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November Favorites 2O11

by Nicole Guerriero • 166,064 views

OPEN ME!!!! [ Product List ] Macadamia Natural Oil Deep Repair Masque John Frieda Rook Awakening Breakage-Prone Shampoo Queen Helen Mint Julep Masque Skindinavia Make-up Finishing Spray...

omg this video is amazing lol! i actually have this hair hahahahah
This is so weird watching this
Nicole !! Lol wth is this on your head ! Still love you tho ! ❤️
Omg just came across this! That hair lol you're awesome, you can rock anything!!
It's so funny to see how you say that you'll "never ever ever" be without a certain product and you use something totally different now! Haha funny how times change.
Omg!!!! I love this!!!!!!!!
How did you get ure hair like that
Giiiiirl that wig is FABULOUS!! ♥
anyone looking to purchase earrings like nicoles check out my channel and go to my blog
I have a niece named Keke and she has the same hair as u its super curly and thick lol :D so cute I love it!!
the wig is soo pretty! love it :)
Ur so beautiful nd down 2 earth. Im happy I found ur channel. Keep tha vids cum n ur awesome ;)
I went onto their website and looked at Wigs because I am a blonde and have never died my hair. With that being said I am very bored of the same color and would like to try something different. Do you think the quality of their wigs are good and if so what's the fit like? I know they show a bunch of different measurements but that means nothing to me :P I thought I would just ask you what you thought. Love your videos!
@SuperHeatherlewis oh no ...i was so excited about the hair i didnt even watch it lol aww well thanks for telling me :)
That's probobly her natural hair. I have hair like that too, i'm happy i'm not the only oneee <3
wasup with ur hair???/ how u get it like dat.. i loveee ittttt
omg chica loving the hair in this video oh by the way where di you get your nail polish rack i need one :)
@jade7878 I think for a synthetic wig its great quality, it's not gonna last as long obviously! The fit is suppppper snug, plus it has clips on the side and in the back so it's not going anywhere! :)
@laleh2nv did you even watch the video? she said it was a wig right at the beginning.
@hellzbiatch1516 true! she has the same hair curly :-)
will be doing wig reviews on my channel!
Thats how my hair looks when I blow dry it, thats y I rather air dry it
I love your channel! Can u plz do a review on Sleek Superior Pressed Powder :)
People who say she's fake are just jealous...smh... she's gorgeous.. and nothing wrong with that.sheesh
Hey Nicole can you do a video showing how you put your wig on, and how you prep it up? Thanks
Omg can u do a hair tutorial on ur hair I love it
did u brush out that wig u are wearing...i want that wig soo bad
You remind me of Jenny Lopez before she straightened her hair and changed the color. OMG wait... that's a wig?? You fooled me : )
I love how big your hair is! and the fact that you call you wig a her! so cute
OMG old school you!!! I love the hair!!!!!!!!
WOW!!! I LOVE you hair this way!!!! The wigg rocks !
wow, i didn't know people with already beautiful hair wore wigs just for the heck of it LOL
I just bought "keke" today in f2035:) I can't wait to get her!!!
Can you please do a hair tutorial of this?!! Thanx! :)
love the wig! reminds me of Chaka Khan =]
@nguerriero19 LOVE THE HAIRRRRRRR!!!! you almost look like stillglamorous here!!!
since you have a whole nail polishe collection i thought ill let you know sallys beauty supply is having a sale on the chine glaze each $5 :) or 2 for $10 as how the have it. well in california they having the sale idk in florida :)
omg i absolutley LOVE the hair ! i want it aha it fits youu too<3 -xOxO
I don't like the hair . I feel like it's not you, within your respect . You are a beautiful girl .
Nicole, Ive been patiently waiting for your sleek cosm. haul/review video!!!
So bizarre, I think the Macadamia Nut stuff smells manly, but in a good way.
omg your hair is fucking fabulous!
Ugh! I want to try Sleek cosmetics so bad! Your hair looks so fierce! Thanks for sharing w/ us! =)
i really wanna know what those colors are i am trying to order but i don't know how it is gonna look like
Will you do a bebe cream video please. love the wig it looks great on you. love your videos keep it up!
@hellzbiatch1516 sooo true!! im subscribed to stillglamours and recently subscibed to this channel and I was trying to remember who she reminds me of... and yes! She identical to her!
i sooooo want your hair!!!! GORGEOUS!! and u go girl try out all new and crazy things cuz u know were gonna copy! hehe!!
My hair is naturally like that :)
love the change of hair it is fun.
you are so funny! i just subscribed love that you use budget friendly makeup!
You had me at mmm KeKe, when she did the slide. I was on the fence about this one..will give it a try. Luv your energy! ^_^
Thats a wig? I freaking love it. I was actually going to ask you what do you use on your hair until i read it is a wig. LOVING IT
Thank you for recommending the Macadamia Natural Oil Deep Repair Masque. We enjoyed your video and look forward to your future reviews and favorites!
Nicole be careful with the macadamia hair masque. Its a protein treatment. If ur hair gets too much protein it can snap
omg your nails! <3 if you did them yourself you should do a tutorial :)
girl u need to do a tutorial on ur basketball wives earrings come on please. i wanna make my own as well.
how did u do tht hair style ?
Omg!! Do your hair like this often!! & tutorial please!!
omg !!! is ur hair that curly ??? or do u put something in it??
My Moms hair is NATURALLY like that! hahaha
i love your denim vest!! where did you get itmi cant find one anywhere:'(
you go girl! love that big hair!
My name is Mel lol and I have light blonde (naturally dirty blonde) very straight hair so its like the opposite of me :P
Hey Nicole can you do a video showing how you put your wig on, and how you prep it up? Thanks
I got excited when I saw this video, I always love ur monthly favs...u look unbelievably gorgeous!!
did you comb out some of the curls to get it nice and full like that?
Youre really full of yourself. Stop fixing yourself every 2 seconds.
It's funny, but when you held up that little pink container to the screen, after saying how good it smells I started to go up to smell it, then remembered I'm watching a video -_- lol
Ur twin is stillglammom check her out yall r seriously identical
Sick jocking jlovesmac song before the tutorial !
your hair looks amazing curly!
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