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Vitamins for Faster & Healthier Hair Growth

by windada • 106,016 views

~Read me, please~ This is NOT my daily vitamin routine (I take only a few of these daily.) This video is a conglomeration of supplements that promote quick and healthy hair growth. Also, at the...

where can i find biotin? cuz i went gnc and didnt have it also wat bout hairfiniaty? um i tink dats how u spell it
just an fyi, your liver does regenerate
i used to take fish oil its good for you, BUT if it bursts in you mouth you are going to puke
I used to use them. The Womens One A Day contain Magnesium Stearate, which is an immune system depressant. Also, they're too many harmful man maid chemicals in them. I buy my vitamins & products at my local wholefoods store. They cost $40, but It's worth it! 100% organic && vegetarian. Almost anything you buy (Fish oil, Flax seed oil, etc) from rite aid, Walmart, etc, is NOT beneficial to you @ all. TOO MANY CHEMICALS IN THESE PRODUCTS. Just thought I might share some knowledge 101. ^_^
stop taking soooooooooooo many vitamines u gonna be ok :)
There are oils that help grow healthy hair like vitamin E oil, olive oil, coconut oil, Moroccan oil (I've heard people talk about castor oil) etc. try those out :-)
It's amazing how much your hair grew from this video to your latest video!
To the commnts about taking too many vitamins, its only too much if you're taking it in excess amounts. Some stuff I feel is unneccessary(like the Vit.D) because you can get that from the sun and dairy. And vit. B-6 you just pee the excess out.
dang mami , ur one healthy
lol, that was when I just started my vitamin regiment. Now as all of my friends are getting swine flu and junk, I (surprisingly) stayed healthy :-) lol!
@casagrandecats it depends on the bottle of biotion you would have to read the bottle
how many mg of biotin did you t ake per day?
great vid... but i eat fish, like tilapia and salmon...with veggies all the time, plus i wanted to start taking womens one a day...but i heard salmon makes your hair grow quicker too.
I just started taking Biotin Forte for hair loss. Only been taking it for about a week or so. I'm hoping that it helps!
this was very helpful thanks ;)
how come girls around here don't look like her :( #LOL
This might be Off subject, but did you just say your Namee was Ameera.... THATS MY NAME :D lmaooo I havent met another ameera !!! HI
@TyMcFly91 Thanks you! Nope, I'm back home, Germany was great ^_^
I'm a med student and one time one of our professors warned us against the usage of vitamins regularly, which can cause hypervitaminosis and can cause cardiac complications. So please be careful when using these. Its advisable to acquire these vitamins from food instead. Stay well!
This video helped me a lot. Thanks for the info! (: Which vitamin helps the most for your hair?
thank you so much. 1 more thing when u said moroccan oil are u talking about the ardan oil andrea was talking about or just the regular moroccan oil?
Idk whats wrong with you, but you are cute ;)
Omega 3 is fish oil (which I take everyday) and it will help your hair grow and give it shine :-)
how ofter do you wash your hair??? I heard that it is not good to wash it everyday (FROM ALOT OF SOURCES).
It's still not good for your body because you're making your liver work overtime to get that excess vitamins you don't need out of your body. Cause your liver has to filter everything bad out like the pill coverings cause your body can't break those down.
my hair used to grow a 1/2 inch a month and i started taking vitamins and it grows 1 whole inch a month! Thats one foot a year! I use natures plus ultra hair plus. its true vitamins work miracles
lol i just love your random food break at 2:57
thanks great video, i take all those vitamin my hair is a little pass my waist.
No no you don't want to take too many vitamins that's not good for you either a one-a-day vitamin and fish oil would be the best to take. Other wise you're killing your liver cause it has to work to get all the extra stuff out and the pill covering out of your body. You need to talk to a doctor and tell them all you're taking cause it's not good. You're taking too much. This advice is coming from a nurse and EMT so I hope you look into this more.
haha the nature made 2500 mcg is the only pill small enough for me to take lol
vitamin water has a good amount of b-vitamins in it
Girl be careful about taking all those vitamins, seriously.
lol coso is the bes place ever lol
Aloe Vera is very good for hair growth. It has a BUNCH of vitamins including vitamin E
I don't know how many of your video's I'll want to watch because they're mainly aimed at women, but I think you're brilliant and have a great personality so i've subbed xx
hey @windada 2 to 3 cloves of garlic a good each day for you it keeps away colds and other germs and bacteria out here. i have a low immune system and iron so trust it :)
hey im 13 and my hair grows like an inch every 6 months and it is just mid chest yet i have only had the dead eds cut off and i want to kno what i can do
How do you feel about dollar tree vitamins? I notice that no one buys vitamins at Dollar tree but I noticed that some of the vitamins at dollar tree has the same ingrediants as the vitamins at a health food store or Cvs. I just would like an opinion on dollar tree vitamins because I want to buy vitamins at the health food store (which will be majority because Dollar Tree does not carry many vitamins)but for some I would rather go to Dollar tree.
@PuffenMuffen I generally don't trust much of anything that comes from walmart because of their previous mishaps.
There's a brand called Moroccan Oil, but argon oil is sort of on the same lines. They're pretty similar :-)
