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New MW3 DLC - New AK-74u gun! Rust & Shipment Face Off Maps! (Modern Warfare 3 DLC)

by Ali-A • 2,563,104 views

New MW3 Gun & Map DLC! Hit that Like button if you enjoyed! :D • Black Ops 2 MULTIPLAYER gameplay! • Black Ops 2 Zombies news!

Like this comment if your watching this video in 2015
I honestly like Mw3 better than Ghosts!
I would've put the intervention or M40a3 or maybe ummm USR hope they come when I get MW3
I have a prediction black ops 2 is going to have a zombie map called origins
Wow just wow it came out bfore you said this dumass
So..... did they add Rust?
I would put the chainsaw in from ghosts
Like if you want the Intervention =D
Hmm, i never saw this dlc... xD
Man it's been 2 years already and all of this shit is a fucking lie
Intervention! I would have loved that in MW3!
They should have added the msr intervention and berret. 50 cal to blackops 2
First of all they did add the barret.50 cal into zombies and those others guns would have benn good in BO2.
Now i w oils like to know and i'm not hatingwhat does Ali a play and wii? Because I was using the exact same class and we would somebody named OMG it's Ali a and I was using that class so if that was the real Ali a then he's copying me!
Whaa..? I don't speak your language. (Unless English isn't your main language)
Can't it's probably too big dick
Now if you could spell lying, well that would make me believe a bit more
The gameplay in the back round no wonder you got a 12 kill streak you was killing lvl 3 noobs and split screeners
they must add the Intervention from MW2
Who else subbed to Alia at the beginning of mw3?
Your playing such low levels, get a game play like this with experienced players and I'll be impressed
I'm pres20 and I've been playing 2 weeks.....
Best sniper in all cod series: INTERVENTION
Naah it's Dragunov. Especially in black ops 1 it's a beast.
I'd add the m40A3 and intervention
Is it free if so what pack is it called
Ak74u was beast on cod4. N a lot f people whine n complain bout it being an op submachine gun . But I love it I've loved the 74u every since I used it in cod4
I remember when I watched this video, I subscribed to you at the end of BO1 to the begging of MW3 about that time you probably had about 100k I can't remember but if anyone does please tell me.
i would like to see the M93 Raffica from MW2 in MW3
one of the best dlc/patch and none of it happened. good job infinityward...
Stupid Raygun Thundergun Ik it says any but it sounds stupid I would pick the Intervention sniper from MW2
I don't think we ever got this update... Really quite sad actually. 74u would have added a ton more play time on this game.
The peacekeeper from bo2
I would add the scar h from mw2 or the m240 from call of duty 4 modern warfare
the only thing  i dont like in Cod is that sometimes add only 1 weapon or other times they add simply nothing. This doesnt happen in Battlefield. I hope this will change in cod advanced warfare
The poop hole shooter
I thinkbi would add a buffed version of the commando from bo1 with similiar iron sights and recoil patteren less ammo capacity and higher rate of fire =-D
I know he wont see but the vector k10 from bo2
commando or galil from bo1
Did that already at the developing.
I would add intervention from mw2
I would add the M40A3 from COD4
Ali- A can you add me in mw3 MY name is $lim
Ali a when I watch you play you try and get lots of kills find a big patch of people and try and kill them
+Nika Fxikidze Well.. come on mate, be realistic.
I knw im lte but I would add a ppsh from waw
theyhavent added no ak 74u get or the map pack rust but collection 4 is quite good you guys shpuld try it out
Ak 74 u I love that gun I am AWSOME with it
I always use that gun
Nice misleading title and thumbnail. Douchebag
I would put in the 1911
I will add the honey bager
Ak 47u never saw that nice mistake!
Staffs or thunder gun
Are you color blind?
I would add the kap 40 from call of duty black ops 2
I would add God hand (hacked weapon) :)
i would add the ray gun and war machine
Akimbo rocket launchers :)
A good gun cm901 extended mags suppressor perks sit rep scavenger and assassin secondary pm9 extended mags
I would add M1014 and M21 Sniper :)
famas or m1014 or the m9 pistol
Never saw this DLC stuff or that interesting
That guy called CharlotteWeb i feel sad 4 him. He died so many times. And I wish tht there was only a L1991 sniper the other quik scoper is tooooo easy to use..
i would really want them to add ak- 4u for multiplayer
it would be the mp7
You obivously never played MW3, the MP7 is already in MW3
I would put in the DSR50
The CLEARLY havnt played any of the good call of dutys...
they should have added the m1911
Ali-A if I were you I wood make a video every day
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