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Why do people sleep on him? He is so talented!
The Music Industry consist of Evil Jews who's hell bent on keeping brothers like Martin Luther from Risen! They don't want change..but true art never dies!! thanx Martin Luther
I've been searching for this cd 4 like 2 yrs Martin luther is one of best artist out here today yet so under rated if you could would you download all I do? off the calling CD would be great Again thanx so much for this =D
Mmmm so many people prefer to sleep because they cant deal with reality Martin Luther.. is truth consciousness and talent
Damn this was a good time in my life. Pulling up in my whip "thats my Car to those that aint hip to the hip talk" Blasting this in the hood. My peeps "people"looking at me like this niggas must be high on something. And i was High.High on life. and some bomb azz green.////// coming soon The calling part 2. ///// I WAS CALLED
My God... How can this be so awesome?? This man has such a huge talent!
True talent is always good to hear
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