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Neymar Santos - The New Pelé HD

by NumberGabe • 3,116,779 views

This video shows the talents of the young promising Brazilian Neymar Santos. His characteristics are identical to those of Robinho. Does he have the ability to become like Pelé? Many people say...

song plassssssssssseeeeeee :D
Lmao awkward when that guy said "he ain't gonna come to Barca"
Yeah, the kid is not the kind of player that can make it in a bigger league without the protection of the refs. I've seen a couple of his games with Santos and all he does is complain about fouls and when things don't go his way he starts to make problems with the defenders. Now imagine if he played in the BPL where the game is played more aggressively?
damn... sexay quote bout da best player ever - "Ronaldinho"!!!!
The brazilian league is a joke. Sure like CephasTuribamwe said that there are few talents and the premier league isn't overrated. It can back that up. Chelsea will beat the Corinthians but chelsea recently Di Matteo and they haven't been doing too well. Still, chelsea will win that match lol sorry to say
What the fuck are you talking about? I support West ham and the premier league is the best league in the world without a doubt. Brazillian league has got a few 'high potential players' in the league & the rest are shit.
Every tournament hes played in has been tournaments against players who don't play in europe well the majority or most have been Every oppurtunity hes had playing against top players playing in europe against Argentina, team GB, Barcelona etc hes done rubbish in why because hes can't handle it. Yeah i think he'll fail in the premier league if he chooses to go there which i doubt and the Spanish league would suit him more and he'd do better there but still won't do that good.
ur stuped bitch barca has a lot of money dumbass Mu is the one that could only buy chicharito and bench players they suck ur just hatting hater !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Stefan Mitrovic MVP of the Mini euro cup 2012
Well hey, if he doesn't make it he won't care because he is making a lot more money than you!!!!
Yeah such a great league which is why all the good footballers you listed were only in the league for a few years then left then, then came back when they went shit Yeah such a good league (Y) also when i said it was a shitty league i only meant in comparison to European leagues
Delusional? I wonder how long it took you too find that that word mate. But are we talking about National teams? No so you can stfu about that. Where talking about leagues and so what if we have different nations in our league still better than Brazillian league. And oh how many players in the brazillian national team play in brazil? You tell me cos i dont think there's that much maybe 2 or 3. Oh and what does delusional mean?
i don't reckon he'd fit in at Barca, because of their passing style of play, i reckon he'd fit in at a team like PSG or Real Madrid
haha no.... the PL is way better. Purely because of the money and technology that goes with it. Disgusting i know. Theres loads more to football than flash brazilians thinking they're all it. Chelsea probably will get beat for these reasons and Abramovich meddling, not because they're a worse football team (i mean players - Chelsea and ManC don't know the meaning of team)
Needed better clips for Eminems part
What is it that you were saying about my comment about FIFA Club world cup? Corinthians 1 Chelsea 0 ... jajaja u fucking ignorant.
if some one hates this song its by lil wayne and eminem hate now BITCHES
Still my favourite Neymar compilation. The song goes so well with the video!
STOP!! mute this, open a new tab and play the LOX- recognize. much better
He can do this only in Brasil, in Europe he can dream about this. #Pele, #Ronaldo & #Ronaldinho best!
You were changing the conversation which is why we was talking about neymar then you started saying my grammars awful probably because you knew you was wrong.
rumors my ass they already said he's going to barca!!!!
He aint gonna come to Barcelona.....Get over it!. Why does everyone seem to think the best only go to Barcelona?.
in 3/4 years, then you can talk about Neymar being the new Pele...
Messi é superior !! Gaymar é um Lixo estrelinha do caralho
haha new pele.NO human will be as good as pele
Your (West Ham's) two best ever signings played in the Brazilian league. Mascherano and Tevez. Why the fuck are you still talking? You don't even know what the fuck you're talking about.
Хехехехехе, как-же я смеюсь над этим видео сейчас, в 2013 году))) Тогда он меня потряс)) А сейчас...
