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Uncharted 3 Ch. 4 - Abracadabra

by Chris Smoove • 229,572 views

This is Chapter 4 - Run to Ground I finally turned on Subtitles. From here on out subtitles will be there! Click here for Chapter 1 Click here for Chapter...

Like if you're here in 2014
Waiting for Smoove to play Uncharted 4 in the future
Doesn't come out until late 2015 though :( they'll do a great job with the game in that time though. Can't wait.
Wow so games used to have useful AI 
1:14 what maneuver could possibly be smoover?
That scene is off of daxter
4:55 hahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
So does that treasury
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These people using ninja turtle moves
12:18, is that a Precursor Orb
I will admit I find drake pretty fit for a video game character
I still don't get how they survived..
I seriously did not think Smoove could get any better, but this series is amazing! if he stops making uncharted vids I will be heartbroken...
chris you should do saints row 3 man !
when the brick wall opened, my computer said "Congratulations, u won." XD
I love this series...please continue :)
The PS3 is more powerful, but harder to develop for.
nooooooooooooooooo it ended!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
LOL I love how Nate always says about sneaking in and out, being quiet etc. and in the end all the gunfights make it seem like world war 2! By the way give Chris a brake guys. He will finish it. It's just that he's working on both Battlefield 3 and 2K12 right now (and most likely MW3 when it comes out). You have to expect some delay.
@Averagekid159 u know how sometimes when you watch a vid and it has 303 views, but already has 600 likes and 20 dislikes or whatever.. yea it's a joke on that lol :P
@Smoove7182954 Good thing I watch all your videos! H haa!
I hope you actually finish this game. It was disappointing when you stopped putting up Heavy Rain videos.
smoove. do you have your very first mw3 video recorded?if so , can you post it
oh my god haha, i like smoove commentary! I restarted 2k12 on pro, default, much easier now if u call ur own plays
It would be a smoove move to fnish this series Smoove
That place looks like we're Canibals live
Hey do u think you could do some uncharted multiplayer videos?
anyone else catch the Jak and Daxter easter egg?
Chris smoove: From:MW2 Motto:SPPpLLLllASSsHHHhhH (or) HAHAaaaaaaHHHHHHHaaaAA
Hey one of those pals voice sound like Frankie on pc!
aff esse é uncharted3 seu nub cúsao
@Numbawa Yes. It's made by Naughty Dog the creators of Jak and Daxter.
Add The__Pride in ps3 if u want...i got 48 nukes in mw2!!
@TOXiCxEXiCiSiON it's called a dick light noob. I got 3.
Is that Direct T.V or Dish? lol
everytime you said treasure in the video u have gained 100 likes =D
Why cant they make games with geaphics loke these on xbox. I swear i dont get these game developers, theyre almost the same type of hardwire
uncharted 3 is pretty gets crazy with all the things drake gets into
Is that Direct TV or Dish Network!?!? lol
Where's that other guy????....ah, my team mates laid that guy OUT!...hahaa ah ha
12:23 golden eg from jack 3 LOL
damn its like chris smoove is just talking the words out of my head and commentating the video for me. what a boss!
so how has everyones day been? I went to a best buy and got this game! W00T
@iluvsugarz You mean the fake-shot? 1) Bulletproof vests. 2) Blanks (No gunpowder)
4:42 Im worrying about how hes gonna get over there. Hes worrying about the Cable company
if Chris Smoove were to commentate my life it would be like this.... (eating cereal) Chris: he's eating cereal like a boss (walking home from school) Chris: walking home from schoool, thats a smoooooove move
13:22, no need for a description
When there will be more heavy rain??
I'm Chris smoove by the way lmao
i ve been way past that point, this game is the number 1 adventure game this year so far i really love it
That actress voice is Morganas from DAO
i wonder if chloe drives "STICK"
Yay Chloe back, she's my fav cuz we got the same name lol wow that's lame but who cares lol Chris Smoove is great through walkthroughs :)
Guys im not looking for attention but i want to know if people do like MY video, mw3 clip, comment to make it better please!
@ostepobss yeah there will be a fifth.check out the trailer u ve to search for ´´gta 5 trailer´´
anyone else think that the aiming in uncharted 3 was so fuckin slow and stiff compared 2 the 1st 2 games
oh..oh..oh i shot him in the nut :D
Not the first but best at commentary for uncharted? LIKE THIS if u agree
you started it, you gotta finish it smoove
this game is too beast man the story is sooooooo goood
Best series ever please don't end it
Add me on ps3 Smoove username: badazz21992
teacher: if you have 550 likes and 21 dislikes, what is the sum of both numbers? student: 571? teacher: wrong! it is 303!
This series is as good as Mr. Fantasmos and Kid lazers 2 craft boys. And yes i am a nugget.
i have number 1 ,2 and 3 and its so epic :)
@Moshgfx Because they never knew who was inside the garage
@Smoove7182954 um smoove i was wondering if you could add me on ps3 if you can my gt is Vzalik-- btw i have a ps3
why he climbed on top when he can just open the garage from outside?
every one said add!...every one love,need smoove..THATS embarrassing !! WTF!
Precursor Orb from Jak & Daxter in 12:30
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