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Duncan & Sjin Play - Worms Crazy Golf - Part 1

by YOGSCAST Duncan • 555,263 views

Duncan and Sjin put their differences behind them and head to the local pirate cove for a round of golf. Buy Worms Crazy Golf here:...

RadivalPixelGamer they knew that Duncan was winning that's why they were laughing as he said it you idiot
Come on Sjin, get your Sjit together!
Lowest number wins in golf
People, don't you know a joke when you hear one? They know bats are mammals, they're making a fucking joke!
There both horrible.
LOL lizardbats :p btw for those ppl who said golf are counted from the lowest score, they're joking...
knock knock sub me and find out
ur are so crap. check your language.its your crap and you are carap... idiot your a ( I ( ps thats a but
in the bucket in the cannon in the face
this video was a replay look at the r in the right bottom corner
negitive is goood thepostitive is bad so sjin your bad
I would say Sjin was just being Sjin when he said bats are lizards.
you don't know what a bat is?? it's a mammal for crying out loud!
no it 50 50 watch simon,lewis and Duncan tekkit forget which episode but sjin says he will only go back to working with sips if he was a partner he said he wanted 50% of sipsco and sips accepted
Not sure how I missed this, but fuckin' hell I laughed myself into a fit of tears.
Duncan Lizards don't have fur bats are mammals
sjin: check out this skill **completely balls it up*
Sjin is the bad luck Brian of Worms Crazy Golf.
Major face palm when they wheres saying sjin was winning on the first hole!!
12:40 listen real close you can hear Simon in the background after he shoots the cannon!
nice shoting sjin hahhahahahaha!!!!
I think that, of all the Yogscast channels that I've watched, Duncan has the strangest outro songs
Srsly im10 and i know bats are mammals
no offense, but a bat is a mammal not a lizard.:P
in golf the person with less points is winning
the one time that duncan and sjin are kind of friendly
Hurry up with the cannon in tekkit
Sjin you are the worst at this terrible game
Well ... Sjin gets to play more than Duncan.
bats are lizards now. its official.
Bats are either mammals or lizards probably mammals
i was half way in this than i got tired and woke up 2 hours later
do you remember a single word your biology teacher told you
a bat is a mammal not a lizard i have two i should know(i know they were joking)
Why did they play the "Dolan Duck theme" at the end?
Self promoting on someone else's video in an indentical way to many thousands of others isn't spam? Yeah, right.
There is a massive delay in the audio
I thought it was called the A.S.P.C.A
There have been lots of those Simons in a lalna video
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