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Paintballs against BARE SKIN in Slow Motion - The Slow Mo Guys

by The Slow Mo Guys • 6,433,154 views

Gav and Dan see who is tougher as they receive some point blank paintballs. Ahh the pain we go through for you guys. Watch DeepSkyVideos SuperNova video: Slow mo is at 2500fps....

Can I just say that in the beginning of the video Dam said "heads I win, tails you lose." So there was no way he could possibly lose!
lol, thanks detective.
"Heads I win, Tails you lose?"
I thought the same thing. Dan tricked him into that
If you think about it, Dan often gets the short straw so I think it was Gav's turn to take one for the team. 
2:11 You can hear Freddy Fazbear's laugh. Which means, FNAF3 IS CONFIRMED
Lol XD heard it too
All games that have a 3 in it plus illuminati confirmed
Try shooting with a AWP Sniper in a 360 Noscope in headshot in slowmotion. (BARE SKIN)
they're crazy for doing this you can get seriously injured
Well, considering that they play with fire, and blows up a lot of things (even building), it's probably just a regular thing for them.
just saying if you want to get in to paintball it does not hurt that much it was because it was 2ft away
+Jester That would only happen if the paintball would real close like an inch or so. But at 2 feet the the velocity of the bullet is quite high so it does hurt a lot. 
I can guarantee you they did not chrono the marker. 
Come on, paintballs don't hurt! But... I also play 24/7... Im immune.
I got hit in my side holy fuck and his guy hit me like 7 times in the same spot
I got barrel tagged then the guy misfired and shot me at point blank. It hurt like hell
guys, paintball don't hurt that bad at all
It hurts badly to some people some people who PLAY it doesn't hurt them that much cuz they get used to it
If your playing paintball for the first time. When you are running and get shot you will like not feel it. And this is for first time players and I'm only 12
This is so wrong... yall sholud be wearing paintball mask the whole time while doing this stupid video.
Lol. I'm pretty sure they're smart enough to not be pointing a gassed up marker at each others faces...
Why the butt?!?!?!?!!?!?
I want to say 1 thing... Paintballs are remastered frag grenades...
Except not at all.
Paintball in below freezing? Not a good idea.
2:12 sounds like freddys fazbears laugh...
.getting shot isn't even that bad it stings for like 3 seconds and that's it
Not for people who don't play paintball.... THINK Ppl who play- get used to it Ppl who don't- it's gonna hurt very badly
1:30 "ever heard of paintball?" yeah "just remove the 'T' " i don't get- OH GOD I GET IT NOW
I laughed so hard at the beginning I need a lung transplant
This is really bad, the safest distance to be away from the gun is 10 ft or so, any closer and it causes immense pain. So what they did was plain stupid
Well it Is stupid but their viewers r the ones who thought of it....
The closer you shoot, the less speed it has picked up. No problem, not all people know that.
When Dan said he was singing his hurt leg song hear the song banana bus's theme and/or tune?
Dont play with pain ball,..gan n dan i like ur funny curry on
famous last words. . . . ."I forgot to turn the camera on. . . . .we'll have to do it all over again"
I got hit with a paintball on my neck (which was also bare skin) it really hurt and it was bleeding 😂
You guys needed to call this vid PAINball
At 2:12 it sound like Freddy from Five nights at Freddy's. :D
I love this video, mostly cuz there's a fanfic that references it where Michael finds out about Gavin & flips out after seeing this, asking, "Who is this- this galloping fucking mental patient?"
In actual open field paintball it is proper to ask for surrender if you even manage to get that close. It will always break skin, and that's not fun. But at least this shows people how much it hurts. Would've been nice to see them use proper safety, though (for public understanding).
When I was 9 I got shot in the thigh 7 times by a custom gun. Boy that hurt!
I have a friend who shot his brother in the testicle with a paintball gun!  He now only has ONE testicle!  I can only say Oww, and Dumbass!
I know this was posted two years ago, but I wonder if Gav ever noticed what Dan said, "Heads I win, Tails you lose." So Gav would have lost either way. xD Sneaky trick!
Gav sounded like a dinosaur in slow mo.
How do these guys get so many views
Cuz things r cool in slo motion
Gavin you idiot even I noticed the heads I win tails you lose
U just insulted yourself 😉 retard
Ouchhh!!! I feel that pain! Why did I watch this at ALL??
Omg that coud injure you relly bad
Poor Dan...these are ORANGE PAINT BALLS and them you see red trickling down his leg... oh man.
Lol, not quite as per the rulebook.  I got shot in the adams apple once. That hurt!
You're idiots for using an unregulated regulator, and shooting pointblank, and showing all the little kiddies that watched this, how much paintball hurts. Obviously you wont get bloody welts if you go paintballing. Your other videos are ok, but stick to those. This is cancer to the sport, and you don't know shit about safety.