Idc who you support. Im talking about the fact that brazilian clubs won the intercontinental cup of clubs and the fifa World clubs Championship 9 times and the british clubs won it just twice. If the PL was that good i think the clubs would achieve better results. In brazil im watching PL, Bundsleague, La liga das estrelas and serie A calccio. And the PL isnt the best between this leagues sorry.
I just added him to Arsenal on FIFA 13
So true !!! Terry would make Neymar his ABSOLUTE BITCH !!! Neymar would feel so much pain just thinking about how he would play against some Ivanovic guys ! Bth 1:55 is too much, there's no way that would happen in any European league ... --'
pele must have been shite if neymar is the new one.
The New Pelé? AHHAHAHAHA What? Thi is Messi! Is Pelé!
what the fuck is this. it's like saying justin beiber's the new michael jackson. pure shit.
Your not trying to be the grammar police well you fulfilled that dream anyways you are changing the conversation as before we was talking about neymar now we are talking about grammar is that not changing the conversation? My reading is perfectly fine which is why i stay on topic which is what your struggling to do.
see more fast plays from neymar on my channel by watching my rooney vs neymar vs vancpersie vid.
Also, these comparisons are decent. Glad you didn't choose Ronaldinho as one because he can't be replaced.
Watch tremendous Neymar goals at LoveBrasileirao
uploader are you mad? the new pele? This chicken legs fool? how many goals has he scored? how many assists?
Esse vídeo é antigo. Parem de criticar ele. Agora
He cant touch Pele, yeah he's got skill & pace... but that's it. He's too overrated, he won't be able to do any of that fancy shit in say the premier league because his strength is horrible. Seriously any good defenders don't fall on the floor after a couple of step-overs (I mean REALLY?!) 1:55
also in my opinion neymar will not do good anywhere outside brazil because every opportunity hes had hes done shit. Hes only speculated because he does amazing against shit pansey who can defend
I guess the impression is that he is GOING to be the new Pele.
All attributes Neymar would not show in the premier league if was to go to the premier league.
and look what he did now to wc champs spain in confederation cup 2013;) let's go now wc brazil 2014!!!:DDD
Nah, he won't join chelsea if they are looking to sign falcao than there annual spending with Neymar would be around 110 million and Abramavic knows the FFP etc will be bearing down him, why do you think city never got none of their targets ? the financial restrictions are taking place within English football .. Ronaldo looks likely to leave madrid either this summer or next, i'd imagine theyll be all over neymar by then
he will get smashed anywhere in europe except spain
LOOL Neymar did fuck all in the Brazil vs GB game i should know as i was there he did fuck all he scored a penalty so STFU and he did absolutely nothing throughout the whole game for example he got slightly touched at the back of the head and he went down and stayed down for like 15 minutes and needed medical attention why? because hes a pussy and because he couldn't keep up with the strength of the defenders and he was basically playing an U23 squad take away michah richards, giggs and allen
Rapaiz eu não vi nem Pelé Jogar e nem vi Neymar KKKKKKKKKKKKkkkkkkkk Neymar é Corno de Puta kkkkkkkkk
pele fucking sucks...defence back then sucked balls and were SLOW!! PEPE would of cracked his bitch ass!!
Neymar is Over-hyped and has no substance out of Brazil. He is good in Brazil but not world class level. He is a new Robinho and that isnt a compliment. Neymar needs to get educated academically and mature his game. He is in the footsteps of R10,R9, Adriano, Denilson etc..all who hit a downward spiral after money and commercialism became their main income.
Let neymar come to Europe and see if he can do the same things... also pele played in the MLS for fucks sake lmao...also he played in the greatest Brazil team of all time further more they proved they didn't need him when pele didn't play in 1962, due to injury, when Garrincha was dominating....
LOL just jump onto another topic again but ok. When did i say Brazil wasn't playing with a U23 hmm because i didn't i only highlighted Team GB was and they still kept neymar quiet you idiot He scored a fucking penalty so Shut up your acting like he ran from the half way line to score it was a fucking penalty and and the assist was from a free kick it was nothing special at all and neymar done fuck all and what have i said that makes me sound like an idiot or troll.
you're the one thats stupid. talking bout ranking, brazil OUT of the top 10. as much as i admire them, they've dropped in quality in the past few years. you sure english league? you've got everton beating chelsea 3-0, sunderland beating man u, and then man city beating man u 6-1, and then wigan beating arsenal. so what if brazil has the best players? doesnt matter cus they aren't in the brazilian league. if they are one of the best league around, then why did all the best players leave for erp?
