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Supreme Court Rules Against FCC

by SourceFed • 213,020 views

The Supreme Court says it's okay if there are some accidental cursing or nip slips. Order your SourceFed Posters here: ‪‬ Our Source:

did she say pancakes?! I am shocked, appalled and offended!
Lee newton, why are you so beautiful?
Freakin' FCC... That ladies and gentleman is a song.
Just about the entire FCC is unconstitutional.
you should have what we have in australia, after 9pm you can do what you like.
The US is so stupid seriously just let people say whatever on TV works in Sweden
Did we just get a glimpse of what Lee is like drunk?
I have never gotten why the USA, Land of the Free, takes such offence to such f#@king bulls&*t
FCC shouldn't regulate anything. American censorship is destroying this country. Free speech.
1:19 Lee says "Sh*t yeah!!" .... um odd choice off words much? lol, still love ya lee ;)
1:27 bra strap.....that makes masturbetion more easy .... thanks Lee
they just shouldn't violate the Constitution
so the spiderman cartoon could have had actual bullets and punches
Elliot didn't really curse. His mouth is too clean.
Less regulation. More answers and methods to create more jobs
Corporations need loose regulations, but they also need to pay taxes, which many of them don't.
Kind of funny and sad how this video about how much the FCC sucks is entirely censored.
i love you lee newton. i love you
How could you say the "P" word! That's horrible!!! "Pancake" should never be used!! But seriously....pancake? WTF Lee, you need better writers.... Except not, because it was kinda of hilarious.
The FCC shouldn't be able to regulate anything beyond an acceptable hour, and cursewords never. There is not a child in the land who doesn't get a daily dose of cusswords from somewhere at some times. Nudity alone is natural you freaking quakers need to get past the nip slips and stupidity. Women feed babies with those things, you all had them prescribed to you as a kid and they were in your feeble minded delicate little mouths all the time and it never hurt you. Grow up it's 2012 for fucks sake
elliot. did u really swore there????
HBO must be the TV equivalent of international waters.
PANCAKES!!!! Bring on the shirts SourceFed I'm buying!!!
shit piss fuck cunt cocksucker motherfucker tits i hate the FCC and any agency which tries to censor anything, most people and children here worse things at home.... so fuck the FCC in their Anal-retentive asses, with no goddamned lube, then wipe your shit covered dick all over their bitch-tits.
All needs to be said " let there be no fu#king censorship" let free speech evolve
Fuck the FCC. It's a parent's job to monitor what a kid watches. So get off your ass shitty parents...
Well British English today is very different to British English back when the US became independent. In fact the closest accent to British English of that time that scholars have been able to figure out would be a mix of Southern American English, like how words pronounced more at the beginning (ex: POHlice for police) and the accent in general, and a weak British accent.
The really interesting part of the ruling is this: "It is argued that this Court’s ruling in Pacifica should be overruled because the rationale of that case has been overtaken by technological change and the wide availability of multiple other choices for listeners and viewers ... In light of the Court’s holding that the Commission’s policy failed to provide fair notice it is unnecessary to reconsider Pacifica at this time." That's sort of legalese for "next time we'll shut down the FCC".
What about third world documentary's where the women and children walk around nude.
Funny thing, last term I had a class about the history of media, and the FCC was discussed. The laws about obscenity on TV and the radio were to allow families to have better control over what came into their house, so they had a chance to decide in advance through expectations associated with ratings, rather than turning on something they think will be fine only to suddenly be hearing expletives through the house.
Can someone please explain to me what the big deal with swears is? They're just words that mean things like poop or penis or fornication, and they're only taboo because we give them taboo status over their synonyms. In the end, they're just words (I mean swears, not slurs. Slurs demean specific groups of people and are a show of ignorance and hate. Swears are just a dramatic way of referring to anatomy and bodily functions).
I think she actually snapped herself with her bra, that was a convincing "AHH FUCK"
... So when Lee grabbed her bra strap and let it go, she cursed at the pain. Curious to see if it actually hurt, I did the same thing.. it does XD!
hell yeah lee SIDE BOOB lemme seeeeeee
We have to protect the children blah blah blah. :/
the FCC is an appointed (not elected) department that violates our constitutional right of free speech. it should be up to the individual companies to choose if they want to air "offensive material" (because anything can be offensive to anyone else). if u dont like wats aired, change the channel. Parents need to learn how to monitor their children instead of pushing the government to do their jobs for them by taking away everyone else's rights.
We have the same thing in the uk, and it's called "The Watershed". Their is no water, their is no shed. WTF!
i am not sure if you noticed but that censer bar you guys used kinda looks like it has a pokey ball in it... Just sayin
$100 says elliot never actually swore
Cuz the FCC won't let me be, or let me be me so let me see. They try to shut me down on MTV, but it feels so empty without me.
I think big business needs to abide by all the rules of citizens, and I think all consensual acts should be legal.
In your little libertarian world, what do corporations need to pay taxes for? And yes, I know full well that you want corporations to be able to violate anyone or anything without any consequences.
F@(% yeah. Lee s one crazy awsome b!%(#!!!
We have free speech unless it offends someone. I find human language offense, therefore no one can speak.
Wow! The rich should pay the same amount in taxes as the poor? I've certainly never heard that garbage before. I'm sorry, but seriously, fuck you. You know why we are in these never ending wars? Those military corporations are making bank and they prefer to keep it that way. I'm sure you want to get rid of things like public schools, police, fire protection, roads, and parks too; because only the rich people deserve those things, right? Now go suck Ron Paul's dick.
Swearing is funnier with the censor beep
Bleep bleep bleep.....PANCAKES!!!!
As Mark Twain put it "Censorship is like telling a grown man he can't eat a steak because a baby can't chew it"
Watch any show with Gordon Ramsey with and without censors, then get back to me about which of the two was more funny.
You can say shit and fuck pretty much whenever you like. It's better than having things like 'bitch' bleeped out. Bitch isn't even a swear word.
Actually cursing is still not allowed. Cursing is only allowed from 10:00pm to 6:00am.
I express myself by swearing thats how I stress something and how i talk, people can not tell me how to talk.
after i think 11 pm or 12 am they do the same in america.
I don't like Ron Paul, he is not a true libertarian. And yes, the rich and poor SHOULD pay the same taxes, but I feel over time with government cuts we can cut taxes significantly. That way, if there are smaller taxes, we can still fund public utilities such as schools, but also give the community more power over the way things are run. Don't put words in my mouth, you pathetic liberal. Libertarianism is the only thing that can save this country from our massive growing debt.
I still think she would be a great mother
LEE you're so Freakin ADORABLE and Shmexy! (corrected by the FCC) LOL!
why are nudity and language offensive?
I like it when Lee talks dirty
Words can only be a as powerful or as destructive as you the listener give it. Shit fuck cuntbomb
i live in germany... you can say everything here on tv
Ok i dont know how the topic of american english came up, but americans actually un-butchered the english language. For example when the french took over england way back in medival times, "favorite" became "favourite," as -our is a common string of letters in french. i dont know the story behind the americans changing it back, though.
America is already f*** up so your worry about this little s*** the FCC is stupid
They shouldn't regulate anything.
I believe the FCC needs to burn in a pit of cobras. It should be the parent's job to filter what their child should or should not watch. It would be like censoring the internet, which I doubt any of us are for.
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