Ew it looks like a gun shot his leg when dan went😷
It looks like Jackass
Paintball is DANGEROUS!
Paintball is one of the safest sports (in terms of the precautions that they take) they give you a cup (box) and a helmet (that sometimes may or may not cover only your face) and your all set, plus you get to wear an army camo onsie, so it's all good
The cup is optional. The mask or goggles as they're called covers your whole face.
Such a late comment but 2:00 GODZILLA!
Heads I win, tails you lose...
I love that their first reaction to pain is to gallop off into the sunset
dont worry you think that hurts i got shot in the adams apple the first time i ever got shot
Don't try this a home ooooooo that gotta hurt
Why shouldn't I try that
+Ryan Leiby do it and learn the hard way
Throw a grenade in a bucket full of paint
If there's any blood can you warn us please? That made me sick but I like your vids
It wasn't that much blood. It's paint/a bruise. But tbh I got kinda sick
Paint Balling+bare skin.... What do u think is gonna happen.... -.-
Watching this video thinking like. Dan had a white lab coat fully intact!!
"Heads I win, Tails you lose." Either way he would lose. Lol! 😆
You guys are sooo cool I swear that must have hurt also I'm never going paint balling after watching this !!😁
well you don't get hit point blank and you have clothes on, so it's not nearly that bad
Thay shot it way to close when i go pantballing the closes we are aloud to shot is 20 feet away
Damn, you're just crazy omg x) But I like this :p
Got bunkered by 2 guys last year, still have paintball shaped scars on the back of my wrist and on the underside of my forearm. Just saying, this shit hurts.
I fukin hate when u get bunkerd, than the person keeps shooting after like 5 shots
Yea and the worst part is they get so fucking close
It really doesnt hurt that bad..
I guarantee that at that close range on bare skin and without the adrenaline rush of actually playing what they did in the vid would hurt like a BASTARD, even if the gun is shooting 200fps.
Prob go through the damn skin... (ow...) :c
lets start a story  there was a boy whose name was...
oh fuck it I give up. penis.  it comes back to life with an extra penis
+waldoman7 and they fisted each other.
I saw Gavin pull the trigger at the end
No its tomato sauce yes its blood.
And it is really cold to
Marshal Ruff Shared on Google+ · 4 months ago
would this hurt or what
Gavin hopping around like a retard made my night Jesus XD
which ep did he get hit in the head with the sledgehammer 
I think it was the tv destruction
When ever i get shot by paint ball gun i just break down laughing on the ground i have no idea why but it just feels funny
I got hit with a bee bee gun (don't know how to spell that) from someone about 5 ft was an accident but it hit my butt!!it hurt for a few hrs...
I was shot full auto same range with a more powerful gun wail playing paintball and i didnt react overly dramatic
Oh shit we got a badass over here
2 things 1 the adrenaline from the game stops most of the pain 2 it's freezing cold so it hurts more
the paintball gun has must have hurt like hell since it also broke skin its probably 2 inches in the deep and it made it bleed I'm sorry for your butt and your too legs
Using big girl words, are we now? Don't comment shit about paintball unless you actually know stuff about it. I've been playing for a good 5 years now and I know paintballs do not leave a 2 inch hole in your skin, even at point blank.
I'm 15 and play paintball in a cut off it don't hurt that bad
Proximity is directly proportional to the pain.
Me and my friend got a paintball gun and when he put it on the table it shot and hit my balls
Braden Lamberth Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
this vidoe is so funny
what was the fps of the shot?
+Nintendo Fan1910 you measure the speed of a paintball in feet per second. This guy is asking feet per second because he wants to know how fast the paintball is going...
OH NOW I KNOW WHAT YOU MEAN. I think you took it the wrong way. When he said shot, he meant like the video shot, not the shot of the gun.
Injection de peinture sous pression perso je tenterai pas l'amput !
I think its amazin' how its happenes then you react not it you react while its happneing
Hey idiots put a Mask on. Really poor safety. 
Hey idiot they weren't shooting anywhere near the face
So, this guy is obviously retarded. 
now you realize how the suit and the armor are important on a paintball battlefield...
I've been shot point blank plenty of times. It comes with playing tournaments. And on practice days I typically only wear a tank top. So yes, you were most certainly a little bitch.
Same here^ I just play in one of my old sweatshirts and I'm fine.
that is my both my legs hurt dance
Jump in pool full of knifes
Okay thats just ridiculous. 👎 And that would life-threatening. ✋
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