Santos won the Libertadores cup with Neymar dude, you're wrong... he does quite well in international competitions and has great assists.
come to barca so we can send sanchez to the yam farm
pele is overrated as fuck. the kind of teams he played against back then were shit.
Start watching the Brasileirão (Brasilian Serie A) and you will realize that the premier league is very very overated. As you will see when corinthians defeat Chelsea in december.
Se ve el progreso de su Moicana jaja
317 dislikes. nice try Götze ;)
the real ronaldo was better...maradona and messi are very alike...and pele is a myth...he made 697 official goals (not 1000 like he says) in a brazilian league (btw a record Messi will surpass that way he will stfu once and for all), never went to europe, and didn't do shit in any of the world cups he won so neymar will be better.
he will never go to Barca - only messi plays in the centre - strikers like david villa have to play wide, Neymar wont accept that
Wach my new Neymar video,... GOOD music to it! Neymar Jr - Make You Shiver 2012 - 720HD Thanks!
They clearly don't know how to defend because they are shit. Yes more goals in an average because its different league against shit defenders which he would definitely would not be able to do in Europe which is why he does nothing of the sort on international level for example against Argentina and TEAM GB. Yes hes younger then Messi, Ronaldo and Rooney but Rooney and Ronaldo were dominating at doing well when they were younger for example Rooney at Everton and Ronaldo at Porto and Man utd
Yeah i bet thats why or its because you know your wrong
Yes, I saw Pele playing 3 times. He was different . It seems he was made of rubber. Amazing athleticsm, skill, power you name it. He was way ahead of his time. The Pele of the 60" would still be great in today's football. Ball was heavier, injuries took long time to heal but Pele stood above all.
Idc who you support. They would never beat Chelsea.
Yeah um ya dickhead. Where are they playing now? In Europe so you can shut your fucking mouth you retard. Was i even talking to you? Hmm na so don't go on my page and stalk me out you pedo. Prick.
I wont keep arguing with you because as most eauropeans you lacks information, South americans clubs, face tougher competiton in our continent than abroad. Here in brazil almost every year one of the big clubs is relegated, in Eaurope only the small teams and sometimes one medium club. In brazil the level of competition is bigger than in europe. Thats why we won 5 world cups and England only 1. Face it you !
this is a dumb argument, I just wanted to say that he is doing fine so whatever...
I remember that not so long ago Robinho was being hailed as the next Pele and like Neymar Pele himself praised him, and after all those expectations I've yet to see anything big come from him. In my opinion the same things gonna happen to Neymar.
I agree with you, man I do think he will be better than Pele.
I mean international level for country not its not an international competition its only only a south american competition only for south america countries so that hardly counts as international
your grammar is not only awful, it's pure shit at times, read the comment I first replied to regarding your grammar, IT MAKES NO SENSE, which is why I said so, not because I want to change the conversation. I swear, you must be 5, I'm wasting time here.
Why are you talking about the past? Who won it last year? Barca. Ok let me sum this up for you... European football will ALWAYS be better than brazzilian football. Neymar will soon come to Europe. Lucas will be on his way to Europe as well. And they is also champions league. Brazil will never EVER compare to european football such as seria a bundesliga premier leage, npower championships, russian league, dutch league, portugal league plus more. face it mate brazil league is shit.
you don't know much about football do you? it's an INTERNATIONAL club competition in which Santos was champ. if you only want to talk about international country games, look no further than the friendly Brazil x England, where Brazil was playing with the Olympic team and won 2-0 with a goal and a goal assist from Neymar, where were your defenders then, little boy?
no, pele was the first neymar
Look at Liga BBVA and Premier League. 2 different winners in the last 20 years, how tough is that?
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