As do I dear. But you pretty much reiterated everything I said in my previous comment,lol.
not yet a woman lol i use the ones shaped like sponge bob even though im 13 haha they help ur hair grow supper fast
@godistheone1 : take a multi vitamin - if nothing else what andreas choice takes ...Flinstine gummy vitamins. just a suggestion. Oh & cherry chewable Acidophilus tablet (tastes like candy) to assist ur digestive system.
great video i use biotin and it works for me
@blissfullyme1980 I've never bought vitamins there, but I wouldn't recommend it. It's cheap price probably means that it's not using the best of ingredients for your body :-/ You should probably get them from Costco (great prices), a pharmacy store, or a health food store. :-)
i take a kiddy multivitamin. i need a new one, lmao.
@TyMcFly91 lolol, I've never thought about it, but it would actually be pretty cool. ^_^
omg i take those one a days :] i was wondering if they were good for hair growth and my mom was those fish oils so now im gonna start taking hers :P
Those are so yummi! ^_^ I take those on days when I'm feeling too lazy to take every single vitamin, lol!
@MissFunniSmile lol, HI! <3 I spell mine as Amira
I also take BIOTIN and LOVE it lol...My hair has grown soo much off of it, not to mention my skin and nails are also benefitting. I take it every single day, along with Iron pills (since Im anemic), Vitamin B100 so that way I get all of my B vitamins, Flaxseed Oil pills, and I'm one of those girls that crack open the Vitamin E pills and distribute it in my hair lol. I'm gonna get the oil from now on tho. I eat salmon alot also and do a daily scalp massage with Olive Oil....I'm quite satisfied!
"...and junk like that" hahaha lol
@lilpwettybumblebee I personally only noticed extra hair growth on my head and nowhere else. :-0
is vitamin A the vitamin that helps hair grow healthy?
oh, wow, see, I have only been taking 200 mg tablets.
i take one vitamin, which has all this stuff in it and its organic and i only take 6 small ones a day, they are really tiny, equivilant to two big pills, its good for people who have prblems swallowing big pills
@PuffenMuffen Like lead poisoning and stuff, I just have trouble trusting walmart with food products or pills.
I only take these pills during the summer (which is when I don't really exercise as much or eat well.) Once Fall rolls around, I only take the multi vitamin, fish oil, and B-Complex everyday and I take the Biotin once a week. I use vitamin E oil in my hair about once a week or if I have any dry spots on my scalp through the week. Hope that helped :-)
@thechattyone1 Try giving yourself a head massage using Vitamin E oil every day for 10 minutes to stimulate the blood flow in the scalp and follicles. Also if you use a flat iron or blow dryer a lot, try cutting back dramatically. Both of these worked wonders for me :-)
are there any hair oils u use to make ur hair grow?
A multi vitamin is pretty much all that is needed and yes too much of a good thing isn't always good for you such as vitamins. They coat them and that kills the liver and all the vitamins like vitamin E, B and C are good for you but not in such high high doses. You overload your system if you take too much. I've studied this stuff in college for 2 years and been an EMT for 3 I think I know what I'm talking about.
Really good video lots of information!
Actually vitamins such as vitamin E, C and B help detoxify the liver. Iron can make it work harder. Taking MEGA doses of some vfat soluble vitamins are what can harm the liver. Just like everything in life, do it in moderation. That's why there are requirements on the bottles.
Thanks for this video. I'm suffering from hair loss at the moment so it would be good to try these vitamins. I just bought some Biotin yesterday. Thanks again x
instead of taking vitamins eat heathy milk water fruits dark vegtables fish thats what i eat and my hair is heathy but im a guy
Ive always wanted to try hair vitamins. My hair is kinda healthy. Its taken me along time to get it this way. I would love it 3 inches longer but i keep having to cut the ends off so its an on going cycle for me. Im scared if i take some all my hair will fall out of something haha. Thats why im looking at all these reviews. :)
Oh, thanks that really helped!! :D
Tons of water, a glass of milk a day, incorporate a healthy amount of protein (meat, tofu, nuts), fish, eggs, green vegetables( spinach, green beans and such,) and berries (or any fruit). Since I stuck to a healthy diet, my skin and hair improved soooo much! Hope that helps ^_^
The best way to make your hair grow faster and thicker is: to rub flex seed oil in your hair Take vitamine A& B Multi vitamins are for over all health so vitmines A and B12 are good.
Exactly, talk to your doctor before you start taking any of that. And get an exam.
I take the 2500mcg which gave me PLENTY of growth, so you should be safe and find that kind or stick to the 1000mcg :-)
Thats a perfect amount! For me the higher dose works really well! I saw results with my nails for sure and some what with my hair within 3 weeks!
wat i wna kno is: 1) will it still work the same if u put the vitamin e oil n your hair B4 u take a shower & 2) how is eating a pbj sandwhich an example of getting ur vitamin c? [haha just messing w/u on the last question]
thats alot of vitamins lol i just take the flintstones gummies.
Thanks .. cause I got a hair cut yesterday and I HATE it =( . At least it'll grow back though ..
@RawrzSaMMiRawrz No, I said biotin was my favorite (the little purple pill). I use vitamin E oil directly on my scalp, but I don't take it orally. I hope that helped clear things up :-) lol
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