒😔
What about a big pile of diamond?
did duncan have braces or something back then?
what texture pack is this?
Bob Smith Shared on Google+ · 7 months ago
Check out this playlist on YouTube:
A question, is this tekkit lite, tekkit classic or tekkit?
Anyone else rewatching the whole season?
Grrr with that SoI reference I want them to continue that series
Is it just me or is there a really annoying bird
to Lily Bamber: yes duncan was fumblemore
Whos renum yourenum or theirrenum or myrenum
You made my day ;)
Love these guys, probably the fifth time i've seen this series.  
Me too, I love the whole Yogscast family, I rewatch this a lot, and watch a whole bunch of their series, Yogscast have always, and will always be awesome! And I will always be a Yognaught no matter what! If they disband(probably won't happen) I will still love them and watch all their videos
What's fumble more or whatever??
Watch their main Minecraft series, far into it you will find out who Fumblemore is.
what if a slime watched the "die, slime" part
PLEASE REPLY.  what can you do with Nikolai or something?
reverse phycology, nobody replied. oh, apart from me
Bit late I guess, but it was a material used in redpower 2. It is used to make blue doped wafers and the blue ingots, which are then used in a number of machine recipes. Its quite useful mid to late game, but early on it is a really good material to condense because you can get lots quickly and its worth a fair bit. 
Simon- We need to plant some saplings Me- Watch out martyn!
Does anyone know what the outro song is?
Fumbelmore wat a referince
Doing the maths and measurements (Ms&Ms), a crafting bench would be 7½m x 7½m giving the bench a work space of 15 metres!
Simon and duncan are idiots because they were stuck in a hole is it weird like and they were punching eachother
Why has the red shirt not died yet the red shirts always die.
Guys do you believe that lapis a saphire and a saphire is lapis its weird because the colourslook same
Lewis was saved by the Skellington's arrow, but ended up "Ended!"
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